Monday, 26 September 2011

A Fairy Party (and recovery...)

As I mentioned last week, it was my youngest daughter's fifth birthday last week. Lexie revelled in every moment and the celebrations lasted from Wednesday to Sunday, just as they should, when you're five.

One of the big events was her birthday party.

Lexie attends Fairy Dancing classes every week for an hour. She can move, my girl. She has a funky little groove and a lot of confidence in her movement. She has a sense of rhythm. Combine that with a fairy dress, some glitter, some fan-fairy-tastic fun and some fairy manners, and she is in utter fairy heaven.

Her dance teacher (Miss Julie-Ann, who has, to my mind, the patience of an utter saint...) is delightful, and the dance glass is currently rehearsing as support act for The Fairies Concert. So, Lexie will be on stage, performing. Which, she feels, I suspect, is her natural place in the world. I have turned, momentarily, into a stage mother!

Anyway...her birthday party was held at The Fairie's House. Harmony and Rhapsody were present in spirit, as was Minuet, Wizzy and Buzzy. Fairy craft, followed by fairy dancing followed by fairy cheffing. Fairy snacks and fairy cakes were worked off by more fairy dancing and some fairy singing. Fairy games and fairy songs, all hosted by The Rainbow Fairy. Boys in wizzard costumes and a lot of little girls in pink and purple fairy dresses, wings and wands optional.

It was a riot of pink and sugar and floss and fun.

Lexie had an utter ball. In a pink froth of a dress, surrounded by family and friends, she was in the limelight and in her element.

She curled her arms around my neck last night as I tucked her into bed and told me it was the best birthday anyone had ever had in the whole wide world.

It's now 10.54am on Monday morning.

Lexie has partied HARD this weekend. She is now asleep on the floor. Thankful for a peaceful day, I suspect. (Me too.)

It is not often we indulge our children with so much outragoeus branding and treats. But if not on their birthdays, then when? 

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  1. Happy Birthday to your gorgeous Fairy!!
    Looks like she had the party of every little girls dreams. You're definitely allowed to indulge on their birthdays x

  2. What a busy & fun time your little fairy princess had love the pic of her all worn out & sleeping.

    (((( Hugs )))) XXXX Kisses XXXX

  3. We love to crack out the fairy wings and go nuts!

  4. Well I for one am grateful to all the little fairies out there who made it possible for my daughter to work part time as the fairy at fairy parties - the kids loved her so much and when she stopped doing it some girls and even boys were disappointed.

    let there be fairies I say !!!!

  5. Birthdays are meant to be perfect and this is perfect for Lexie. What a beautiful, memorable treat for her. x

  6. Wow. What an exciting birthday week. I'm tired just reading about it. I'm sure she will always remember this wonderful birthday she had.

  7. Too sweet! Sounds like a wonderful way to celebrate her big 5. Happy birthday to Lexie! x


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