Sunday, 12 June 2011


Whenever I generally think about things that are anonymous, it tends to be anonymous comments or anonymous leaks or letters. Spies. Covert. Secretive.

It's also generally considered to be a blanket term for members of internet subcultures: a way to refer to the actions of people in an environment where their actual identities are not known.

It has become increasingly associated with collaborative actions, often with the goal of promoting freedom of speech...

So, when I was presented with a book written anonymously by three Mums, called "Anonymums", I was torn.

What on earth could three Mums be writing about that meant that their real identities needed to be hidden?

Was the anonymous bit just a clever marketing rouse, to get me guessing?

Would it actually be really obvious to me who the three Mums (Mum A, Mum B and Mum C) were? Would I be able to pick it through their writing? Were they bloggers I knew, these Anonymums?

If these three anonymous contributors knew me (through my blog and via Twitter and perhaps real life too), why could I not be privy to who THEY were?

If they had ideas and concepts and experiences and truths that were compelling enough to get published, why not attribute their real identities to the work, to the tales, to the dares and to the opinions?

And in this era I find myself in, where seemingly every blogger and her dog is an "emerging writer", surely Mum A, Mum B and Mum C would  clamour to "come out" and be shown, to claim their day in the sun? Surely all published authors want a little bit of fame to go along with the publishing deal? (Or is that just me?!)

Some lovely ladies who I have met in real life and I were discussing this Anonymums book. It seems that one or two of them suspected me of being one of either Mum A, Mum B and Mum C. Not so, but I can understand why they may have wondered this. I too spent a lot of time in between chapters wondering intensely which Mum was who. Some details match so closely to a number of talented bloggers that I know, that it made the read a constant guessing game. (And I am still wondering.)

And the book itself? Oh my. What a surprise.

It was not what I expected at all. I anticipated girlish dares and typical Mummy blog humour. Which is great and all, but not what I got.

What I read was the truth from three different women on how sometimes being a wife and mother means you lose yourself, and how achingly sad and frustrating that can be. And in turn, these women share how they got back on track a little, through the act of some truths and dares.

It is a remarkably simple concept, and one that is executed well.

My only real criticism of this book? It's too short. I wanted more truths, more dares.

If you have ever felt tethered by your family, or guilty for feeling like a friend not a lover,  this book is must read.

If you have ever bickered over the divide of domestic chores, this book is for you.

If have have ever harboured fantasies of an affair, or lusted after a new red lipstick, you'll love this book.

If you have ever wanted to vent or felt guilty over being judgemental, this book will resonate with you.

If you have ever felt like being a parent has meant that you have lost some of yourself, this book will give you renewed hope.

I have a copy of the book to giveaway. All you need to do to be in with a shot of getting your hands on a freebie is to make sure you are following my blog, and  leave me a comment, telling me the best dare you've ever completed. 

For a podcast interview with MumA, by the Sydney Writers Centre, just have a listen here.

I shall pick a winner this time next week, so entries close Monday 20th June. Open to all readers - I am happy to post internationally.

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  1. I have been meaning to get my hands on a copy of this book! If I win it, I can use the money I would have spent on it, on a new lip gloss ;)

  2. First, excellent review. Can't WAIT to get my hands on this book.

    My favourite dare was to kiss Vlasko Simic in a spin the bottle when I was far too young to be kissing anyone let alone spinning bottles. But he was cute and let me kiss his cheek and I was in seventh heaven for, at an estimate, around 2 years :)

    (I'm hoping leaving a comment here is going to top that dare ;-)).

  3. Haha Tina!

    I am so hardcore, that the most deviant dare I have completed was a knock & run as a teen.

    winning this book would give me an excuse to get back into reading grown up books, not just Hairy Mclairy.

  4. Great review, Lucy! My biggest dare was when a whole bunch of us wagged school back in Poland, maybe it was Grade 6? We went to the park and had ice cream! It was a group walk out!

  5. I've so been wanting to read this book!
    The biggest dare I ever completed wasn't really a dare as such, more like someone said I couldn't do it so I did.
    Year 8 shotput and discus champion right here. And Sasha Taylor said I couldn't beat her ;)

  6. The best dare I every completed is marrying my husband. His mother dislikes me and dared me to marry i did!!!

  7. Wow! I can see why you are intrigued and why you would want more!

    Ok the best dare I ever completed was sneeking out of a convent at night (on a reflection catholic girls school trip), strip down to my undies and bra in sub zero temperature and have a very holy photo inside a grotto next to the virgin Mary.

    On a couple of photos of this image exist and they are under lock and key!

  8. That sounds like something i'd like to read...
    My biggest dare? Its a bit tame but a girlfriend and i were dared to run into the mens toilets on a hens night. We held hands, ran in, had a look at all the willies and the suprised men, and ran out giggling!

  9. hmm, let me think of one. for now, i'm enjoying the comments. *wink*

  10. Love this post, Lucy! Totally agree.
    My greatest dare was to be an active “wingman” for my SIL to procure her the cute guy she had her eye on in a nightclub. With my best (dutch courage) “come hither” look I managed to catch his attention and succeeded in convincing him that she was the gal for him!
    I won the dare and I have to say, living vicariously through someone else’s love life left this long time married mummy with a little thrill, hehe ;)

    Signed un-anonymously, Sonya (hehe)

  11. The biggest dare i ever got was the one life threw at me when i found out i was pregnant at 17.

  12. This book sounds like a must read for me! I'm intrigued. I have never been good at dares, and always chose truth when we played 'truth or dare' growing up. Though I will always remember the dare given to a boy in Grade Five to kiss me outside the library. He waited until I was just about to walk through the door, jumped in front of me and kissed me on the cheek. We were boyfriend and girlfriend (on again/off again) from then right through High School, and remain good friends to this very day.

