Saturday, 20 August 2011

The Doctor

This week I am grateful for a squillion things.

But the one echo of this busy week is that I should be most grateful to our family GP.

Based in a practice, in a suburb a long way from where we now live, we have been seeing him, on and off, for over eleven years. (I sense that it is credit to him and his empathy that we still choose to attend this practice, despite its inconvenience?)

From upset tummies to smoking cessation to weight loss to depression, we have visited Dr Chris.

For unexplained infertility through to eventual antenatal care for babies, we have visited Dr Chris.

For septic arthritis in Olivia, to a hundred appointments for Charlie and his dodgy ears, as well as all the usual vaccinations and immunisations, we have called upon Dr Chris.

He has, quite literally, saved life and limb for us.

So today I am grateful to family general practitioners. To the ones who really care for families, who build a relationship, who work long hours, who are underfunded by medicare, who make house calls, who know their patients. To the ones that really give a shit, I thank you.

And particularly those GP's who know and sense that the last question a mother asks as she leaves the surgery is often the real problem - I am grateful, so grateful to you.

Do you have a good GP? Or do you struggle with an impersonal medical centre?

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  1. Oh Lucy! I so am with you on this one. We found a great local GP for the bebito in particular and he bloody moved to Port Lincoln! I cried. Really! I myself travel from our place beachside to Newton to see my truly fabulous GP. She's amazing and sees my mum and grandma too. :) Good GP's are worth their weight in gold.

  2. It's definitely worth finding a good one isn't it. I have been seeing my GP since I was 15 and now the whole family sees her. She is wonderful and we are so on the same page.

  3. I'm one of the ones struggling to find someone who cares. I had a great doctor throughout my teens but I moved 6 hours away for school. I was still willing travel all the way for the rutine stuff but unfortunatly (atleast for me) she decided to leave the practice to be with her young children. It is soooo difficult finding someone who is genuine now that I am in the nyc area!

    I absolutely understand where you are coming from. :)

  4. Our GP is awesome. Couldn't be happier. I know we are lucky. Dr Chris sounds like the bomb. Stick with him x

  5. I agree. Finding a great GP that really understands your family and wants to develop a long-term care relationship with you makes such a big difference.

  6. We have (finally) found a great family practice. I had a great GP in Tas before we moved, and it was hard to replace her.
    Our current practice is friendly, the care and get this you can get in the same day you call to make an appointment, 9 times out of 10 with the doctor of your choice.
    They make having unwell children easier, and they genuinely care, even asking me about my terminally ill father -who they have never met - but whom they know means a lot to me.
    Makes such a big difference.

  7. A good doctor is hard to find. Glad you've got a good one, makes those days a little easier.

  8. You are such an astute person, Lucy. You are so right that the 'last question' - the 'oh, by the way' - is often the real reason we find ourselves at the doc. I love our GP too and I love my SIL who has just passed her final GP exams and can now go on to become the most amazingly caring and empathetic doc you could imagine. So proud of her. x

  9. Nice post, keep up the good work.

  10. Lovely grateful post
    I'm married to one of those caring GPs and while we miss him at home sometimes its nice to think that his patients would be as appreciative as you


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