Saturday, 13 August 2011

La Luna

Today, I am just grateful for the moon.

La Luna, in my mind, is a woman, without a doubt.

Her ebb and flow; her influence over tide and mood: she is remarkable.

On a practical note, she lights my way some mornings when I run. She highlights kangaroos in my distance. How did I get so incredibly lucky to be able to run by early morning moonlight amongst wildlife?

Her placement, her influence on mood and magic and opportunity, I realise, is incredible. I am trying to maintain a sense of awareness of the moons influence.

There has been a positive shift in my world recently.

I cannot pin point why or how; so I shall credit the moon and her rising. I suspect I am susceptible to the spiritual influence of the Moon. I shall run with that, literally and figuratively.

I am grateful to her.

Tell me, do you believe in the power of the moon?


  1. What a beautiful post Lucy. I love the mystery that the moon holds and the peaceful light she shares with us.

  2. The moon energises me with its beauty. That photo you've got there is a cracker. I've been working on my evening shots of La Luna, but so far, meh.

    I love the moon over the ocean There's double magic there, with the light and the pull of the tides. Very mystical.

  3. If the moon has such influence over the tides, how can we - who are 90-95% water - not be strongly influenced as well?

    Hail the moon! x

  4. Yep, ditto what Maxabella said :-)
    Definitely think the moon affects us...makes my kids a bit mad sometimes too I'm sure of it!!
    Have a great weekend Lucy

  5. I love everything about the cycle of the moon and the way it affects me. Living by the beach just adds to it for me. xx

  6. That couldnt be a REAL picture of the moon.

    IS IT?

    When i was a kid I think the moon looked that big. Maybe a kid took that photo.

  7. I certainly do!
    I love that at times it lights my way through the house.
    I love that it is with you as you run xxxx

  8. I'm a Cancerian with the Moon rising...enough said. :)

  9. I am in awe of the moon. I love gazing at it, no matter the time of day. My boys and I make a point of going out each night to 'say goodnight' and talk about the moon.


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