Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Buckets, wells and fences...

I went out last night. Frocked up and off to dinner with a great group of bloggers.*
As always, one of the very best bits of the event was the interaction between other bloggers.
I am very very tired today as a result. Happy tired though.

I was lucky enough to spend some extra special time before the event with the beautiful Kelly from Be a Fun Mum, and the very lovely Sarah from Ah, the Possibilities.

Between coffee, chemists and grooming ourselves, we chatted about wells, fences and buckets.

As a result, I feel very much "topped up". My positive energy is charged.

How did you feel after your last interaction with another person? Did that person - your partner, best friend, coworker, blogger, or even a total stranger -  "fill your bucket" by making you feel more positive? Or did that person "dip from your bucket," leaving you more negative than before?

Some people have a never ending well of generosity of spirit. The more they give in terms of time and grace and humour and conversation, they more they want to give, and the more charismatic they become and the more they attract positive things. Their well is contstantly refilling, as they fill others needs too.

It is tempting at times, for all of us, to put fences up, in order to try and protect ourselves and our territories and our own insecutities and our little space in the world. Very occasionally a neccessity. But often not - often just erected out of habit and fear.

I am determined to not create fences, but to be a well, a well that replenishes other peoples buckets.

How about you?

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* Watch this space for more details on the dinner!


  1. Well said Lucy, I wasn't sure where you were going to take that story but as it ends up that is exactly how I am feeling at the moment. I have some wonderful people in my life at the moment filling my bucket!

  2. you're a kindred spirit xx

  3. When I saw this post I wondered if you were writing about this. I had dinner with Kelly on Sunday night and we talked about much the same thing - such a beautiful way of thinking. Love x

  4. Kelly and Sarah are definite toppers! And top chicks. Like your fine self!

  5. Love this post, Lucy. I would most definitely think of you as a well topper. I've often thought you one of the loveliest, kindest, most generous bloggers I've had the pleasure of not meeting yet. Wait. That sounds wrong.

    I used to be a topper. Most definitely. It was one of the things I actually loved about myself.

    In the past couple of years, my illness has left me otherwise and that fence is up. It's a high one and I HATE that about myself. But it's a loop now, a cycle and I'm trying to work out if I have the strength to break it.

  6. Truthfully I always errect fences & walls. It's a product of growing up in a domestic violent home... it's what we had to do to keep ourselves safe.

    Now that I am an adult with my own family, even though I still have those very ingrained fences/walls I am really trying to learn to be more of a well.

    I want to be open and loving and giving with all those that I meet... to fill their buckets.

    Thank you for this post, it's given more things to think about.

  7. Thank you for this post! I have been in a funk lately and being negative, and I have to remind myself to think positive things. and what helps me is talking to other people who understand what it is like to go through the same things. After talking to others, They fill me with more positive energy and leaves me energized and hopeful

    This post just came at the most perfect time. Thank you


  8. Great and thought-provoking post... thanks! hope I can be a well too and give to others rather than taking :)


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