Saturday, 19 November 2011


Me & Peggy in about 2000. She was pretty, I was so fat.

My granny would have been 100 today.

She was born on the 19th November 1911. 19.11.1911

It's her birthday. I wish she was here to get a telegram from the Queen.

I wish she were here so I could pop in and have a chat.

I still think of her every single day. She was so pretty. She had the softest peachiest skin.

She was a nag, in a way that I realise annoyed me intensely because she was often so right.

She peppers my thoughts in such a good way.

Granny, I miss you.

I hope you look down on us and smile.

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* Fiona - if you are reading, I know you miss her too. xxx


  1. Lucy, I'm sorry you are hurting. Having recently lost someone very close to me who was like a mother I can understand.

    This is the time to settle into the love of your family.

    Thinking of you...

  2. Thinking of you !
    Love, hugs and positive energy.

  3. Im sure she is smiling and so proud of you!

  4. ohhhh.. happy 100th your nan :)

  5. There really is something special about Grandma's. Hope your heart is full with happy memories today.

  6. I'm sure she's around. And I love the date of her birth.

    Sending you love xxx

  7. I have no doubt she would be smiling as she looks on at what you are achieving with your life and your family. Take care Lucy xx

  8. Oh Lucy, I'm sure she's watching over you. Happy 100th! :)

  9. Oh how I love this date. You know me and my obsession with numbers, 19.11.1911 - it is so perfect. 100 years and one day now. Sending you much love. xx

  10. Sometimes the influence of grandparents isn't recognized until they are gone. I like to think they are smiling down on me. And your granny is too.

  11. Such lovely words for your granny. x


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