Thursday, 11 August 2011

Go somewhere...

All this talk of weekend conferences in  Melbourne and Blog Her in the US...has given me itchy feet.

For a long many years, I travelled at whim.

Growing up in the UK, the proximity to Europe was opportunistic - and made for very cheap holidays.

Before children, we had the disposable income to flit off whenever we pleased. New Zealand, Asia, the US...I was a butterfly who landed anywhere easily.

And for the past eight year we have been consumed by children and home. Our travels have been camping trips in the same state. Which have been delightful...

I have had the odd weekend in Perth and Sydney, which have fed my soul.


I have a yearning to plan a trip again.

My itchy feet need a little scratch.

Do you travel?

Love it or hate it?


  1. LOVE it. i'm a gypsy at heart, i always want to be where i am not. my ideal life is moving to a new place every 6 months - new suburb, new state, new country - just up and moving around.

    alas i am married to a homebody who likes to put down roots, also one who doesn't particularly like airplanes or flying, so we haven't traveled much - i plan to change that in the upcoming years.

    We have a few long trips planned for within the next 5 years or so - hopping on the back of the bike to see parts of Australia, Canada and the big one driving across America for at least a month, probably more like two - we are BOTH looking forward to that one!


  2. I just went on my first cruise trip out to sea not stopping anywhere & loved it.

    Loved it so much got deposit down on the next trip already that can be picked anytime between now & 2016

    (((( Hugs )))) XXXX Kisses XXXX

  3. LOVE to travel! If I won the lottery, I would travel the world. I can't get enough of all the sights, sounds, and smells. I love new cultures!

  4. I cannot wait for the day when I can travel and see all the corners of the earth I've always dreamed of! My friend you are welcome to bunk down in our spare room anytime you need an escape..bring the kids too, mine would live a sleep over with new friends :) xo

  5. If your looking to travel, come and visit me! :) lol

  6. I like home and despise flying but the want of something 'else' sometimes means I dream of being anywhere but here. I'm not sure if that means I want to be a traveller or just restless with my current scenery.

  7. Oh Lucy I love to travel and have constant itchy feet. We have been lucky enough to travel lots with our kids. We took Miss 5 to the UK when she was just 9 months old and then again at 18 months to Eastern Unit. We have taken all four girls to Fiji and the US two years ago. It was hard work but I still loved it.
    Travelling with kids is very different and I do long to have a child free adventure again one day. But for now we will keep working hard and saving for our next trip.

  8. I haven't done alot of travelling - I went from partying to parenthood. MC & I are looking forward to travelling though at some stage, though I do itch for a girl's weekend away ... Just for a breather x

  9. Oh Lucy, I love to travel, love airports and a long plane journey. Not very environmentally sound! Thrilled to have a trip to Darwin in a few weeks. Going to talk at an autism workshop and son aged 11 flying on points, then we are going camping in Kakadu for two nights. Woweeeee.... So excited to take him on an adventure. Love getting away, love coming home.

  10. I hear you Lucy! And when I heard that Blogher is in New York next year... shall we????

  11. Hi there Lucy,

    Just wanted to know I have found your Blog (through MultipleMum) and I love reading your posts!

    Travel? Yes, love it! Did heaps pre-kids but like you I'm a bit restricted these days so camping it is. Love it! But the travel bug never leaves and I'm holding out for our 10 yr anniversary end of this year where we are taking a trip without the kids. Can't wait!

  12. Love to travel. i did not grow up travelling at all with my family, but got a scholarship to spend a summer in Greece at 17yrs old. I travelled after uni and met my hubby and have lived overseas ever since (I am from US). We don't travel as much with 2 kids (but only due to costs) but have taken them to Europe, America, New Zealand and the Cook Islands (a perfect spot to travel with kids yet close to Oz)

    If we had unlimited funds we would easily spend 5 years in the road with our kids!

  13. LOVE travelling. Love, love, love it. And while things are as they are here, I'm trying my hardest not to think about all the places I want to see - it just makes me more impatient!

    Where will you go?

  14. I love to travel, but like you, I've only managed a couple of interstate trips in the last few years. There are still many places I'd like to visit that I've not yet seen and I'd also like to open up the world to my girls, sooner rather than later.

  15. I want to travel but my bank account won't let me. We argue over this, my bank account always wins.

  16. I love to travel too, but I am not sure if I like to travel with kids so much.

    I can understand why people wait til the kids grow up and then take off to see the world.

    Until then sneaking a weekend away on my own once a year is much waited for.

  17. I haven't done all that much travelling, but have been lucky enough to enjoy a couple of overseas holidays plus an awesome 6 week student exchange to America when I was 16. I've never been to Europe though - I honestly cannot wait to finish uni and head over there for at least a couple of months xxx

  18. Similar story here in that we travelled heaps before kids so it settled my itchy feet for a long time. Now though we're planning lots of travel with the kids in tow as they're almost old enough to cope with. Life is too short to stay in one place and I want my kids to have the experience of the world as much as possible. (Also I am hugely jet lagged so apologies if none of this comment makes any sense)

  19. I miss it. I lived OS for 5 years before we had kids. We travel still but its a week in Fiji or a weekend away - we're hoping the budget gets better as the kids get older and we can go somewhere a little further away for a little longer.

  20. Love to travel. Spent 7 years living in England to meet those desires. Now we are at home, starting a family, we know for the next few years until the kids are old enough, our wanderings will be more localised. But in a way, I am looking forward to exploring the beauty of what is on our doorstep xx


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