Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Tired, but happy...

I am so bloody tired.

I am not sleeping well. (I am half way through my dental work and I still have toothache.)

I am exhausted.

So tired that I fell asleep for a minute or two whilst the dentist was assaulting my mouth. That is a mark of how very knackered I am - I can snooze, despite a dull ache, the drill, and the noise of the suction thingo.

But I when I went to pick the kids up from school, Olivia was on the school lawns, turning cartwheels in the grass. She is a thing of happy beauty. Red hair flying, cherry blossom trees popping bud alongside her, watching a joyful abandon of cartwheels. Her pink cheeks glowing, her grin radiant, her limbs fluid and relaxed.

And I ran tonight, and I ran well.

And then I curled up and snoozed again, with lovely husband and I on the couch, together.

Tired? Yes, yes I am.

Happy? Yes. Yes, I think I am.

If I just focus on me, on my family and on what is going on in my world right now, I can be happy.

Tired, but happy.


  1. Beautiful imagery your gorgeous happy cartwheeler. Ge some sleep, ok. Big hugs. xo

  2. Honestly, those dentist thrones are sleep inducing.

  3. Hi Lucy..sounds like you've got your heart in the right place..just need some more rest! Sleep well tonight.

  4. Lovely post! I love the image. Clearly your daughter gets her happy disposition from someone ;-)

  5. Tired but happy, sometimes that's right where we need to be. Glad to hear you ran. I went to the gym on auto pilot last night. Sometimes we just have to push that little bit to get there. Spring is coming. Oh yes, I'm holding that thought to get me through the next month. xx

  6. Tired but happy is still a very nice place to be. Pop a Berocca and see if it helps :).

  7. Hope that you enjoyed your lovely dozy feelings but that a good stretch of sleep comes next.

  8. Sorry to hear that you are so tired, hope you manage to get a good nights sleep soon. Beautiful imagery of your girl doing cartwheels - gorgeous! (wish I could still do cartwheels:)

  9. Anything dental spells pain. I hope you can grin and bare it. You will be even more spectacular when you are done. Keep that motivating image as you suck up the ouch! Sending hugs x

  10. Beautifully put Lucy. If I just focus on myself and my family right now I am definitely happy.
    It's just all the other stuff!
    (And tired is an understatement LOL)


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