Sunday, 17 July 2011

The bliss of a good nights sleep...

I have posted about sleep before.

I am so used to presuming that I will never get enough sleep, that the very thing that has eluded me is suddenly upon me.

Sleep has crept up & quietly surprised me.

It is more than a few weeks now since I had a small child interrupt my night, my dreams.

It is eight years since I was pregnant with my eldest daughter Olivia.

In those eight years, I do not think I have had a full nights sleep.

Olivia slept through the night by four months old, and so did Charlie and Lexie.

They are generally "good sleepers" and always have been. Thank you thank you thank you.

But they have still all disturbed my nights with tedious and predictable regularity over the past eight years.

They are children close together, so, no soon as one got over teething then another had an ear infection. Or one went through a stage of nightmares, whilst another was a midnight sleepwalker.

Our bed has always been open to them, and this has maybe encouraged the nighttime wanderings.

But recently, just over the past few weeks, I have realised - they go to bed at night happily. And all three of them stay in their beds until morning. No disturbings. At all.

I have been, as a result of having these lovely little people in my world, become a light sleeper. I have an ear attuned for them automatically.

But even that trait, that innate sense of mother awareness has shifted and calmed.

Even I have been sleeping through the night.

Ahhhh, the bliss, the utter utter bliss of full nights of unbroken sleep...all joining up together, restoring me at last...


  1. Yes! Kids growing up, learning how to be mature.. you are getting a little bit of your own privacy back!

  2. So glad you got a lovely sleep... but so jealous! Is it really going to take eight years?! I suppose I'd better get used to it... Thank goodness for coffee!

  3. I was so torn reading this beautifully written post. While being so happy for you, the devil on my shoulder kept whispering "shit, is it really going to take another five years for my son to sort himself out?!" :)

    Enjoy your nourishing, well deserved rest xx

  4. I too am nearing this can't be long, surely I will get more rest soon. I really believe that having our bed open to them helps get a nights sleep. The eldest just walks in if she has a nighmare or wakes for something, she doesn't cry out or yell, just jumps in, tells us the issue and is back to sleep in minutes. I dont mind this as at least I barely wake , the baby doesn't wake and the household pretty much sleeps through. Phew!

  5. I can't live without a good night's sleep, i don't know how you've done it! This week I have been foul due to poor fiancee and his sinus issues. It's something I worry about when mummy-time happens to me!

  6. I hear you loud and clear, lol! I have a theory that I've shared with every new parent and that's to stop expecting that you'll get uninterupted sleep until your youngest is at least 4, lol! That way the expectations are in the right hemisphere so when it happens, it just creeps up on us an is an unexpected delight rather than a wistful longing for the way we were ;)

  7. Before kids you just dont realise how important sleep can be.
    And then all of a sudden it's gone.
    But isnt it wonderful when it returns - life just seems easier with a good nights sleep!

  8. All those little squares of sleep knitting together to make a heavy, warm blanket of sleep. Bliss! Enjoy. x

  9. A full nights sleep = bliss. But once this happens then you start to long for the sleep ins ;)

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