Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Ring of chaos...

I am in a ring of chaos.

This week is spent driving around and around in circles.

It is the final week of term and I am, quite frankly, bloody exhausted.

Last week was all pink and glitter and fairy birthday parties.

This week is a lot of deadlines, a lot of school swimming lessons, a lot of opthamologist appointments and a lot of snatched chores between driving from pillar to post.

Coffee is not enough.

I have had to pull favours from a lot of school mums (Amanda and Mica and Karen and Tammy - if you are reading - thank you so much...) and I have had to juggle appointments and interviews and work and the gym.

This post is bought to you by my iPhone in the car as I wait to help out at school swimming lessons.

From which I will have to fly back from and break all speed limits to make it in time to Lexie's kindy graduation.

Oh god, it is too depressing to start listing all the places I have to be today.

I am knackered, the kids are exhausted.

I screeched at them pleaded with them this morning to put their listening ears on. They didn't hear me, and I lost the plot.

It pissed it down with rain and thunder just as we got into the car to go to school. My bum got so wet doing their seatbelts up that it feels like I have wet myself.

I am starving as I forgot to grab breakfast and the revolting aroma of chlorine from the swimming pool is making my existing headache even worse.

I got less than four hours sleep last night, and the deadlines are still looming.

Give me strength. 

And bring on the school holidays.  Let me break out of this ring of chaos..

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  1. Oh bring on the holidays. I only have one at school and already feel the pressure to be everywhere at once. Not looking forward to the parenting duties once all three are at school! It doesn't seem to get easier just changes! I think I need an extra coffee just reading this!

  2. Darling Lucy! See it through, ride it out. You're almost there. I really despise the commitments sometimes. Too much, too many! xxo

  3. I hope you get the strength to get through the day. Just keep reminding yourself it will all be over in a couple of weeks and you can back it down a notch. Don't forget to give yourself a little you time, even if it is 5 minutes to meditate :)

  4. My heart is racing just reading this blog....

    Thank god those days are over for me.

    Dig Deep'll get there.


  5. This too shall pass.
    Yeah, sorry, that doesn't fucking help, does it? Hate when someone says that to me.
    Hang in there darlin. x

  6. Just remember that at the end of the got everything accomplished that you could and you are no worse off because of it =]


  7. "You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think." Hang in there! x

  8. Awwww... hang in there; there's light at the end of the tunnel- it will be the holidays soon. And if you're anything like me,by the time they're halfway through you'll be wishing the kids were back in school! Seriously though, here in England we are on our 4th week of the new school year and the 5 1/2 weeks of Summer holiday is now just a distant memory: since I work in a school as well as having 3 teens at school and one at uni I'm already exhausted! Hope you can rest a bit during the holidays anyway- and try not to take on too much next term... :)

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  10. LOL, we mums are just faciliatators for these little people's lives sometimes. Trying to fit all their needs and wants in and doing it around school. When all you want is breakfast. I hear that!


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