Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Sweet Art...

I have mentioned before that my eldest daughter Olivia has a touch of artist about her.

Since an early age she has drawn and painted beautiful images.

Her use of colour and medium and texture is filled with much flair. I could not be more proud of her.

I am envious too.

I watch her, totally absorbed in wax and paint and ideas that slowly form into beauty.

I was sent, today, the Sweet Art travelling journal, to complete my contribution.

I am both terrified and excited at the prospect. How is it possible to be so keen and itching to start, but haltingly reticent at the same time?

I studied art at school, through adolescence. I withdrew totally after a very sad experience with my art teacher. My artistic pursuits stopped there and then, and my creativity was channelled into cooking and writing instead.

These days I find myself dreaming in art and design projects.

I shall explore a little, I think.

I am no artist. Not at all. A lack of talent and practice has seen to that. But I am a visual person, and I crave the opportunity to experiment.

Olivia and I, we will start to working together, I think.


  1. Spreading myself thinly at the moment. But have this thing in my head about working towards collage.

    Often the fear of not being creative I think is a real barrier.

    Just start.

    jill xo

  2. How beautiful. You will be amazing at this Lucy, i can feel it. I am not an artist either....I do my art through my food and cooking. Love to you xx

  3. Wow, she really is talented, Lucy. I love her stuff! I would hang her flower picture on my walls without question and pretend it was 1000s at a posh Paddo gallery. Your girl has creativity and vibrance in spades.

    I have overwhelming creative urges so that's why I do a bit of this and that. I'm not 'handy' though, so I try my best. Just the doing is enough. The ideas. The end result is usually pretty bad, to be honest!! x

  4. I'm crafty, but I wouldn't call myself an artist. I wish I were, and I love that you and your daughter are going to work together.

  5. How easily teachers can change the course of life for good and bad...

    I know I shouldn't but I channel my creativeness into the layout of my blog. I know I'm meant to leave it, keep it identifiable... but that was my job before motherhood and I can't help myself. Love playing with lines, fonts, pictures, colours on pages. gxo

  6. Love that artwork!! Look forward to seeing more of the brightness & joy :)

  7. I cannot draw nor paint for toffee. I have come to terms with this. I am okay with it.

  8. Wow! Your daughter's art work is glorious. I just love it! I enjoy being creative and crafty but that doesn't mean that I'm any good at it, I just do it for fun! I find that getting creative with food is my favourite way to express myself. xx

  9. Gorgeous! She has talent, your girl, a real eye for colour and line. Amazing.
    Don't be shy Lucy. Just get messy. Just do what you love, and it'll all come to you.
    Well, you know I have wild creative urges, just not much time to pursue them at the moment. I think I might go for a class, that way I'm locked in.

  10. Gorgeous pics, your little lady certainly has a talent for art.
    I am in awe of those people who can draw and paint and knit and design beautiful clothes.
    My only creative urges come from music and baking. I love to cook sweet things and I can play the piano. But that's where it stops!

  11. What a wonderful project to do together :). What us it with art teachers who stifle students abilities? I hated art because I was told I was crap at it. Nowadays sketching is one of only a small few things which gives me true zen :).

  12. I can't draw at all and am in awe of my little girl's talent. I aim to nurture it as much as I can. It's a precious gift. Beautiful post Lucy x


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