Wednesday, 24 August 2011

6 Ways to Get Happy...

What makes your happy list?

My lovely husband asked me, last night, as we dulled and muted the adverts on the TV, "You're happy, aren't you?"

I grinned and responded positively.

He grinned back and asked me why I was happy. It made me ponder.

There are a million reasons why I'm happy, but when he made me narrow it down to a mere five  six* things, this is what makes my list -

1. Have someone in your world that thinks you are special. A partner, a child, a parent, a friend. Someone who knows and tells you via word or deed or touch that you are incredible and sensational, to them.

2. Work at something you love. Be it your paid job, or the work you do for your family at home, or volunteer work, or a pursuit that needs a little persistence (like blogging!). Work and play toward goals.

3. Eat and drink well. Not for gluttonous sake, but for well being. Eat for hunger,  rather than stuffing down emotions. Eat what your body needs. Drink lots of water. This makes me really content, this one. Health and vitality means all my energy can work towards love and fun and laughter rather than fretting over my ailments.

4. Laugh. Laugh at a joke on Twitter, at your dog, at funny photos, at your children. Laugh with others. It is deliciously infectious.

5. Move. Walk. Run. Swim. Box. Yoga. Pilate's. Lift weights, skip, stretch. Just move. Your body and your heart and your mood will all thank you for it.

6. Sleep. Get an early night. 9.30pm bedtime for some loving, some reading, or some meditation. Relax into the utter bliss of an early night. Tomorrow you will wake with a smile.

* I could not make it a list of five. Six is it!

It is tempting for me to think that material things, or money, or fame or fortune will make me happy.

But they might not. In fact, they probably won't make me happy, unless I have my top six in place already.

So I will revel in the things that really do make me content.

Tell me, what makes YOUR happy list?

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  1. Love this post - I am going to link it up from The Smile Collective fb page. And I TOTALLY know what you mean by "Relax into the utter bliss of an early night"!

  2. Great list. My garden and my books make me happy. If I can spend a little time with both, I'm happy.

  3. SLEEP
    I so agree and had no idea how important this was until recently.


  4. I always love your blog. This post is a good example of why.

    I admire the hell out of you for your weight loss and the way you have completely "owned" that issue and then done something about it. I also love the fact that you seem like a glass half full person.

    Take care Lucy.


  5. What makes me happy? All of the above...and...a clear blue sky on a mild day in the last week of winter with the trees about to bloom and the birds chirping. It's amazing to find so many things to be happy about if we only take the time to think about it. Smart guy your husband.... I am going to ask myself this question every day from now on.

  6. Oh well said. People are always looking for more in life when they should be looking at the things they already have.

  7. Love this. I think being positive, realistic with expectations and appreciative of what I have makes me happy.

  8. Great post Lucy. I couldn't agree more with your list. And the rest, the money and fame etc is cream. ;)

    Right? Blogger of NOTE! :D

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  10. what makes me happy?
    1. when it's MY turn with my son.
    2. a phone call from my 25 year old daughter, just to talk. 3. seeing my grandbabies, or hearing their voices over the phone. 4. Bigmama (my grandmother) 5. Having a good job to go to every day. 6. When a house payment gets made, the feeling of breathing a sigh of relief, knowing you have 30 more days before making another. well, thats 6. i could go on, but it's a start. Thanks. Loved your post. and your comment on mine. THAT also makes me happy!!!

  11. Reading blog posts like this makes me very happy! I love hearing your thoughts, especially when you're in your happy place. After a rollercoaster few weeks, right now everything is making me happy, so I'll just bottle this feeling right now and keep it for as long as possible. xx

  12. Reading to my kids, lunch with my Mom WITHOUT my kids, and a nice dinner with my husband. Hiking, Biking, Playing basketball and watching college football. And did I mention reading to my kids?

  13. Having the most amazing time with my family and friends. I'm not trying to be cliché but really, I couldn't ask for anything better.

