Wednesday, 14 September 2011


It is nearly five years since we moved into the "Seventies Monstrosity" as I tend to call our house.

The front garden, when we first moved here, was tended and perfect. Neat. Not a blade nor a rose out of place. It featured automatic watering and dinky little volcanic pebbles to minimise the weeds.

Some five years on, it has a more "lived in" look, a more rough and tumble appearance, and a lot more "native" a feel.

My lovely husband is a talented gardener. I have made mention of his gluts before, and yes, I love his gluts, for gluts sake. But he is not so keen on working on the front garden. Too public. He hates to "get neighboured" whilst he is gardening and resists lengthy small talk with passers by.

So, our front garden has evolved into a beautiful but rather random combination of herb and salad patch at the lower level, and native jungle at the top of the drive next to the street.

The pavement is gradually lifting, I notice. By the roots of a wattle tree that has grown, from nothing, in less than five years. It is currently in flower, and quite breathtaking. I see people on their evening stroll stop, and admire it's height, it's profusion and it's colour. As I round the corner into our street, and see the wattle, quite bursting with abundant flower and foliage I feel a swell of pride.

When I look at snaps of the front of our house from five years ago, this tree was not evident. It has grown in such a short space of time. Native to the postcode and loving the soil, it has thrived. I take photos today, and it is hard to fit the whole tree into one snap.

Which makes me realise, if you just let nature be, if you leave things to their own devices, beautiful things grow strong.

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  1. We have the same wattle tree in glorious profusion at the end of our street.

    It's lovely when wild and beautiful things thrive.

  2. LOL to 'getting neighboured'. We live on a battleaxe block, most people don't even notice 'the house behind', so we're relatively safe from chit chat when we're working away. When I want a chat, I go to the mailbox and hover.
    Love wattle, but it makes my whole face become red and itchy from hayfever. Likewise flowering gum, sadly. But lovely to watch them burst into full colour at the start of spring.
    Lovely post. x

  3. I don't think I've ever seen a wattle tree. I have some research to do. This is my first visit to your blog so I've taken some time to browse through your earlier entries. I'm so glad I did that. You've created a great spot for your readers to visit and I'll definitely be back. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  4. I love the look of Wattle trees, and Wattle seeds in Anzac bikkies are delicious. Alas, I am horribly allergic to the pollen, and seeing as they seem to be exclusively made of it we are a wattle free zone... xx

  5. What a gorgeous tree!
    Love your final words
    "if you leave things to their own devices, beautiful things grow strong"
    They make me smile :)Lauren

  6. I love the message in your post xx

  7. That is magnificent!! xx

  8. We have a wattle in our driveway garden but it is nothing like yours. The bursts of yellow make me smile.

  9. Yes, yes. Nature always finds a way to be heard. Love that. FREAKY telepathy going on with you and me ay. xx

  10. Hubby often gets neighbourhooded whilst out front and I always feel for him as he is far too polite to just say bugger off.....bless x

  11. Lovely post! We get neighbourhooded while we're gardening out the front, but I don't mind. I think I'm a neighbourhooder by heart...

  12. LOL
    Love ya!

    Surprising is the power of nature.
    Imagine leaving the yards for 20 years! LOL

    Myself, I’m watching mine, doing nothing with weeds and thinking maybe next spring. What is one season in the countenance of eternity ;-)

  13. Wow. Don't think I've seen a Wattle in the U.S., but I'll be on the lookout for one. Your lucky the front yard worked out so well.

  14. We have a lot of native green spaces around us. so we have large areas filled with Wattle. Its magnificent to see and always makes me feel happy.

  15. Stumbled upon your Blog today and am loving it. Looking forward to dig a little deeper to all your old ones and anticipating new ones. I'm new to this so my own lil corner is sad in comparison but I've been trying to start blogging for a while and hope to continue.

    I love nature in all of her glory. All seasons have their chance to shine.I love walking around in my parents neighborhood when I visit ( retirement community )to see all the wonderful care put into their yard and sometimes they seem more like friends. :) Great post!


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