Friday, 22 July 2011

Measuring, Measuring...

Confession time.

As most of you know, I keep the scales in the garage, hidden from view.

I get too hung up on the day to day number on the scales, and it shits me.

For ages and ages I have managed a pattern of weight loss that is lose, maintain, lose maintain, lose maintain.

Until now...

For the past few weeks or so I have felt an uncomfortable snugness to my jeans.

I have felt a little fleshier around my chins, and spongier around my hips and bum.

It's been niggling away at my mind.

But I have still managed to avoid the scales...


As part of the school holiday routine, along with haircuts and dental checkups, I also measured the kids heights on their height charts today. They then also wanted to do "measuring" on the Wii Fit balance board. We don't ever discuss diets or weight loss around the kids, but they do see and hear the lovely husband on the Wii Fit enough to know it does "measuring".

They each have their own little Mii character set up's as cute as.

So I added all of their new heights to their profiles, and let them measure and weigh themselves on the Wii.

And with great relief I quietly noticed all three of them were in the "healthy weight range". Charlie is at one end of the range and the Lexie at the other, with Olivia bang on average. Phew.


So, I then took the plunge too. And stepped on for some measuring of my own.

My worst suspicions were indeed founded - I have put on 3kg over the past couple of months.

I am not happy.

I have adjusted my weight loss ticker to show the gain. I don't want it to go backwards!

But, I guess it's just a sign that I need to review my activity, review my intake, and kick the last stage of this weight loss bizzo into touch...


  1. Those three kilos? They're as good as gone now that you've written this, you know that don't you? I've snuck back on two in two months. I say snuck, but really, I go to gym and then I justify it to myself when I eat four slices of toast with strawberry jam. So goodbye three kilos. xx

  2. You and me, Luce. You and me. I was Wii-Fitting every day for months. Measuring and obsessing over the numbers. When I'd been 'maintaining' for a few months, I stopped measuring every day....and I know I've put on a couple as a result. Two or three. It depends on the day. I know it's time for me and the Jam Fancies to part ways...
    So it's you and me, kid. I'm right there with you xxxxx

  3. I get it. I've been avoiding the scales...they might as well be in the garage. Tomorrow I'm going to the gym. Time to start back and lose a few... Thx

  4. Ugh! I am kind of relieved it happens to champion dieters like you too, although bummed for you that you have to face those three kgs again! I am in a disgraceful state but making changes this very week to get back on track. I blame winter (too wet to run, too cold for salad) but really, it is just me I should be looking at huh? Good luck. x

  5. up....down.....up....down....forget to track.....back up again. yep, i know that cycle very well. I also try not to talk too much about dieting and losing weight in front of the kids, especially with a 14 year old girl in the house! I explain it as eating healthier and doing a bit of activity to improve our health. Good luck losing those few kilos. xx

  6. Sounds like I'm in good company, Lucy...the 7kg that have "snuck on" over the past 12 months have to go - it's up to no-one but Me...Good luck! I'll be following your progress and hopefully making some of my own :)

  7. Thanks for sharing! I know you will kick those kilos to the curb in no time!! Anxious about my weigh in tomorrow, only my 2nd one but I want numbers to show me it's been worth it! I really like the idea of a ticker and might create one of my own... hope you don't mind my pinching your idea xox

  8. Hate it when the jeans start to get a little snug. You'll dust 'em off quickly I'm sure! Lovely blog to have found here!

  9. It's winter, and you've done so well already, it's natural to have a bit of setback but you're determined so just keep at it. You're my inspiration :)

  10. me too! I have put off weighing myself for months, but felt the same uncomfortable snugness, and am up 3kg since moving to melbourne. I know that it is winter, but often i do ok in winter because of healthy soups, so it is quite depressing, so I think I need to re-assess. I think I have been indulging in too many sweet treats. I read the book 'Sweet Poison' recently, and the author claims that it is sugar that makes us fat. I am thinking maybe I should just try and go cold turkey. Have you read it?

  11. It seems we all have the same problem! I'm blaming this cold weather hehe :)
    I'm sure you will lose the 3kg pretty quick. :)

  12. Hey Lucy
    It was great reading your post today. I mean, not great about the 3kgs, but that I am not the only one who has replaced lost kilos. My jeans are also feeling tighter and it feels horrible.
    With me It seems to happen at every school holiday. Less care is taken with my eating habits and less time to exercise. Plus it hasn't stopped raining all week.
    So, here I am again, but the difference this time is that I CAN lose those kilos again just like last time.
    Love your blog BTW

  13. I'm in the same boat lovely. Let's kick those kgs together. x

  14. You'll get there, Lucy, you will. A minor setback, but hopefully one you can take on as a motivator. x

  15. You'll do it Lucy, look after yourself as you do. I remember a recent newsletter of Dr A S-S's talking about stored glycogen and water, it's not too hard to lose that sort of extra weight.

    I'm on a bit of a health kick here after my lucky raffle win. Just with a low aim, lose 2 kilos then maintain and I will be reading lots of your blog to help with that maintenance... then maybe boldly try for 2 more to be within my healthy weight range... it's the maintenance that's hardest.

    I'm finding that I really need to give myself space and time to look after myself in this way. When things get too busy (4 kids! aaarrgghhh) I just always overeat... so trying to go slowwwww... Sorry to rabbit on.

    Go Lucy, go easy and go slow and I'll be following.

  16. Thank you for being honest about this Lucy. I'm really working on my fitness at the moment and have been kind of disappointed that the scale's downward trajectory has not been as good as I'd hoped. But I am doing my best and that's what matters. Wishing you all the best xxx

  17. I love how honest you are about this. And it's so inspiring to know that everyone has set backs! Dropping in from FYBF :)


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