Tuesday, 31 May 2011


My teeth are one of my very worst features.They are not something I am proud of. A nice smile I may have, as long as my mouth is mostly closed, but I am very self conscious of my terrible teeth.

Up close, they are damaged, gappy, very badly stained, and crooked. Delightful, not.

I have not taken the best care of my health or my teeth in the past, so I really have no one to blame but myself.

From an early teen, I smoked, and I carried on smoking for twenty seven years. The impact of this habit on my teeth and on my gums is evident.  It doesn't really matter how much you brush your teeth as a smoker - the chemicals in cigarettes are damaging to gums and assist in bacteria growing far more rapidly within any plaque. Nice.

In my early twenties, when I worked in hospitality, I partied, and I partied hard. Excessive alcohol and amphetamine use was fairly unforgiving on my teeth. Years of jaw clenching and grinding have weakened my pearly greys a lot.

And then, despite leading a cleaner lifestyle, as I hit my thirties, I drank a lot of black coffee and red wine.

All of which have stained my teeth, terribly.

I then went on to have four pregnancies and three children in quick succession. And they say you lose a tooth for each child...

I didn't. Not at the time, anyway.

But for the past few weeks, my mouth has been protesting a lot, and I knew that the toothache I have been suffering would need attention.

Root canal and a crown kind of attention.

I have not been to the dentist for five years. (Shameful, I know.) The last time I went  I was pregnant with Lexie and it was a quick fill only, and a lot of disgusted shaking of the dentists head, as he was so appalled at the general state of my mouth. It was evidence of neglect.

So I have been back.  Tail between my legs, finally admitting that I need to take big brave expensive steps to sort out all of my teeth and mouth issues once and for all.

The toothachey tooth has been extracted. It was right at the back - easy to let it go. I am now sporting a bruised jaw line and a gap where my rotten tooth was.

I also have an appointment card. It may take me another 26 visits to get my teeth finally in a position where they are totally fixed from a health, hygiene and appearance point of view.

Do you have good teeth? Do you take care of them? Have you had a lot of dental work completed?

Share with me? Tell me your teeth tales?


  1. I have good teeth, and my husband has bad teeth. We're still waiting to see whose teeth the kiddos inherited!

    PS: Dental work is no fun. Ever. I wish you lots of Novocaine and Jell-O!

  2. I hate my teeth as well. Mine are a combination of an inherited gap in the front, an overbite and discolouration from years of smoking. If given the option to have one part of my appearance fixed cosmetically I'd forgo the boob lift and tummy tuck for better teeth - invisible braces, or caps/crowns and whiter teeth.

  3. Root canal twice. 2 Porcelian crowns. Expensive stuff. I need to go back soon. x

  4. I understand Lucy. I have been someone who has put off going to the dentist just because of my fear. It wasn't so much that I neglected the care of my teeth but I did smoke so that probably didn't help. When I finally did deal with it I had a few marathon sessions at the dentist to get things sorted....I am talking 3 hours in the chair....just because I hated having to psych myself up to be there every time. I am on a much better path with this now. You will not regret taking this step although your credit card is surely about to take a pounding. Love your honesty and openness xxx

  5. I hate my teeth also. Grew up with an inherited gap - used to cover my mouth when I smiled after a dentist said I would be pretty if it wasn't for the gap. Bastard. I finally was able to afford to get it fixed when I was 30 and loved it. Then I had kids, and lost bone in my lower jaw and my teeth there have crowded. I also have had a root canal and two crowns on the RHS where I have gritted my teeth everytime I should have smacked a certain person in the head. This has resulted in TMJ pain which is still unresolved. I was wearing a plate at night to stop grinding and clenching in my sleep but the dog ate it. Sigh.

