Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Lovely lady arms...

I am slow to post today - apologies.

But the truth of the matter is that I can barely type.

I can barely move my arms, let alone raise my fingers to the keyboard.

Driving the kids to school and kindy this morning was excruciating.

All in my quest for lovely lady arms. Like Michelle Obama's. I aspire to arms like hers - they are the perfect combination of lean and toned without looking like they belong to a body builder, don't you think?

Anyway, when I was nearly 40kg heavier than I am today, the tops of my arms, were, quite frankly, like two pale fat slugs. Huge. Wobbly. Fat. Gross.

I have lost a lot of weight from the tops of my arms, and thankfully the skin here has snapped back. But I am still on a mission to get them from lardy to toned..

And, if the way my arms are feeling today is any guide, the exercises I am doing are evidently working!

Using 5kg dumbbells, I have been doing circuit sets of the following:
  • Overhead press
  • Overhead extension
  • Curls
  • Lateral raise
And if all that is double dutch to you, all it really means is lifting these in varying fashions:

My arms are aching like I do not know what.

But worth it to see my arms change from this:

To this:

How about you? Are you comfy going sleeveless?

Any tips for me?


  1. i am working on it too at the moment! Ahh bring on summer and the spike of enthusiastic people at the gym!

  2. Are you reading my mind?? All I can think of are lovely lady arms and am working my arms off to get them in the next 26 days!! I'm doing a lot of combo moves like lunging with shoulder raises and squats with curls. You'd know all that from kettle bell training, I love to combine the moves. Oh and tricep kick backs. My worst enemy but I love them so. And push ups. And dips. Yep, pretty much anything that will give me a lovely lady arm or two. Michelle's are awesome. No wonder she wears sleeveless dresses all the time. They're perfect. xx

  3. Hi Lucy. Since I gained a lot of weight, this has been my most hated body part compared to how they used to be. Always toned and didn't really care about them at all. I really don't know who is designing plus sized clothing. Probably a man. I can't stand the sleeveless look or even the capped sleeves. This is one of my biggest motivators to lose my weight. Thanks for the inspiration.

    Anne xx

  4. Yay for tuckshop lady arms...NOT. I would like toned arms too. I'm working on a rowing machine a couple of times a week because it's good cardio as well as toning those arms. Losing the weight certainly helped, but I want more!

  5. Same here, my arms are definately cover ups. I figure there are worse things like being 35kg heavier!!

  6. I HATE my arms! I have a swimmers build so always feel like my arm/shoulder area is hideous (even though I know it isn't that bad)... going into summer sleeveless is always hard after being covered up... but still, more power to you! I am so going to work on getting my arms (and body) back into shape after this baby arrives!

  7. I have got back to running for just that reason..It tones my arms whilst going which my spin classes so not!! xx

  8. I am with you on this. Lovely lady arms are so luscious and Michelle's are among the best. My tend to get bulky when I exercise so I use really light weights. Good luck. If you find the definitive solution to tuck shop arms please, please share x

  9. Ah, darling. I have long lusted after lovely lady arms. But alas, I was born with genetic tuck shop lady arms (I was once told I would make a good rower....or a weight lifter. huh.) I hate my arms. Hate them. Even when I am thin, my arms are "solid", or "hefty". Yuck.

  10. I've always had issues with my arms. They need work. Funny, I always put off the arm exercises, but it is so satisfying going sleeveless knowing that your arms are toned and lovely.

  11. My arms are probably my least favorite part of my body infact, I Really felt like I was the only one with arms that look like Wobbly bits of Goo I have been workingon it and in all I hope for my arms to return to their appearence before all this weight gain.... Good luck keep us posted!

  12. Lucy, how did you get a picture of my arms????? :)

  13. You look amazing!I went through a journey not too unlike yours. I woke up one morning and decided I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. I starting exercising and eating healthy and dropped 40 lbs and started competing in NPC bikini and figure competitions. I know how much work it takes. Be proud of all of your accomplishments. :)

  14. I love how people focus on her arms so much. Have you read the four hour body? There is a chapter dedicated to getting the michelle obama arms.

  15. Ugh, I am so self-conscious about my arms. Michelle's are lovely, and so are Jennifer Aniston's. I'll have to keep plugging away, I guess. Good luck with your workouts; I'm so inspired by your self discipline!

    ~ Angela

  16. Loved this blog post, and the comments. I cannot stand my arms, so seeing others in what they are trying to accomplish to get 'Michelle Obama' arms is uplifting and encouraging. Keep up the good work!

    Ps. Love the blog. :)

  17. I am enjoying my runs but I must throw some push ups and dips in the equation. I would love toned arms too.
    Keep up the great work!

  18. That's a bit {fat} noooo to the sleeveless for me.

    Sorry your arms are hurting, but you are doing such a great job!

  19. I'm back to working on my arms, now that summer is coming. I love toned, shapely arms. Very sexy.

  20. Love it Lucy!

    I'm too lazy to think about it so I let pump class do the work. Although you've inspired me to get some dumb bells and get to it.

    Singlet tops here we come :)

  21. In my lucky raffle win PT sessions, the lovely young trainer is trying to murder me with arm and back and chest exercises. I feel fantastic afterwards!!! And my arms are improving, which is good... and am not aiming for perfection, just less wobbly bits.

    Lets all keep going!?!

  22. Lol, having lovely lady arms has been on my mind this week. The weather's getting warmer and the sleeves are getting shorter. I'm not overly comfortable without sleeves but sometimes it's necessary... Going to write myself a decent exercise plan and get lifting...


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