Thursday, 22 September 2011

Lexie's birthday...

We have a little tradition in our house, as a lot of families do, of allowing whoever has their birthday to chose their favourite dinner.

It was Lexie's fifth birthday yesterday.

Five years ago, she sped into the world. (If you want to read her amazing birth story, it's here.)

And yesterday, ffter she opened all her pressies (a whole load of Barbie and a whole load of craft stuff...) I asked her what she would love best for her dinner.

And she tells me:

"A little strawberry. A little bit of salami. Some cheese please. And a cracker. That is all, Mumma."

And so that is exactly what we had. I threw a few scotch eggs and some cherry tomatoes onto the plate for good measure, and dinner was prepared in less that five minutes...and it was delightful.

And then of course, a little birthday cake to finish it all off.

It was a lovely lovely day. I love her so so much.

What family birthday traditions do you have? And which favourite dinner do you or your kids choose?

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  1. She is so CUTE! And that dinner sounds yummy. Good pick, Lexie!

    ~ Angela

  2. Happy birthday Lexie! I suppose you could call that a tapas meal, right?
    And we also had that tradition at our house growing up and my sister always - even now that she is a mont shy of turning 21 - always chose my dads homemade lasagne...

  3. Happy strawberry birthday, Lexie! XX

    too bad couldn't join the dinner ;-)

  4. Happy birthday Lexie xx
    We have that tradition too, unfortunately since they're now teenagers the choice is usually Hungry Jacks. Ugh. Might be time to change traditions.
    I shall suggest they choose a venue to eat OUT, but not fast food. Pub, here we come.

  5. How glam! A little of this and a little of that for a BIG girl. Happy Birthday Lexie!

  6. She is sooooo sweeeeeet!! xxx Love it. Love you!

  7. Happy Birthday Lexie! What a cutie!!

  8. Happy Birthday to your gorgeous girl. I love reading birth stories and I especially love that you correctly stated that the midwife was present while YOU delivered your last baby.
    I am going to catch up on reading your other birth stories too.

  9. That is such an awesome tradition :) I remember that a visit to a Chinese restaurant used to be our birthday food tradition growing up! It was always the same restaurant and we would sit at a big round table with a lazy susan in the middle which we all loved to spin! Traditions are such an important part of childhood memories.

    Happy birthday, Lexie.

  10. I am most impressed by your daughter's humility on such a big occasion. So many kids might have chosen more extravagantly. It is a testament to her life, the life you have created for her. At that age my kids would have asked for Macca's.

    Now we are all grown up birthday persons get to choose a restaurant.

    Happy Birthday Lexie! Happy Lexie's birthday, Mum.

  11. Oh that is so sweet. And what a gorgeous photo. Happy birthday Lexie.

  12. 'Mumma' - that's what my little guy says too! Lovely post - gorgeous pic. Happy Birthday Lexie! x

  13. A picking plate. Perfect! I can't believe she is five (same vintage as Doo Dah) and off to school next year. Gorgeous big girl Lexie! Happy birthday from all of us x

  14. I love the tradition you had on birthdays. We too follow this one in our home.
    Happy birthday to your daughter.

  15. awwww how cute! My son just turned 6 years old, we dont really have any traditions, but we always try to do something different each year. This year we are doing Lasertag(we are going tomorrow night) I am so excited!

  16. She's beautiful, Lucy. Five suits her!

    Our birthday kids get to be boss of the house for the day. K love seeing what they come up with! x

  17. love it. her special day. her special food. what a mom! bravo!

  18. Happy 5th birthday gorgeous Lexie! x

  19. Oh Lexilicious!!! Happy birthday sweetheart. Your Aunty Sal is a bit behind the times....sorry babe. I hope your fifth was as magical as it sounds xxxxxx


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