Thursday, 27 October 2011

The dreaded school photo day...

Yes, this is me, in about 1976. Shocker.

Is it just me, or does everyone get cranky and stressed out over the annual dreaded school photo day?

This morning saw me screech at all three of my kids and act like a stage mother over the right angle of the pony tails, the right shade of blue for the hair band, whilst at the same time scrubbing Charlie's face red raw to make sure the yearly shot didn't feature the Nutella Vegemite he had on his toast for brekky.

I am now back home, shaking my head over the fact that I made Olivia have a shower and wash her hair this morning so I could braid her hair properly, even though she already had a bath last night. And I made them all wait till the last minute to get into their freshly ironed by their neurotic mother uniform, just in case they spilt juice down themselves.

I even supervised teeth brushing for the first time since last year, to make sure that no smears of toothpaste got wiped onto their shoulders.

Hell, I even started telling Charlie how to smile to try and diminish the great big gappy grin he's currently sporting as a result of standard six year old wobbly teeth loss.

I need to get over myself, seriously.

If you want a real laugh, just click on the below for some hilarious annual photos - gold, I tell you.

Edited to add - despite my best efforts, Lexie managed to get yellow paint splatters all down her uniform before the photos were taken. So we shall have a delightfully crafty shot of her. So what's new?!

Do you do the annual school photos from school? Did you share YOUR old school photos?

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  1. Lucy you still look the same!!!

    I was the same with the preschool photos & then this year, his first year at school was a disaster....

    Two days before the photos he had a monster allergic reaction on his face & ear which meant the he was swollen & red & uncomfortable & there was not a danm thing I could do about it. The photo is a shocker & you probably notcied that it didn't even get a showing on Facebook. LOL

  2. I simply love your school photo! and in regards to being a clean obsessed mum - you sound just like me before we go to visit friends! x

  3. Oh poor you... and poor kids ;o)
    I remember school photo day as being a highly emotionally charged day also. Ribbons and silly, neat hairdo's. Perfect white socks, pulled up to the knees and my 'best' uniform. Ergh! Not easy on anyone.
    You were such a cutie, gorgeous dimply grin :o) xo

  4. It's funny, it was our pre school photo day yesterday and I was thinking about how people deal with it differently.

    For example I didn't iron anything and asked The Little Man, which Tshirt he liked the most at the moment (spiderman) and that with jeans and skungee looking sneakers was his outfit. I washed his face but didn't comb his hair. I like it to represent how he really is.

    His best mate, was the same but the girls... They had changes of clothes! for after the photos were taken and they looked like their hair was shellacked in place. Made me giggle.

  5. @Sam-O - so so true. Hence thislunchtime I realised what a shocker I was being. Turns out, Lexie (who has just started in Reception) chose to wash up paint pots and got herself covered in yellow paint by 9.00 anyway...hahaha, that'll teach me!

  6. My kids usually have a major stack a few days before the photo and are sporting a big gash or bruise on their face!

  7. actually I love school photos! I like pondering how people were back in the day. It is fun to speculate.

  8. Miss6 likes to cut her hair into a DIY Mullet - always, ALWAYS, close enough to school photo day that it won't grow out properly in time for the photo. Mortifying. Especially when all other parents look at you in horror, wondering why on earth you'd give your daughter such a horrid hair cut for school photo day - and they're not really appeased when you explain that she did it herself. Picture a 6yr old having at their hair with scissors, a-la Edward Scissor Hands. So then I end up looking like a bad parent, heavens forbid.

  9. oh, my... honestly, i've never put much thought into the annual photo... it is what it is....
    thing is i have each kid's photo, kinder through high school, hanging in the main room for all to see.... looking like they do every day... like a kid....

  10. Awww you look so sweet, Lucy!

    To be honest, school photo day when I was growing up was not fussed over. I don't even know if my mother knew they were on half the time. You are a gorgeous mum for caring so much xx ......but I think it is equally gorgeous Lexie trumped your efforts.

  11. It's not really a big deal in our house. I get them ready as usual, maybe make sure their hair is done nicely, but otherwise nothing different. I figure it's real life, and I'd rather have a 'real' shot of marmite if that's how they look :P

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