Tuesday, 28 June 2011

The penny drops...

My lovely husband has been a lean and slim individual his whole life. Lucky bastard.

In all of the photos that I have seen of him as a boy, he is small, slim and wiry.

As a teen he grew into a active and fit young man without an ounce of body fat.

When he and I met, in our twenties, he was muscular and lithe and fit. Lean.

In the entire time I have known him he has never changed the size of his pants; nor has he ever bothered to weigh himself on a regular basis.

For his whole forty plus years he has been a picture of health and metabolic perfection.

In all the time we have lived and loved together, he has been able to eat and and drink whatever he likes and never feel the effects of an expanding waistline. (And I am not kidding when I tell you that his "breakfast of champions" would be a chocolate donut and a toasted ham and cheese sarnie and a can of coke at 11am...bless him...)

He has always taken a great deal of incidental exercise and has played cricket with a passion. He is a natural and gifted athlete.

He has always supported me totally in my weight loss attempts. I think he has, at times, struggled to understand it, but he has unreservedly given me time and encouragement every single step of the way. (I probably can never thank him enough for his support actually - I have never felt pressured into losing weight at all. His support is a mark of the man his is, and how kind he is to me...)

He has listened to me ramble on about weight loss and exercise a lot; and whilst I think he has always sensed how hard it has been for me, at times, I suspect, in his head, he may have been thinking, like metabolically charmed people do: "Surely it's not that hard? Just stop eating chocolate and you'll lose weight? Just go for a quick jog and the kilos will disappear?"

Anyway, recently, since our Wii has been mended , the Wii Fit has seen some activity.

My lovely husband has been lured by the call of the balance board, to weigh himself.

It tells him he is "overweight". (I hasten to add here, he doesn't look it at all, but I sense he has felt a shift in his normally very fast metabolism and perhaps some thickening around the waist?)

Straight away, affronted by this, he takes steps to lose weight.

An exercise regime of Couch to 5kms is initiated and completed; and he cuts out the beers from his lunchtime menu.

He had taken to eating a muesli bar in the car for brekky, and having apples at his desk to snack on. He has been religiously utilising the Wii Fit for muscle and strength workouts and has invested in a fancy stationary bike on which he races intervals.

Evening meals are eaten earlier, and are smaller in portion. He has been requesting a lot more salads.

He has reduced the amount of coffee he drinks, and guzzles water and herbal tea.

And he is committed too. He has finished the Couch to 5kms program, and looks fitter than he has in a while. He has weighed himself consistently over a six week period. I am inordinately proud of him.

He was showing me his results this morning.

He is still termed as 'overweight'. He has fluctuated a bit, and over time, lost about 2kg.

He put his head to one side and said "I don't understand it. It's actually quite hard to shift weight, isn't it? All this effort and all this exercise, and eating healthily, and all I've lost is 2kg..."

No shit Sherlock.

My darling man, welcome, to my world...

All joking aside, his reaction to how tricky it can be to lose weight is a great prompt for me to really step our mutual weight loss efforts up a notch...


  1. That is classic in the best possible sense! Not great that he has faced that disappointment that so many of us women have faced for years on end, but the realisation of everything YOU have talked about over the years.

    Honestly, based on what you wrote about all of his changes, I am quite surprised at his results, too. Wishing you both much more success in the days/weeks/months/years ahead!!

  2. Oh COME ON, where's the pictures for this whole story?

  3. Being totally honest, in our house it is the other way round. I am the one who never really had to put in any effort. I was genetically built that way. But 40 is fast approaching and things have got a little slower.
    I don't want to lose weight really, just maintain where I am. Now, in my 20's and early 30's that was as easy as saying the words, even when I gained half my body weight with each pregnancy. Now I have to work at it. Hard. I can see my Hubby looking at me and thinking well duh! Welcome to my world!

