Sunday, 24 July 2011

Mission accomplished...

For anyone who read this post back here may have sensed my slight levels of frustration at the process of encouraging my daughter, Olivia, to ride her bike without training wheels.

For a large part of the holidays it has been a focus.

We have used the street, the back yard, the oval, the tennis court.

We have worn jeans, trackies, a skirt, with a variety of different shoes, all in the name of "what's best for the bike?"

We have had hair up, hair loose, seats raised, seats lowered, all in the search for the best bike riding lucky combination.

And we finally have had success.

If I tell you I was nearly at the point of bribing someone with a thousand bucks to get her to ride the bike without training wheels do not be surprised.

But, like most things in life, it just took a little time.

And she did it. Eventually.

And I made a little movie of it for posterity.

And if you think this small two minute clip is tedious to watch (with entertaining cameo appearances from Charlie and Lexie) imagine how tedious it was be the parent holding the back of the saddle for a two weeks...


  1. Good for you - both of you!! My big brother taught me (forced me?) into learning how to ride my bike on the spare block across the road. I resented him at the time, but it quickly dissolved once I got the hang of it. So amazing knowing how to ride! What a great gift to your little lady. x

  2. Oh, well done Lucy and Livvy!! Excellent timing too - just in time to watch the last stage of Le Tour! (or not - can I say how grateful I am that it's over? I love bikes and all, but three weeks of keeping hubby company in the wee small hours have taken their toll somewhat...)

  3. Well done Lucy and Olivia, I'm glad you got there :)

  4. We ll done Olivia and Lucy. It's always an achievement .

  5. Wooooooo, go Livvy!!!!!

    And I adore all three, I loved the cuddle at the end :)

  6. Hi Lucy..very interesting that it really just took a little injection of 'patience & perseverance'.. a very old fashioned remedy!

  7. Well done! My nearly 6 year old refuses to even try. What are your tips for success?

  8. Oh that is fantastic and just gorgeous!

  9. Great to see the moment preserved for posterity! Each child really does things at their own pace, don't they? And some things that I think will be tricky turn out not to be and others are. Good to hear of the wobble-free biking at last.


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