  14. Things that make my happy list - cranberry juice, neon pink sports bras, starbucks coffee, and my fiancee Will!

  15. Having six things that make you happy and being able to identify them makes you a rich woman.

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  16. My happy list would be my family and friends, my dog, being able to go to school (again!), learning to enjoy food vs. be consumed by food, decorating.

  17. Company makes me happy. Coming to learn that very quickly after spending a lot of days alone! And having a purpose....

  18. What a fun and happy-looking Blog! I think I will follow you!

  19. Love this post ,

  20. my happy list is my dogs, and chemicals to enhance health and mental well-being. im all about health and trying to obtain the limitless possibilities of my mind and body

  21. Thank you for the nourishing thoughts.

    >> I could not make it a list of five. Six is it!

    Actually, you made a list of three:
    live (3,5,6), laugh (4), love (1,2)

    And even then, it's an illusion that those are separate things.

    -- Dai

  22. i love reading about all the things that make people happy.
    i think what makes me happiest is when i get mail from someone. that and when my baby does cute things.;)

  23. I love reading this. Tomorrow I have to face the scale, which is an emotional ordeal for me; I ate potatoe chips and a can of diet soda as I ponder I will deal with what I know will be disappointing regardless of the outcome. But I read you.

    1. I love watching my dog run up and down my apartment as his ears flap.

    2. I love witnessing my mother rescue homeless animals.

    3. I love laughing at my sister's 16 year-old antics.

    4. I love dancing.

    5. Writing poetry.

    6. A rainy day.

    This blog made me think of what I love and for that I thank you.

  24. Thats such a good idea! I can always appreciate a list that makes you remember all the good things in life!

  25. I have quite a long list, but just added one item that has given me great joy this summer: Blogging (both writing and reading). I feel incomplete without it now!

  26. I love the fact that my 12-year old son still kisses me goodnight, and the last words he says before getting into bed are "I love you mom". Priceless.

  27. I love to get outside and listen to the birds and feel the sun on my skin. I try to take notice of all the small things like the beautiful pattern of the bark on the trees. I marvel at all the beauty that surrounds me everyday.

  28. The only thing I would add to your superdouperrouper list is "Be grateful for what you have" - it's a bit like living in the moment but realising that things could be better, they could be worse, but they're really quite okay just the way they are.

    Happiness to you and yours always, Lucy. x

  29. I just started following you and I love this one. I am going to think about 5 things that make me happy and try to note them down too. Keep being Happy!

  30. Those were such wonderful things to do, and we all know them already, but are too lazyy to follow. I think about sleeping early everyday, going for yoga and doing some painting. and the sad part is i have plenty of time to do all this. but im lazy.

  31. How exciting! I just saw you on A Current Affair! WOW WOW WOW

    Well done! You looked great too!

    Remember us when you are rich and famous!


  32. Warm sunny days
    Travelling to new places
    Live theatre
    Eighties music
    My daughters' giggles
    A good nights sleep

    It's the little things ;)

  33. My husband, my friends, my dogs and my new found blogging!

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  35. What I once dreamed of as my happiness came with a vengeance lol. I am content so long as I have love in my life. I have it. Then again there are tiny things that brighten me such as a retweet lol.

  36. This post makes me happy! I was kind of sad today, trying to find work does that to you sometimes. You made me think of all the reasons I have to be happy! It was priceless!
    I have a wonderful husband, the sweetest kitties, time for gardening this year (which I love!), a home I love, and so on. Thanks!!! :)

  37. A long hot bubble bath makes me happy! A couple on your list really spoke to me - sleep (until I had kids I never knew how valuable sleep could be!) and having someone who thinks you are special (sometimes I find myself thinking how lucky I am to have this and I need to remember not to take it for granted). What a great read :)

  38. Lovely wise words Lucy, have had some late nights and some early nights recently and I know which makes me feel happy!


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