Wednesday, 10 August 2011

A day off...

I took a day off yesterday.

There were piles and baskets and more piles of washing to be sorted, folded and ironed. And enough work at my desk to last me a week.

But nothing is that urgent.

So I decided to just have day off.

I dropped the kids off at school and kindy, quite happily.

And then I was free.

I stopped at the bakery.

And then dropped in on a friend, for coffee.

She is a warm and wise soul who I can chat to for hours. I find comfort in her kitchen, in her home, in her presence.

She worked a little, I pottered around the internet, on her blog and mine.

She cooked and chatted over her shoulder as I edited some photos and played around with words.

We laughed and shared.

We compare notes over the subjects of children, husbands, the future, the past. Family, practicalities, renovations and dreams. Local and school chit chat combined with a lighthearted banter of how we could rule the world if only we had time...

She has a crackle of energy about her, my friend. A spark. Industrious always, taking her world on with open arms and a wink. A woman with plans all ripe for fruition. An optimism born through determination and hope.

A coffee turned into the way I spent my whole day off. Such a glorious and abundant use of time!

I came home eventually to the same piles of washing and the same work at my desk. It all waited for me.

But I can tackle all that today richer in spirit and energy at having shared the day with a friend.

Do you take days off, ever? Can you?

What would you do with your truant time?


  1. Perfect.
    It's important to recharge yourself sometimes, or you go crazy in the mundanity of it all. Glad you took the time for you!

  2. What a brilliant idea, Lucy! Just take a day off... who would ever have thought it?

    I love the way you spent your day and fancy that I would spend it exactly the same. Good, easy company after a pastry or two! x

  3. You are a workshy slacker. You need to get a grip and get back to your chores. "Day Off" indeed. Does your husband know about this? I bet you never let him slope off and play cricket. I know your type. You're just like my sister....

    1. He does indeed know about it. He DOES like to keep me barefoot and pregnant and obviously subservient. Obviously. But as long as I am there with his Coopers Pale as he swans in from the pub at the end of the day, after I have bathed and fed and read stories to HIS kids he is generally quite cool.

      I love you, brother of mine...


  4. Yes! Such a lovely post (and way to spend the day). That's the funny thing about washing.... it's always there. So dependable. Sigh.

  5. a day off is necessary. I had a good friend visit me over the weekend....made me appreciate people again, reminded me that people/friends are so important.

  6. This is such a great post Lucy. It made me feel warm and inspired just reading it. I LOVE friends like this, they keep us grounded and lift our spirits, all at the same time. Good on you for spending a day just being :o)

  7. I wish I did more of this. I'm hopeless. Even when I can manage a day off, I usually fill it with... stuff...

    1. When I am next in Fibrotown, I will be forcing you to take a day off...


  8. It sounds like a wonderful day. My daughter and I are planning such a day as soon as school starts and the kiddies are off learning about the world. We'll have lunch out and spend time window shopping - or maybe we'll just hang out. We're looking forward to it. Twelve days to go (but who's counting?)

  9. Oh yes, it's a wonderful thing to do. I am a better Mummy & wife for it. Last week I snuck off to a mid-morning movie with a girlfriend to see "Beautiful Lies" - fabulous. Glad you enjoyed your day so much. xoxx

  10. I think you have to do this sometimes. After all, just because the washing never stops, doesn't mean you can't ...

  11. Love it! I'm going to take two days off soon. Am going to put in my annual leave form at work but not tell anyone at home... Shhh... then the kids will be looked after and I can flit around by myself. So excited!

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