Thursday, 27 October 2011

Netball, pasta, and a silver fox...

On Monday evening I had the rare chance of a night out for dinner without children. Obviously I jumped at it. The dinner was hosted by San Remo, to celebrate the fact that the Australian Netball Diamonds were in Adelaide.

Now, there are a few good reasons for me to get a bit excited by this -

1. My eldest daughter Olivia, who is nearly 8, is obsessed keen by all things netball - playing it, practicing it, watching it - she is crazy about it.  I played as a kid at school and adored it too...and as such I am loving that she is so mad about it.
4. My youngest daughter Lexie, at 5, is desperate to start Net Set Go, which is the starting point for all kids wanting to play netball, which is a joint venture between Netball Australia and San Remo
3. Despite the fact that I try to avoid carbs after lunch, I adore pasta. Hell, I adore carbs of any description, but particularly pasta.
3. I have a serious crush on Adam Swanson who is the San Remo brand ambassador chef. Three words - silver fox. Hot.

I had a brilliant night out. The food was sensational. I ate this, and it was truly divine. (The recipe is actually here - so I may well try and replicate it at home.)

More than all that though, I had the pleasure of meeting the Australian Netball Diamonds and seeing the passion in their eyes as they talked about the game, the team and the competition. It was inspiring and reminded me of how much I loved playing as a team, and why I am so grateful that my girls are discovering a love of the game too.

The Diamonds are playing New Zealand's Silver Ferns tonight, in Adelaide. I wish them the best of luck! I shall be watching on the TV, on the edge of my seat!

San Remo have kindly given me a San Remo Pasta Gift Pack to give away to one lucky reader - a pasta gift pack containing a whole stack of San Remo pastas, as well as an apron and cap.

All you need to do to enter is leave me a comment below, telling me your favourite pasta dish or your favourite silver fox - simple!

(Available to Australian readers only. Winner picked at random. Closing date Tuesday 1st November.)

Did you play netball as a kid? Do your kids play now?

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  1. Hi there! It's Lucy from Kansas City here! I'm sharing a big announcement now with complete strangers (haven't even told family yet!) WE'RE MOVING TO AUSTRALIA!!! My hub's work will transfer us in January. I've never been, but I'm so excited! I'm looking forward to entering your "For Australians Only" giveaways! :D G'day!

  2. I played netball all through primary school and in the Centre position. Have always loved it! My favourite pasta dish would have to be old faithful 'spag bol'. The garlic and onions cooking as you prepare the ingredients and the slow cook in a big casserole. Can't beat it. Thank you for the giveway!

  3. Oh Lucy, that silver fox has made my day! Forget the pasta!! I used to play netball through high school and loved it, was never the star, playing WD, but I used to defend that ball like nobody's business! And my fave silver fox, though he's a veteran silver fox by now is Richard Gere, back in his Pretty Woman days. I was but a teenager the, and he was my first silver fox crush! xx

  4. Hi Lucy,
    I love to make Spaghetti Bolognaise. It is a simple family favourite. Everyone in the house eats it so I only have to cook one meal. :-) YAY

  5. My favourite pasta dish is spaghetti marinara - no one in my family likes seafood *boo hoo* so I always order it at restaurants. I've had good and bad, let me tell you.


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