Monday, 20 June 2011

And, stretch...

Source: via Lucy on Pinterest

Monday mornings.
I work out at 6am. Every. Single. Monday.Morning. Without. Fail.
The winter air is freezing, literally, at 5am, when I wake up and sip my coffee.
It is so tempting to curl back into my husbands back and snooze for another two hours.
But the coffee and the blogging before I creep out of the house at 6am is just enough of an incentive.
And at the other end of my workout - the incentive is the stretch at the end.
At 6.55am, when, over the last beats of loud music, someone calls "And......stretch..."
That is my bliss point.
It's during a stretch, when pleasure and pain combine, that I exhale, relived to be done, relived to have stirred at 5am, relived to have worked hard for nearly an hour, relieved to release those hormones. Relieved to have created a good start to the week.
The weekend sins absolved, a week of promise ahead.
Tell me, how you start your week?


  1. Working out is ALWAYS better than not. I just force myself to move my legs. GOTTA BE TOUGH.

  2. liking the sound of how you start the day.... getting those endorphins kicking has got to be a good thing. and its inspiring... cause I really need to start moving this old body a whole lot more then i do....

  3. You make it sound wonderful! I started this morning by over-sleeping, gulping down my coffee and then rushing around like a headless chicken trying to get the kids off to top it off I then had a flat battery! Eeek!

  4. I love the feeling of an early morning work out. It's the best way to start the day.

    My Monday's have been a little all over the place lately because of teaching prac, then a couple of exams, but whenever I've had a free Monday morning, I always go for a run outside. There's something really nice and relaxing about starting a week with a run.

    Starting next week, I'll have plenty of free Monday mornings - looking forward to some great morning workouts. xx

  5. Great words!!! And .... stretch.
    I now start my Monday's with a virtual cuppa with my Monday Guest Star. Looking forward to your visit Lucy ...

  6. Sometimes I forget the streeeeetch bit at the end of a run. And BOY do I regret it!

    I'm a floppy kind of person who stretches really easily. Sometimes it's a bit too easy for me to overstretch. Like most things! x

  7. the gym for me this morning....gym circuit class. I love the stretching too xx

  8. with a workout of course! one for me and also all my clients. I start my week on sunday, that's my prep day. I get myself, business and food in order for the week - i love it, makes me feel soooo organised!

  9. Monday mornings used to start with a swim training class and a coffee, but that took up so much of the day... and the preschool days are so short... so Monday is usually an at-home day for me now. Computer for the first part of the morning and then food, cooking, washing, house until 3pm pickup.

    I do miss starting the week with physical activity though.


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