Thursday, 29 September 2011

Five things I depend upon today...

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  1. ah, looks warm and delicious - those cups of coffee (?) do...

    sturdy cars are a must...

    skype... don't do but should do with the distant husband...

    chocolate.... soothing, for sure...

    Love - easy to feel with the right people....

  2. Hi Lucy, must be on the same page today. (lol) xx Lynda

  3. Ah, sweet. I like your wrap up. I would say my five things today are:

    1. Diet coke
    2. An umbrella
    3. CityRail
    4. Humorous emails from old friends
    5. My glasses (contacts fail!)


  4. Ah lovely! I am there with you, I depend heavily on my choccie AND my car. The car worries me though, as the engine light has been on for a few days now... I know it can't be good :o/
    Such a nice way to do a post Lucy :o) xo

  5. OK, so I think I need some of that coffee because I was just like: "Why is she relying on a piece of barbed wire twisted into a heart?" And then I got it...
    Never mind!

  6. Skype is such a wonderful tool for staying in touch.

    I've relied on chocolate and tea a lot today :))

  7. was certainly a hot coffee and chocolate day in Melbourne...

  8. Those look like great things - especially the last!

  9. Hey Lucy

    Been following you for a while now (under a different name, I've just started a new blog) I love how you can say so much with so little words!

  10. Hate to be dependent. Especially lately.
    It's still nice, when the solution may be so simple.

  11. that coffee looks soooo delish!!!! along with the chocolate. Those are two things I am dependent on too!!!

  12. Skype = Love of my LIFE.

    Speaking of WHICH. We should talk soon. I'll finish full time after next week. The the week after I can report live from babysitting my niece, if you'd like. She's cute. Will probably ache your ovaries, but SO worth it. :D

  13. I rely on coffee and chocolate every day!!


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