Monday, 18 July 2011

Lost and found...(a giveaway)

My children, whilst I adore them more than life itself, have the most slack and annoying approach to their belongings.

It drives me INSANE.

I carefully choose the most gorgeous lunch boxes and drink bottles and colour co-ordinated Tupperware, but despite costing me an arm and a leg, I sense that Olivia and Charlie and Lexie think it's all disposable, because despite my incessant nagging, much of it gets left around the school playground during recess, never to be seen again.

I suspect the cleaners at school have the best stocked Tupperware cupboards in Adelaide, mostly thanks to the careless approach of my children. You can see my need for school labels is high!

Similarly, Charlie and Olivia seem to have an aversion to warm clothes. I force dress them into their school uniform each morning, and then, when they race out of the classroom at the end of the school day, the jacket and jumper have long since been discarded. I am not kidding when I tell you that I once managed to find Charlie's school jumper soaking wet and gritty, half buried in the sandpit.

I can recall my Mother, in her day, painstakingly sewing fabric embroidered school name labels into all our school uniforms. For five children, no less. The very idea of sewing terrifies me, so I am eternally grateful that iron on school labels for uniforms have been invented. (And I iron on the name on the inside of the jacket pockets - just in case some other parent decides that, errmm, appropriating items of uniform is OK. Sneaky, I know...)

We're nearly into the next school term - the term that Lexie starts her "school visits" -  her official introduction to "big school". She is quite beside herself with excitement and is counting down the days until she starts. Kindy has become a little passé, apparently, and she is desperate to join Olivia and Charlie in primary.

No longer will she be able to wear a paint stained fairy frock and sneakers to kindy - she will be in full school uniform like her siblings. And despite misgivings based on past losses, I have, of course, invested in a new lunchbox for Lexie.

Luckily the lovely folk at Brightstar Kids sent me a variety pack of school labels for all of Lexie's new school supplies.

In theory, this means I have a fighting change of recovering all the items that will invariably be lost and forgotten. Named items find their way home eventually. If it has a label on it, I have done my bit. If it has the kids name on it, I hope it stands a chance of being returned. Better safe than sorry...

The School Labels Value Kit contains the iron on clothing labels, as well as every other kind of label you need when they first start - shoes, pencils, lunchboxes can all be labeled beautifully.

I have a Brightstar Kids $50 Gift Voucher to give away, thanks to Brightstar Kids.

All you need to do to be in with a shot of winning this $50 voucher is:

  • Make sure you are following my blog.
  • Tell me what you will spend your $50 voucher on from the gorgeous stuff over at Brightstar Kids
(And think of me next week when Lexie starts her school visits...)

I will choose a winner and announce it next Monday 25th July.
Open to Australian residents only.
I was not paid for this post, but I was sent the school labels as a gift to review.


  1. That's what I love about kids. They haven't learned to fully care about "things" yet.

    A lunch box is simply made to hold things, not to show how cool you are. Clothes are meant to keep you warm, not to show that you are clean and tidy and live a wealthy life.

    Kids care about having fun, connecting, and enjoying life. It isn't until they are around adults for year do they finally begin to connect things with their ego.

    I'm around kids every day because they are constantly pulling me back into losing this high sense of identity that I keep trying to have. I can just be myself around them with no inhibitions on my personality. Okay ranting enough... cool labels!

  2. I {unfortunately} am returning to fulltime work in October and I am yet to organise labels for my girls belongings, for when they go into care. Mainly due to not wanting to face the fact that I have to go back!!!!

    Winning this voucher would make the first step so much easier!!

  3. Hi, I would buy the wall growth charts, I call my three daughters 'time warps' because I feel like I blink and they've shot up a few inches! Need to track their growth :)

  4. Oh, I haven't got to the losing things stage yet... I hate losing things so I can only imagine it's even more frustrating when it's the kids!

    I'd buy the polka dot wall stickers. We had gorgeous wall decals in our old house but they didn't survive the move :( Boys are sleeping in a very stark room!

  5. OMG! Decals! I love decals. And I'm sure I would actually get around to putting the lovely Brightstar decals on my wall. I'm sure of it...

    Mr7 lost his school jumper recently. I checked lost and found every day for a week. And then I simply removed one in the right size that had no name on it. My theory is that the kid who left that one behind has Mr7's. And I will label his jumpers much more obviously next time (permanent texta under the arm is clearly not working).

    So maybe it had better be labels for me after all...

