Friday, 25 November 2011


I have been working hard it the city this week. Adelaide is a city in spring bloom. It's beautiful.

I drive in - and I have a blissful half hour or so in traffic through the Adelaide CDB (Up North Terrace, left into Frome, right onto Flinders, across Victoria Square and into Franklin Street, for my local readers!)

I pass a church - it is quite beautiful. It celebrates its 150th birthday this year. Imagine. It's like the rest of Adelaide - old and gracious and I love it. At the moment, it has a magnificent Jacaranda tree in full and amazing bloom, which seems to curl around its old walls.

So I am grateful for Adelaide. I am grateful for the signs of summer, and Jacaranda trees and their purple snow. We are on the cusp of change and I say bring it on.

I am grateful for my journeys into the city with my podcasts filling the car. What a glorious multi task that is - podcasts via itunes onto my iPhone with a little jack coming through my car stereo. And I use the red lights to slap my face on.

And here we are at the weekend. We have some unavoidable family chores to attend - I shall bite my lip and thank my lucky stars. By Sunday, all will be bliss.

I'm a happy grateful girl at the moment.

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  1. Beautiful photo Lucy.

    I have wanted to visit Adelaide for a while now. It is definitly on my to visit list.

    Amy x

  2. Oh God I love Adelaide. Can't wait to be back in January. xx

  3. Besides my love of the jacaranda - i love that you write "blissful half hour or so in traffic" - if more people could enjoy it the way you do then we would get rid of the road rage and cranky arrivals at work...

    Deb@ home life simplified

  4. beautiful. I have never been to Adelaide but would love to go!

  5. I love Adelaide but I haven't been since August last year... My Mum's whole family is there...

    Whenever I see a jacaranda, anywhere, it takes me back to holidays with my grandparents. Jacarandas lined their street.

    Happy weekend Lucy.

  6. What a beautiful building! Love jacarandas...And I loved Adelaide!

  7. I just love your positive spin on being stuck in trafiic.That's awesome.
    I also love old churches. They're so beautiful and awe-inspiring.

  8. You really are one of the most calm people I know, Lucy. I'm going to try and be a bit more zen when next I'm stuck in traffic (tomorrow, most likely).

    Your title threw me - I thought you'd come over all religious on me. I spend a small part of each weekend deleting psalm posts that are linked up. Is that mean? It's not the religious message, it's just the fact that writing out a few paras of the bible doesn't amount to a grateful post in my mind... which just shows that I'm probably not religious like that.

    How did I get onto this!?!?!?!?


  9. Oh Lucy. How you have me yearning for Sydney now! That's one of the things I miss most about the place at this time of year. It's too cold for them down here in Hobart. Enjoy them, you lucky duck! J x

  10. The Moth is the best podcast on the planet!


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