  4. Oh bless your darling hubby. Tell him I said well done for his effort! Sadly I think a lot of guys aren't concerned by the health effects of putting on weight, they seem to leave it to us to worry about our health and fitness and not their own. My darling hubby to be is very fit and active through his work, his golf obsession, and running. (thanks to me getting him on the couch to 5k!) I know you feel the same way as I do about healthy families, and I think the more that the kids can see Mum and Dad taking care of themselves (and that means Dad eating salads too!!), the better life they will have. xx

  5. I have always been a bit like your husband. Could eat what I like. Got through my pregnancies with no leftover weight gain and until the last year or so was still the same size as I was as a teenager.

    Then something happened (ie I hit my mid 30s and had to have knee surgery so much less active for a while) and all of a sudden it wasn't that easy. Like your husband I immediately took remedial action and was disappointed with the rate at which any results occur.... What goes on easily comes off so s-l-o-w-l-y. It is a very good lesson in the fact that your whole life style has to change to lose weight and maintain that loss. The other thing I have realised (and it was a sad day) was that those one or two glasses of wine at night whack the weight on super quickly.

    I admire you so much Lucy for what you have achieved - I love your story. (and your blog)

  6. It's not really a club we wish entry on anyone, is it!? The dream is always to NOT HAVE TO WORRY! Because, let's face it, regardless of metabolism, etc the Not Have To Worriers have really good, healthy habits that they don't even think about. That's the key really. xxx

  7. Hi Lucy,

    My hubby is a skinny beanpole who needed to put on some weight and has done a wee bit, but I wonder if one day he will ever have to worry. I think for me and maybe for your hubs, it's just the getting older thing.

    And also I wonder if as kids get older we are less physically active with them (no more carrying etc) and don't realise it?

    Good luck to him anyway... it's a cool club to be in.

  8. Bless his little cotton socks! My Mr was alarmed with how easily I lost weight post Bebito (that's what worry, stress, no sleep, incessant breastfeeding and a lack of you know, food do to me apparently). Until then I'd had an extra 20kg on me for a number of years that was SO hard to shift it was silly. He then went on a "health and exercise kick" in hope of equally as quick results but alas didn't get them & complained bitterly to the point where he gave up quite quickly. Wouldn't it be fab if it were much easier?

  9. Bahaha - sorry but i had to have a laugh! Bless his little cotton socks... it s nice that he's never had to worry about losing weight until now but its not exactly like " The Biggest Loser " is it?

  10. oh this is a great post Lucy! My hubby is a a bit like yours in the commitment area, although a few times since our 11 years together he has stacked on the weight. the thing i admire though, is once he has a goal to loose some, he doesn't let anything stop him! Not even enticement from me when i bake up a storm (i know, terrible aren't i!) But i think now, your hubby can appreciate what people go through on a weight loss journey.

  11. Oh Lucy, he really does sound like a gorgeous man. And what a great example the two of you would be setting for your sprogs. My boy got on the Wii (being a lean, mean cycling machine that he is!) and also got told he was "overweight"!! You've never seen a man jump on the salad bandwagon so fast. Thanks for the giggle, sweetheart!! xxxxxx

  12. Two thoughts. Firstly that he should not let the scales on the Wii tell him how he should feel about himself. But secondly, it sounds like he's making some great changes to his lifestyle that are really positive anyway - and being able to share that (at last!!) must be really nice :-)

  13. I am kind of happy to hear this because you know what men are often like? They think about dieting and the weight drops off! It sounds like he has put a great fitness program into action and it will only be a matter of time. You two are great for each other x

  14. Good for you guys!

    My husband is 42 and is naturally lean - just as you described in the beginning of your post. He is crazy active and doesn't understand my...relaxed ways.

  15. Uh huh! This is why when my sister was putting on weight quiet rapidly I had a quiet word that went along the lines of reign it in. Don't let it get past 10 or 15kg or you'll never come back from that... Trust me. I'm here. Sigh. Thank god she took it as it was intended. But people don't get it. Until they do. you know.

    Sorry Hubs, welcome fatty. :oP {HAHAHA}

  16. This is something we're working on together in my house as well. And I know we'll both feel and look better because of it. Hard work though hey?


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