Thursday, 25 August 2011


Today I came across some old papers, from a number of years ago:  prolific notes made for me by a well respected psychic clairvoyant.

I felt the crackle of coincidence as I read her words, eleven years after she penned them.

She was a rough diamond, cigarette in hand, sitting behind a run down shopfront.

For not much more than the price of a bottle of wine, she read me. Read me like an open book.

She told me how my father had died, right down to specifics of limbs and dates.

She told me how many children I would have, gave me their birth order, and the colour of their uniforms they would wear.

She hesitated, concerned eyes, brows pulled together, over the name of William, and I now know why.

She told me of living in the tropics, of who and what I needed to be wary of.

She told me of ailments my mother would suffer, and how to try to ease the pain.

I read the notes now, on their thin paper. I am comforted, not spooked, by the amazing accuracy of her words. The coincidence or truth, whichever I choose to believe, drains tension from my shoulders.

I am not sure if I have acted upon her words. I recall the visit well, but I had forgotten the detail.

So now I am still unsure of her vision, of her third eyes authenticity.

Did she forecast all this? This life? And did her words act as a catalyst for my subsequent choices and actions?  Or did she indeed see the future, my future, and have a vision of the life I now lead?

It is a beautiful life. If she saw that and forecast it; or if indeed I created all this as a result of her words, no matter.

What about you? Cynic or believer? Have you ever been to see a psychic or clairvoyant?

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  1. What I can say is to not forget the words of a psychic whether you believe it or not. Someday, Somehow those words will come together right before your eyes.

  2. I've never been to a psychic before, but I do believe in people's ability to pick up on emotions and feelings that follow you. I think I would have to visit one to make any concrete decisions about believing or fact I think you have motivated me to try one out.

  3. I have goosebumps Lucy!

    I haven't been to one yet but friends have with surprisingly accurate results.

    Therefore I'm scared.

  4. I am a strong believer and on numerous occassions have had certain insights that I cannot explain myself. Certainly not in the details you explain but I have the odd "ideas" "visions" call it what you may, but they have happened within days. So I sincerely think that it does happen.

  5. Hey, congrats on Current Affair!!! That's awesome.

    I am a believer with stuff like this. I went to a psychic once and it blew me away. Of course, there are some out there that are frauds, but there are some real ones too.

  6. wow, i just went and read about your brother and i just want to say how awful that must have been, and offer my condolences. my older brother is bi-polar and is going through some of the same things your brother went through. after reading i am both fearful and thankful. fearful because i don't want the same thing to happen to Remo, and thankful for your courage and openness on your blog.

  7. I have seen a psychic and I have seen things that make my skin crawl years later .... They are all pretty good and detailed .... there are a that charge way to much money and those are the scam artists the ones that cahrge next to nothing .... They are the real deal because .... They operate under Karma They have to be honest and tell it like it is

  8. You know, I used to do astrological charts for people and read the Tarot. It was something I enjoyed and I honestly felt an electric connection to each person that I read.
    A friend of mine asked me to do a chart on her young son, who at the time was around 13 and an off again, on again friend of my oldest son, who was the same age.

    When I did the chart, it scared me. It was so dark and frightening, and I honestly didn't want to give it to her. It foretold death and tragedy and no future for this child.

    I finally decided I couldn't hand a mother this chart and prayed that I was completely wrong.

    Five years later, this boy was a drug addict, an alcoholic, and one sad, sad day laid down on a blind curve on a busy highway and was killed by a driver who never saw him.

    I haven't done a chart since.


  9. I have never been to a psychic, the thought kind of scares me a bit. I do however believe that we need to follow our intuition or gut feelings and most people do not do this very well. You may be one of those that follow your instincts and your life has worked out well.

