Thursday, 17 November 2011

I burned 600 calories and what I got was my brain...

Today I have Suz guest posting for me. Suz is a blogger and Twitterer who I met at a blogging conference last year. We clicked. We had dinner with one another and I suspect I fell a little in love with her. She is brave and she is very cool. She is beautiful and she is getting really healthy - mentally and physically she is a strong strong woman, and I am very glad to know her...please welcome her and leave her come comment love?

Since I began to lose weight, I have thought lots about the process of doing it, the benefits, the challenges, all of it. It’s a narrative that plays in my mind pretty constantly. It’s not like it’s become an obsession but I am most certainly much more mindful about my nutrition, my exercise, my well being.

And the work and thought is paying a dividend. Almost 15 kilograms has come off my frame since April this year. I can’t begin to tell you how much better I feel.

Yesterday though, I got the message of the greatest impact this big change of life and looking after me has had.
I woke up at 7am, tired, flat, with “Mondayitis” in the extreme. I felt crotchety, teary, cranky and ready to pick an argument with whoever crossed my path (Sorry to my beloved Captain). It was an ugly way to begin the week. I would even go so far as to say I was feeling a bit depressed. Ahead of me was a day filled with my son’s autism therapy, visiting grandparents, a busy and active two year old and much more.

What I had up my sleeve was my regular Monday morning gym circuit class (with child care included). I’m not quite sure how I did, but somehow I got my gym clothes on and I got myself and the kids there. And I did this:

I spent the rest of the day feeling more peaceful, more patient and more able to be in the moment with my two boys. The day was still hectic. There were annoyances and road blocks. But my mind was calm, the anxious, jittery creature of the morning banished. It was the exercise that did it.

It’s a simple equation. Exercise = feel good.


I am not saying it is easy to do, oh no, sometimes as mums of young children creating time to exercise can be so very hard. The equation itself though is simple. I burned 600 calories and what I got was my brain, at peace.

A simple equation. The impact, immeasurable.


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  1. It's a dream come true to be over here guest posting with you Lucy. And truth be told I fell a little in love with you that night too! Thank you for being such an inspiration, to me and so many others. I value our friendship so much and wish you lived over the back fence so we could drink tea and eat (healthy) snacks together. Thanks too for the support for the Learning for Life Autism Centre, you know it means the world to me xxxx

  2. Loved this piece. Exercise really can clear you head and arm you for your day. Love that feeling when you finish a big work out and you are ready to tackle the day!

  3. It's SOOOO annoying how this is true isn't it? I am just working this out now, but I realise that exercise just makes me a better person all round. Feeling better about yourself, feeling tired from exercise, just doing SOMETHING makes such a difference.

    I wish the same could be said for sitting on the couch all day watching cooking shows on Foxtel...

  4. Lovely reminder. I gave just got back on the exercise track myself, starting with walking but aiming to get back to running and it really does clear the mind. Congrats on the weight loss. Inspiring.

  5. great post.

    for me it's not about lack of time - time i have plenty of, it's about motivation and tiredness and laziness all rolled into one. being heavy makes everything tiring, i was on the the treadmill the other day and after 15 minutes i was in agony, so much pain through my legs and feet but i stayed put and did 30 minutes total. it killed, i could hardly walk immediately after but 20 minutes after i got off, i felt SO much better than before i did it.

    i know at this weight, i need to take things slow, if i go too hard too fast i'm going to burn out fast but what spurs me on is absolute disgust in how i could let myself get here.


  6. So true Suz. I have been on a break for almost 2 weeks, with injury and a head cold, and I can feel the difference mentally more than anything else.

    Back to it soon.

  7. That was quite a workout! Good for you. Michelle Bridges would be proud :-) I am off the wagon for weightloss but still exercise three times a week for the mental benefits. You have done really well Suz. Keep up the good work x

  8. So happy for you to find this peace with what is really a simple solution. Not simple to actually get yourself there, (my major struggle is still to get there, rarely do I make it) but simple because exercise of some kind is always available to us, be it a walk, a run, a bike ride, dancing, a class. The benefits are constantly told to us, but we still often don't hear the message.

    I can not imagine burning that many cal!

  9. Great post. And so true. It's the only reason I exercise. I know I should do it for weight loss blah blah blah. But the only thing that really gets me there is how I feel afterwards.


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