Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Start with yourself...

What makes you happy?

Here are some things that make me feel like grinning inside:
  • Feeling energetic from some exercise
  • Remembering to make time to eat breakfast
  • Good coffee
  • Making time to put tinted moisturiser on in the morning
  • When the inside of my car is clean
  • Knowing I have drunk lots of water
  • Having a full fruit bowl and a fridge full of cut fruit
  • Remembering to take the meat out for dinner in plenty of time
  • Herbs in salad
  • Filling in Calorie King for the day
  • Picking my children up from school and skipping with them across the playground
  • Nice music whilst preparing dinner
  • Nag Champa burning through the house
  • Decluttered spaces...
I could go on with this list for ages. I am so glad I can recall of these simple things that make me happy and instigate them quickly...

What about you? Tell me some things that you can do for yourself to get happy?


Total calories inhaled - 1385 ~ Exercise calories burned - 343 ~ Glasses of water sculled - not enough 
Toothaches that I cannot shift  ~ Hours of glorious sleep - 6


  1. Love your list Lucy :) especially skipping across the playground :).

    My happy list...
    - seeing kids succeed
    - joking around with my students
    - hugs my from kids
    - listening to my little girl learning to read
    - solo dates with my big kids
    - chats with my baby
    - hugging my dog, softer than any pillow on earth
    - catching up with my bf :)

  2. cuddling up with the kittens and feeling the faint rumble of their first ever purr.

    Laughing with my son until we were both in tears at my attempts to use my new phone.

    Blow drying my daughters hair and pulling her into a hug and breathing in her smell.

    Re-reading texts from the people I love

  3. That is very true. It's out of the abundance of the heart where true state of being is showed. So if we are happy within, it will automatically show without lifting an effort. =)

  4. I stole your idea! But I totally gave you credit for it...over at my blog.


  5. Great list Lucy and so true we should think about what makes us happy ... I'm happy when I'm
    * Given a bag of lemons at the very moment I feel like a bacardi lemon lime ;)
    * Find the shoes I've been eyeing off on sale
    *Having my hair washed feels sooooo good!
    * My parents coming over for dinner and impressing them with my developing culinary skills!

  6. Fab list, Luc. Mine would be equally as long and involved. I'm a pretty happy all around. Like, right now, this minute, I'm at work, but this is what's making me happy:

    - just found a new korean salad dressing from the market in Chinatown and it ROCKS

    - an article I just had to approve was fanf'ingtastic

    - my super-loud colleague is away on annual leave for four whole weeks! Yippee!

    - my darling LOML is right now at this very minute in a job interview for a position he really wants.

    Lots of good stuff there. x

  7. Lovely post...

    * watching chick-flicks with my girls wearing our pyjamas and eating popcorn and chocolate
    * starting the week with a clean desk for work
    * my lawn covered in yellow and orange Autumn leaves


  8. Lovely list Lucy, one to print out and stick to the fridge for when the going gets tough. Here are a few of mine:

    - kissing sleeping children
    - watching big boys play rugby league
    - overhearing daft conversations between the twins
    - cooking/baking alone (sorry kids)
    - my electric blanket
    - when my husband walks through the door at the end of the day and the kids yell: 'Dad!!'

  9. I love this Lucy! We all need to stop and remind ourselves don't we.

    On my list would be: hearing my children laugh, a long hot relaxing bath, chocolate, that moment when the plane starts to take off, hearing my husband get home from work....so many. x

  10. SNAP. I just wrote a post about this, but I haven't published it yet (it's for my Wednesday Story Starter Challenge).
    My list:

    - Enjoying and surrounding myself with beautiful things – stationery, designer and handmade goods, music, art, nature, ideas
    - Being the mum I’d always hoped I’d be (well, most days) – with the time and energy to share stories and laughter, go on adventures, make stuff, discover the little things
    - Spending time with hubby in a favourite wine bar or restaurant like we used to do in Life BC
    - Reading – books, blogs, articles, you name it
    - Chatting about “real” stuff with “real” people
    - Meeting people and making new friends – sometimes in person, sometimes through Facebook and Twitter
    - Discovering amazing music I’d never heard before, and then singing it
    - Walking in the forest
    - Sitting a cozy café, writing
    - Experiencing zen while weeding the garden
    - Having the freedom to be just ME.

    Thanks for the post. Feeling happier already reading everyone's lists.

  11. What a lovely idea. I don't think we take enough time in our day to appreciate the small things. I know this year just gone has definitely taught me that.

    Nag Champa is my favourite too. Oh and my Lemongrass melts in the oil burner. It takes me back to Thailand instantly.

    Right now I'm loving that I'm able to enjoy a coffee in bed with my iPad whilst the kids have their breakfast.

  12. Great list! Here are a few of mine:

    Curling up with a good book
    Hearing my kids laugh
    Cuddling with my dog while I watch tv
    Going for a long bike ride
    Walking on the beach
    How comfy my bed feels after a long hard day


I am a comment addict. Thank you so much for your words...xx