  6. I love the Preschool and Daycare Kit. It is perfect for what I need.

  7. Oh I could go crazy for some of those wall stickers, my only problem would be deciding which ones to get! My Mum used to buy those really cheap takeaway containers for our lunchboxes because she got so sick of us losing them, and now I do the same with hubby! I got so sick of him leaving all of my good containers at work!

  8. So many choices!! I would get for my new addition the Mini Stick on Labels for her and for me I would get the Cord Labels, the Made With Love Labels, the Pantry & Kitchen Labels and the Dot Seal Labels, phew! I could easily spend $50!

  9. I would have to get the pantry and kitchen labels. I have tried to use pretty stickers with my own handwriting but my handwriting is horrible. (I blame the internet).
    and how genius are those cabel labels? I need those too.
    My son buried his sock in the sandpit at kinder never to be seen again. Maybe I need mini tags clothing label set too.

  10. and of course by "cabel" I meant cable.

  11. I've got 4 little boys and next year begins the rollercoaster of kindy/school. Having a stash of labels ready to begin the pre-kindy prep will make me feel a tiny bit organised, and leave me with more money in the budget to stock up on the tissues and hankies I'm sure to need. My babies are growing up too fast waaaaaaaah!

  12. I'm following!
    I am loving the gorgeous Chalkboard Ladybug Wall Sticker! I'd get that for myself for the kitchen, and get my son some learn to type labels as he's enamoured with the computer and use the rest on name labels, in particular the Rocket Ship design. Blast off!

  13. I love Bright stars . With two starting kindy I am going to spend a small fortune fitting them out and labeling everything so we have no mix ups with shorts,shirts, shoes and all the school shizel.
    I'd buy the bag tags, stick on name labels and clothing labels and shoe labels ( two pairs of school shoes the same size and no labels = two left feet or two right feet.)

  14. I love the shoe labels- great for if my little boy misplaces his shoes or for him to identify his own if he is unsure at daycare.

  15. Would love the preschool and daycare packs. Oh maybe the wall art. Oh it all looks great

  16. Do these stick on Tupperware? The ones I have do not and it has been really annoying. FOrtunately Nugget is pretty good at keeping his gear together, however, Doo Dah starts school next year so that will clear out my plastic stash in a week! I would definitely go for labels x

  17. Missing lunchboxes the bane of my existence.
    I'm sure there is a lunchbox gremlin that lurks around the school yard and/or they get transported and 'lost' at my step daughters' Mum's house! LOL Actually received a bag full of tupperware back from her these holidays so stocks are back up....for now!
    I would definitely opt for the school labels kit. And LOVE iron labels!

  18. I like Anthony's comment and I sometimes catch myself and remind myself of that when wondering why they don't respect their things enough...drives me mad but then I remember that they're kids and the things are just things, and my kids do respect other kids and adults and animals, and that's my main goal.
    BUT, that said, it never stops driving me mad, even with that little voice in my head trying to reason with me. I've never seen this site before and I love the stuff. Especially the daycare and preschool pack. With one starting Yr1 next year (and needing all his own pencils for the first time!) and another starting kindy, I may just be needing to become a 'real mum', all grownup, like my mum, was and spend the last week of summer hols labelling everything!!

  19. The chalkboard wall stickers are fabulous a few of those for the kids should keep the colouring off the walls.

  20. My baby, the oldest of 4, is heading off to high school next year. A brand new set of uniforms and apparently it is not 'cool' to have mum write on your clothes anymore! So i think i'd use the voucher to buy a School Labels Value Kit for him, one that he can choose the colour, font, icon etc of himself so mum can't be told she is 'uncool' yet again!
    The remaining would have to go on labels for my youngest who will be heading off to preschool for the first time next year. The same preschool that i have already lost several lunch boxes, clothing items, drink bottles and even a sheet and blanket set! with Mr 3 before we were given some labels for him as a present.

  21. I love the look of the 'camp stickers' pack. It has everything I'd need to keep things in check here. Probably should've invested in some before now...girl child came home yesterday having lost her school jumper.

  22. My little lady starts "big school" next year too, so I would stock up on labels for school stuff!

  23. Perfect! Charlotte is about to start going to child care, this is just what we need. Everything needs to be labelled and these look cute. Thanks.

  24. I would love to purchase the tiny pencil labels. As a school teacher, I am constantly handing out my pencils, pens, and textas to children who have lost their own. Then, by the end of the lesson, they've also lost my stationery! It drives my crazy! Perhaps some bright labels with my name on it will stop everything disappearing! Thanks for another fantastic giveaway! XO


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