Monday, 11 February 2013

Karma? A love story...

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Once upon a time, there was a girl. She was just 23 years old. She was in the depths of grief. And upon her return to work - in a restaurant - from a funeral, she met him. The "one"?

Leaning in the frame of a doorway, tall, broad, with the most intense of eyes, she fell.

He knew, and she knew.

Just one look and she knew that here was the one, the character, who could take away all her pain.

He was older. Assured. Confident (Arrogant?)

His voice and its undertones held her heart and caressed it.

His eyes were the darkest navy blue and they held hers and locked her in.

His hands were broad, and capable, and they stilled her. He was lean, long haired and undeniably sexy.

From that instant it was a given that they would be together. No words required. He presumed, she just knew.

Within days they moved in together, and for the first time in months, the pain of grief was not the dominant emotion. Lust and love were. As he circled his arms around her, as she nestled into his chest night after night, she found a calm and a safe harbour of bliss. Love?

So much anticipation. So much clarity and thrill at every move and every exchange.

They worked together and fell harder. Loved harder.

He was supremely capable and talented. Temper and passion. A heady and attractive mix. His charisma was legendary.

She was a leader and she thrived. Her energy crackled and she draw the very best from everyone around her.

Quite simply, they turned heads.


Until he cheated.

And then lied.

Savage denials to simply save face and buy time until he married. Yes, married. Another.

And her naivety at his ongoing affairs and lies and misdemeanors became apparent.

The grief this time was different. Not death, but betrayal. Raw heartbreak and shock. Humiliating heartbreak.

She did not eat for weeks. She worked, head down, pain suppressed, pride over-riding. Until she left.

"I am leaving you, leaving this place, leaving this country."

The pain of loss, of lost love, was revolting. Memories too jarring, to sad to recall or contemplate. Promiscuity in two countries did not salve the pain. She still thought of him too often. The hopeless sadness of being apart from him took longer than they time of love they had enjoyed. How can the pain of lost love be so disproportionate? How unfair.

In time, a long time, her resilience won. He was an echo in her past. A high that resulted in a deep low. That eventually returned to a sane equilibrium.

Over the years, she wondered about him, quietly and illicitly.

She dreamt of him at night. Tremulous complicated dreams that were filled with anticipation and hope. Hopes that were, as in reality, wasted.

And she searched for him. Not often. But enough. Enough to keep tabs. Online searches.

And she tasted the sour taste of resentment as she read of his fame, his accolades, his success, his partnership with his wife. She saw him, on TV, by accident, on occasion, and was ashamed at how her pulse still quickened at his voice.

An embargo was set. No more prodding at the rotten tooth. No more searching.

And, eventually, she was at a resigned peace.

Twenty years later, children later, blogs later, states later, on a random search for a particular hotel, his name and face popped up again.

She smirked in delight. Older. Greyer, with less hair. A broader girth. Tired. His charisma had entirely faded. In the images of him, and in his aura and in his appeal: all that dynamic attraction was gone.

She studied photos. Those fingers, those hands that had touched her. They no longer had any power.

She followed the breadcrumbs.

Separated. Bankrupt. Shamed.

Running scared. Tail between his legs, alone.

Karmic revenge is a powerful and gratifying occurrence.

He told me once that "what goes around comes around. We may not witness it, but truth and karma will out. Rest assured, people get what they deserve."

They do. They really do get what they deserve.


  1. all I can say is WOW! Beautiful! New reader and I will be back.

  2. Oh mate! The love and the loss. A beautifully told story. Such heartbreak and then the sweetness of karma. I hope it puts it in perspective for you x

  3. Great. Great. Great. You are fearless and eloquent. Thanks for sharing. It was wonderful. I was riveted.

    I do believe that we reap what we sow. Such is the way the world works. But then, that's a little irrelevant really, isn't it. ;)

  4. I was captivated too. I really believe in this, in karma, I think you get what you give.

    And bloody online searches, hey? We can find both pleasing and devastating news to lure us in, love that concept of following the bread crumbs.


  5. Do you really think so Lucy? I'd like to believe it but I'm not sure it always works that way. I'm glad it did for you, it takes away the pain.

  6. beautifully written. It amazing how the people in our live from way back can still have a voice in our present minds. I'm glad satisfaction was granted to the main character.

  7. Wow Lucy, this is powerful. Having just come from an awful court meeting, awful, this is what I needed to read. I believe in karma. I only hope it doesn't take lifetimes to play out in this case...

  8. This is incredibly powerful and thought provoking. Thank you for sharing your words.

  9. Gorgeous Lucy - and i feel you on the betrayal being just as hurtful ( if not more so ) than the grief from a death.

    What is also nice about people getting what they give? The smug satisfaction that you get in knowing theyre finally suffering the way they made you suffer... Schadenfreude, i think its called.

  10. Beautiful, well writtens story Lucy! Karma is one of those funny things...

  11. You my friend are a girl after my own heart. They say Karma is a bitch, but she has been my best friend through the years. I know through my own searches that she has served my past well, and I've made peace with myself just recently knowing that fact. xx

  12. and you didn't need to do anything. Such satisfaction.

  13. I love the way you wrote this Lucy. And the ending, what satisfaction. I like to think I'm not holding onto "stuff" but secretly I am hoping Karma is on my side too ;) xx

  14. Lucy - what you put out there will come back to you ten-fold...your energy, enthusiasm and love for life has seen you through. That's why you have found your contented place and he is where he is...Karma...;)

  15. Lucy, all I can say is this is simply breathtaking! You had me hanging on your every word, as if I was reading straight from the pages of a best seller.

    Karma is a constant presence I both revere and fear. It makes the world turn. Glad you got to see yours come full circle xx

  16. Yay for karma! Still waiting for mine...

  17. Bugger the karma. I want names. ;P

  18. You are such an amazing story teller you always get me hooked! I'm a firm believer that Karma will always come back and bite.

  19. Love it. Great story. I'm glad to see he got what he deserved.

  20. Ah, nothing like a bit of karma. It is a shame there was so much pain & sadness to get through first. Beautifully written xx

  21. Wow - that's quite a story. Karma is never quick, but she does get their in the end...

    Visiting via the Rewind.

  22. THERE. THERE. I can't believe I wrote their... Sob.

  23. What a story teller you are. I was riveted. It made me think of your powerful Speak Out post though I can't tell if these are one and the same man. It doesn't matter either way. What matters is that the woman/you made it out to the other side and are better for it. Visiting via the rewind.

  24. I read this post when I was on hols and it was just as powerful the second time. It hurt to much to read it because your beautiful writing meant I felt every moment of that painful deception. Why why why?!?!

    Karma, huh? You think it really works? At least it does sometimes!!! x

  25. i think karma is great....

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  27. It is really a beautiful story, I wouldn't get tired going over and over again with this.

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