  13. This book sounds great! Thanks for the review.

  14. Hi Lucy
    Sounds like a fascinating book. Would love to win.

    My greatest dare happens every day as we raise our lovely son, The Batsman, who, as you know, has autism.

    Every day it's my aim to dare to dream about what's possible for him, tomorrow, next week, next year, as a grown man.

    Hope all's ok in your world xx

  15. I am intrigued by this book and would love a copy. I am already desperate to know who these mums are!

  16. What a great concept for a book! I love the anonymous idea ...
    For the life of me I cannot think of a dare. Honestly. Am I really that boring that I have never done a dare? I am sure I must have ... I have done some very risky things, but I don't know if I was actually "dared" to do it .... although I am getting a visual of hurtling down hill in an out of control shopping trolley one frosty uni evening ...

  17. My best dare was one I dared myself to do... It's kinda long so I'll try to shorten. Was living in Moscow working as a nanny for very wealthy family. They'd gone on holiday and I was home alone. Went out drinking with some friends. Came home to locked 3 metre gate and security nowhere to be seen. Not sure what to do in the middle of nowhere in the middle of the night, in short skirt and 4 inch platform knee-high boots (ok fashion for Moscow circa 1997)... What is a girl to do? I looked up and dared myself to...hitch up skirt, chuck handbag over fence, scale fence using tiny screws as footholds, hoping to god police don't choose that exact moment to check on house, teeter on top trying to find footing, plop down on the other side, scream at security guard in Russian and in English to wake from drunken coma, get let into house and collapse on floor laughing imagining security guard looking at footage of cctv trying to work out how crazy 19 y-o Aussie got in...

  18. sounds like a good read. best dare, more recently a fun run, I was dared to bungee jump in my youth which I did.

  19. this book sounds like such a MUST read. My 2 dares in my life have been to wag the athletics carnival about Year 9 or 10 & go to the shops instead,and to go bungee jumping. I will never bungee jump again!

  20. The best dares always come from myself! And my top was when I dared myself to sell all my stuff and move to London (from the west coast of the US) with just $2500 and no work visa. I learned the most important lessons of my life...and had a brilliant time, to boot!

  21. I would love to read Anonymums but I am so much more a truth girl than one to take a dare and I just can't think of anything daring that I have done! Boring, huh!

  22. After watching the movie 'Up' my best girlfriend, also a mother of little kids dared me to interupt a conversation mid sentence i was having with someone sometime in the next week with "squirrel" - perfomed as one of the dogs from the movie, sharp head turn staring away into the distance. I did it and was the best laugh i've had for ages!!!

  23. The book sounds great. Biggest dare would have to involve Alcohol and the Sheraton in noosa. On a holiday in my early 20's staying at a backpackers, my girlfriends dared me to jump the fence and go for a swim in the gorgeous Sheraton pool in my underwear! I did it, and my friends came to join me just as the security guard arrived to escort me out! This post has reminded me of the carefree life I used to lead - kids, hubby, career - am going to try to bring a little bit more dare into my life!

  24. wow this sounds like a pretty amazing book! the biggest dare i've done was probably having a party when i was 16 and my folks had left me at home coz i said i'd be responsible. lucky i was a good at cleaning up all the evidence!

  25. My biggest dare was to start a blog. My best friend said, go on! My usual response was "not enough time, too many babies". But I did it, and I'm so very glad I did. When I first hit publish, it was like stripping down to my underwear and getting on a bus. Liberating and terrifying all at once!
    I really want to read this book! It was already on 'the list', but now I'm completely intrigued.
    Captivating review, Lucy.

  26. Oooo I would so love a copy of this book! The best dare I ever did? I was 16. My friend dares me to ask this cute boy to the ball. I do it. We go together. I marry him. Xxxx

  27. Oh gosh, reading all these dares has really made me realise how wild & fun my teen years were (not drinking or boys, just seriously good fun). Now my children are starting high school i can laugh at their potential, innocent fun - oh the things we used to do!!

    For me, oh, biggest dare, possibly a life long one still going - eloping with my husband - considered a child bride. We're now in our 15th year of marriage with 4 awesome children. They don't know this dare my husband set me, yet!! It's still a secret as we did an official wedding 6 months later, only we got our dream wedding - just us!! Love Posie

  28. My partenre dared me to leave him, pretty easy decision for me. I packed up my kid's and left. I've never looked back or been happier in my life.

  29. We were heading out to the airport to pick up a friend late one winter's night. My crazy cousin dared me to wear my big Tiger slippers so I did, least my feet kept warm.

  30. Great review, would love to get my hands on this book!
    I was dared to throw eggs at some neighbours houses and I did it, but they did catch up to me and I got into trouble, lol

  31. That book sounds fab. My biggest dare..I was 11 and dared to sneak out of the house at 3am to meet my friends on the green for a midnight feast (I think we had been reading too many Malory Towers books by Enid Blyton). I did it but we only stayed out for a few minutes as we were petrified!

  32. I want me a copy of this book! :)
    My biggest dare was to give a guy who 'wasn't my type' a go. 11 year on and Mr 'not my type' and I have two children and are getting ready to tie the know in 5 weeks time! That dare paid off!

  33. I have been so eager to read this I really hope i win please!!! Would love it for my 40th bday pressie So love a fabulous read on a cold winters nights ,curled up by the fire place:-) Great:-)

  34. Driving at night completely in the nude for an hour :D


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