Tuesday, 9 August 2011

When resistance is not futile...

I ache.

Not through lust or flu, this ache comes but can I tell you how badly my muscles are crying out today?

Really, I ache. So badly.

I can barely type at the keyboard, and I am fretting over how I am ever going to be able to raise my arms to drive the kids to school.

When you have worked out on resistance strength training for an hour in the gym: you know if you have done a good job or not by the ache you get the next day.

Resistance exercise feels quite hard at the time, but not impossible.

I am not lifting olympic sized weights here. Just a few 6kg weights, and then just using my bodies own weight to create resistance and the push pull and lift has worked my muscles in a different way.

Squats, lunges, crunches, sit ups. Push ups and butt lifts. Jumping jacks and a little cardio at the end.

And whilst I do really really ache? It feels great...

Resistance exercise helps to prevent osteoporosis. Resistance training helps to maintain good flexibility. Resistance training also provides functional benefits. Stronger muscles improve posture, provide better support for joints, and reduce the risk of injury from everyday activities. Resistance training makes your body toned and you look better.

What's not to like?! Resistance is not futile...

Do you do any strength or resistance or weight training? Tell me what works for you?


  1. I hear you on this. I have not been able to get to the gym so far this week - sick kids - and I actually miss the ache! Sad but true.

  2. I'm hooked on Pump. Low weights, high repetitions and maybe more importantly good company and instructors pushing you for that extra bit more.
    I also do some heavier weights in the weights room from time to time but it's not as addictive as Pump.

  3. My morning sickness is gone and I plan on starting training again this afternoon. But now that I've read this I'm scared.

    I remember the pain all too well...trying to sit down to pee after a big lunge/ squat session is the worst LOL!!!

  4. I am heading to my forst strength/core work class tonight... I am a little scared, but in a good way. If that makes any sense at all.
    I'll let you know how it goes!

  5. Over time, resistance training increases muscle mass...muscle burns more energy than fat, and when we train with weights/resistance, we continue to burn calories for hours after we've worked out... :)

  6. I am thoroughly addicted to my strength and weight work and my pilates. 3 - 4 gym circuit classes a week now Lucy and I love it. I have just signed up to do a fitness challenge camp (3 mornings a week at 6am for an hour for 6 weeks in total).....bit scared but excited too. You were one of the people who really inspired me with my exercise.....thank you and much love xxx

  7. I'm not an exerciser at all, but the resistance training sounds intriguing. I have been aching for a couple of weeks, but it is just the flu :( . Starting to feel better, but not up to exercising yet.

  8. I still remember when I was a kid zipping up the back of Mum's work skirt after a big training session the night before. :D

    Resistance isn't futile. GREAT title.

  9. Good on you. I'm heading to the gym tonight, resistence training, aching to be aching if that makes sense.

  10. This makes me want to work out. I haven't felt that ache in waaaaay too long!

  11. I detest the ache at the time but actually get some crazy pleasure from it the next day - it reminds me its actually working :)

  12. Last Saturday I could hardly walk as I have started my exercise routine again (only to get a bad cold) now I have a different ache. I'm wanting to workout but I know my body needs rest. I'm loving Jillian michaels and www.bodyrock.tv for my resistance and interval training.

  13. I thought I'd do something different last week and do some at home circuit training including running up and down stairs, sit ups, skipping, hand weights and squats/lunges. I did each exercise for a minute and rotated the circuit for 30 minutes.
    I could hardly walk the next day and my calf muscles ached badly for three days.
    Needless to say I haven't done it again...yet. Maybe start of slow first!

  14. Oohh, I know that good sore feeling Lucy! I do weight training twice a week with my trainer - and we try and increase something each week, even by a kilo seems to bring on that burn the next day. The worst has to be triceps, and trying to do up my bra!
    I've been doing weights for 18 months, and know it has been a huge help in my weight loss of 30kg, added to weight watchers and walking and spinning for cardio. I have never been so strong before - it's a great feeling. I must say I sort of fell into resistance training, I never thought weights were for me, but was hooked after 2 weeks!

  15. Good on you. It's Pump Classes for me - have been doing them for 15 years and swear they help with everything.
    Weight management, bone density and that lovely feeling you have when you are strong and fit.
    Keep it up!

  16. Another pump addict here ;)


I am a comment addict. Thank you so much for your words...xx