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Finding time to exercise...

Today I have one of my blogging besties guest posting for me. She is my blogging hero - for all the right reasons - her blog and her energy is inspiring. She runs her own race, and runs it brilliantly. Please welcome Kelly from Be a Fun Mum...


It’s challenging: finding time to exercise now that I’m a parent. Gone are the days when I can take off for a spontaneous run. It’s taken me a while to work out what sort of exercise routine works for me, and that fits around my life situation. I’ve tackled some personal issues too, that have hindered my pursuit of fitness.

1. The first step was to make the conscious decision to do something about my health. I wrote about it here: Feeling Fat and Ugly.

2. Secondly, I had to embrace who I was and the changes in my body. I wrote about it here: Weight Gain and Post Baby Body Issues.

3. I jumped those hurdles, and now I have the freedom to work out what fitness/health routine works for me.

When working out a fitness routine, it’s a good idea to know the activities you enjoy (and don’t). Here is my list:

What I don’t enjoy:

• Exercising by myself at home

• Exercise videos

• Wii Fit

• Doing weights at the Gym

• Swimming laps

What I do enjoy:

• Running

• Team sport

• Walking/Bushwalking by myself (and with others)

• Group exercise sessions

• Bike riding

• Aerobics Classes

• Being out and about with my kids

Once I worked out the types of activities I enjoyed, I looked to see where I could fit some of these into my life. I’m rarely without children at this stage, so this makes finding time to exercise a little more challenging. The key for me was to find ways to incorporate physical activity into everyday life so it’s sustainable (and achievable).

My exercise routine:

Most days – I walk the kids to and from school most days. We are fortunate enough to live only 7 minutes walking distance from the school so it’s easy to sustain.

Monday – All About You Personal Training Mums and Bubs Group. Kate, my personal trainer, runs the class from her home in a child-friendly environment. It works for me because I can bring my son and I enjoy exercising with others in a group (and it keeps me accountable too!)

Wednesday – Rhee Tae Kwon Do night class (without the kids). I can only make it if my husband is home from work in time so I don’t do this class every week.

Friday – Rhee Tae Kwon Do early evening class (with the kids)

Weekend – Walk/Family Activity

You may read this and think: well she has it all sorted! However, it’s taken me a very long time to get to this point: where I feel like I’m getting some level of fitness back after becoming a mum. It’s been very much of a process for me. If I could go back, and give myself a list to help me get my head around how health and fitness fits into life once becoming a mum, I would encourage myself to look at these questions:

1. Is there something mental hindering your health? For example, how you feel about your post baby body?

2. Have you come to the point where you believe health IS an important part of your life?

3. Have you embraced the role of a parent and the subsequence limits in time and resources? This is reality, and once you embrace your circumstances Kelly, you can work around them, not against them.

4. Have you experimented with different forms of exercises to work out what activity you enjoy? (Don’t give up Kelly; there are things you can do (and enjoy!) around caring for the children).

5. How can you fit activity into your everyday life? Kelly, 10 minute here and there can be effective. Make it normal and weave it into your everyday life.

Do you struggle with finding time for a fitness routine?  

About Kelly

Kelly lives in Queensland with her husband and four children. You’ll find her loving the moment with her kids on her blog Be A Fun Mum. The Be A Fun Mum Blog is all about reclaiming the joy of motherhood in a fast-paced world. It’s about loving the little moments which are like pieces of a puzzle, together creating a beautiful masterpiece. You can follow Kelly on Facebook and Twitter too!

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  1. I also struggle with finding time in between all the family and paid work duties in the week. For a whole I was doing a parent-friendly training session at the local park, which was great but quite pricey. It inspired me to look for other slots in the day I could fill with exercise and I realized the time I spent waiting for the bus after work was better spent running along the bus route, and hopping on the bus when it caught me up. I like that sort of exercise which isn't taking time away from another valued part of the day.

  2. I definately struggle! Fitting in housework, chores, work, cooking and l looking after the kids I find it incredibly hard lot find time to exercise other than after 9pm at night, which by that time I just want to collapse on the sofa.

  3. I use to live in the city and walk everywhere, now I'm in the suburbs I bus it everywhere and Im trying to walk half way home but even that is a challenge. But your right, you need to really comit to it to make it happen. Thanks for this post I need the encouragement to get my butt out there and fit for summer!

  4. As always Kelly you are sorted and inspiring! I don't have too much worry with exercise - I like it and I find the time. It is the food I struggle with. I love the idea of Tae kwon do! x

  5. You have inspired me to get back on my treadmill today and take the twins for a walk to the park.
    I've never tried Tae kwon do ...interesting.

  6. Thank you so much for having me on your blog Lucy, and thank for such a gorgeous introduction xx


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