  10. I think what happened is you subconsciously made this happen yourself. Manifesting it, even. But yeah this was real cool. Thanks for sharing

  11. I'm a believer - not in all people who claim to have the gift, because some of them are full of it - but i have had experiences with one particular woman who has turned out right with many things.
    For eg, the first time i saw her she said i would be married, pregnant and buying a house before i turned 26... turns out i was engaged, had the baby and had already bought the house. A little topsy-turvy but close!
    But then i saw her again when i was pregnant - she told me it would be a boy, and that he would come early and be born the week of Christmas ( 2 and half weeks before his due date ). A few months later i gave birth to a boy on December 27th ... 2 days after Christmas and 2 weeks before his due date!

  12. I am a believer, but I have never had the honor of seeing a physic. I want my wonderful future to be a huge surprize. I have thought about it but my parent's think the idea is unprofessional. On the other hand I do like the adventure to trying something new.

  13. Me? I am a superstitious cynic. Is that possible? Bottom line is I don't want anyone telling me my future because I will be like a moth to a flame - testing the water, wanting to see if it will happen as predicted and turning it into a self fulfilling prophecy. Better I be left to my own devices - then I cant blame anyone else. But I do know it comforts a lot of people. I'm glad it does for you.

  14. Believer! Absolutely a believer. AND also a believer in creating ones own life. And also a believer in the power of synchronicity. I am open to it all. Lovely post Lucy. Thanks for sharing.

  15. I've never actively sought out a psychic but years ago I was sitting in traffic in a cab once when the cabbie asked me if he could see my hand. I told him yes assuming he wanted to see my engagement ring because I had just told him I got engaged. So I showed him my hand and he grabbed it and turned it over. He said a few general 'happy, long life' type things and then said "Have you had your miscarriages yet?" I was shocked and said no. A few years later I had my first and the year after I had my second.

    I was pretty dang happy when I had to take my hand away.

  16. I had shivers as I read this. Its amazing how acurate she was. I believe that some people are intuitive and can see into the future, but me personally have never had a reading for fear I'll hear something that will stop me from moving forward or make me scared of losing someone I love.

  17. Years of experience, including interviewing and 'testing' clairvoyants for magazine and interviews stories has made me feel that there are a few charletans out there, but there are certainly people who are psychic/clairvoyant. Many explain they just pick up on different channels or wavelengths, and that makes sense to me. After all, if I can talk to people from around the world on my computer/phone, anything is possible, right? Glad yours saw beautiful things in your life.

  18. This is amazing. I often wonder about all this Psychic stuff. I do beleive in intuition and gut feelings, but the next level? I don't know.
    At times I am so tempted to try it out, but so scared at the same time.
    I usually don't like surprises, but maybe life is the one surprise I think I need to let just happen.

  19. What about the butterfly effects of knowing your future?

    Collaborate, Create, Publish

  20. A little from column A, a little from column B. And I do believe there are people with a greater ability to hear than the rest of us. More in tune.

    In tune to what, I have no idea! But in tune. ;)

  21. Definitely a believer. Have been to a few tarot readers and psychics. I used to read cards myself for a while for friends, but I stopped as I was taking too much of the energy on myself. Funnily, the best psychic I ever saw in Sydney at The Rocks told me that I'd had to stop reading for that very reason, when I first touched his cards. Since I've met Mr G and had Miss A I haven't been to see one, mainly because everything up until that point that had happened I was told would happen, and I'm in a place now where I want to live each day in the moment, not looking beyond that. xx

  22. Yes, they are all talented to varying degrees. Most recently I had a reading with Tammy Moir from Sydney and its the most imporessed I've been in ages. Actually I find a lot people who see mediums quite lazy and ignorant to what you should get out of it. Good questions are the key and having trust is essential. Anyway, that's my two cents worth. Tammy is easy enough to find but just in case her Psychic Medium site is here.

  23. Firstly - love this blog! Secondly - I am a believer - although, maybe I spend too much time thinking about the other side :) BTW thank you Jen, i did check out Tammy's site, it's nice.

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