  6. I had braces for four years from the age of 13, and I am very fussy about them after those years of pain! I have been seeing the same dentist for 16 years, and I travel two hours just to see him every six months! I haven't really told anybody, but I've actually been whitening my teeth for the past two months, and am amazed at the difference. I've done it through my dentist (not into cowboys who do it in an hour, and I don't want that fake look anyway!), so I had moulds made and I use the lowest dose whitening you can get (10% solution), and I wear it overnight. I've probably got two weeks to go of treatment, but it was the best $400 I've spent. (And I'm not one to spend money on myself, believe me!)
    Good luck with it all. I hope it gives you the confidence to smile like you should! xx

  7. I have good teeth in that they seem to do a good job chewing, they haven't had many holes and they don't make me want to close my mouth when I smile. But they look nothing like those perfect teeth in that photo!! Those teeth are so perfect they're scaring me a little bit!! x

  8. I have good teeth in that they seem to do a good job chewing, they haven't had many holes and they don't make me want to close my mouth when I smile. But they look nothing like those perfect teeth in that photo!! Those teeth are so perfect they're scaring me a little bit!! x

  9. Lots of work. My two front teeth were all but knocked out. Smashed when I fell on a concrete floor. I have a bit of real tooth left on each one, screws into my gums, and caps over the screws. They move, and crack and are stained from tea, coffee and red wine.

    I have had 3 wisdom teeth removed, all in the chair while I was awake. Ugh.

    Last year I went and had a filling, but I need to go back. It is not so much the pain and discomfort, but the expense of it that really puts me off.

    I need to go though, have some proper cleaning done, and I'd love to have some whitening. I have become used to my overbite and am finally able to smile and show my teeth. That took me years to be able to do.

    Good luck with it all Lucy... perhaps you could nag me and make sure I go too!

  10. Its funny you mention it, I have been tossing up whether or not to visit my dentist and get myself some braces. The only thing stopping me is the fact that braces dont look good on anyone over the age of 14.
    But mine are crooked and I am very self conscious about it.

  11. I'm lucky in that my teeth are very straight and a good shape...
    I was never taught to look after them properly, as a result I've had a couple of extractions and lots of fillings...
    Like you, I went without going to the dentist for over five years and when I did go I ended up having to have my gums treated...very painful and expensive exercise. So now I take better care of them and see the dentist every six months for a good clean.
    Good luck xo

  12. I don't know if I fear the dentist more for the potential pain in my mouth or the pinch I will feel in my pocket when it's all done!

  13. I have okay teeth but drinking coke has worn some of the enamel off the front of my teeth. I also have had one of my wisdom teeth emergency extracted before 2 days before Christmas a couple of years ago. Apparently I need the others out too. I have a few fillings but recently it seems to be all good other than those pesky wisdom teeth. I could get veneers for the front of my teeth but I can't afford to get my wisdom teeth out let alone that too.

  14. Oh I get this. Last week saw me getting a filling the size of Texas and another one the week before that. I have to go back to get a cracked filling repaired next. Breaks my heart (and my bank balance)
    I'd love to get my teeth whitened though, that would be lovely. Good luck with your appointments. You'll have a fab set of gnashers at the end of it all xx

  15. Yes, yes, yes, My teeth are causing me all sorts of problems right now.
    I've always had very good teeth - no problems at all but when I was pregnant the first time I got gingivitis and I've never really got it under control despite endless hygiene sessions. I was referred to a specialist dentist recently and they say I need lots of work but once the bone is gone....I've kept going to the dentist throughout but now they say they need some extensive work - and I may even lose one or more. Arrghh! Can't believe I may end up with dentures at 45!

  16. I had my first dental check up in six years earlier this year. It cost me $240. TWO HUNDRED AND FORTY DOLLARS!!! No f*cking wonder I never go.

    I had a lot of orthodontic work done as a teenager, so my teeth are nice and straight. I floss, I brush, I gargle, I do all the right things (except get regular check ups!) in the hope that I will never have to have any major dental work done. That shit freaks me out.

    PS I think you have a beautiful smile.


  17. I hate my teeth. I have a bridge and a falsy where a tooth never grew. I had two years of braces which improved them but I am still not happy. From a distance they look alright but up close.... Although everyone says they are okay, I am still subconscious. They are healthy and white so that is good, but I long for one of those beautiful text book smiles. One day when I have heaps of money I will get them perfected! LOL
    My dad always tries to make me feel good by saying 'It adds character' mmmm.

  18. Oh Lucy, I feel for you! I was in the same boat last year, and after a month of increasing pain went to the dentist for the first time in 6 years. I had an abcess in the root of a tooth. So I ended up several thousand dollars later (not kidding) with 2 root canals, 2 crowns and a couple of normal, albeit deep, fillings! Am now going 6 monthly. I'll never let it happen again! By the way, they charged me by the root for the root canals and one had 5 roots! Good luck, and as much as our bank balance has taken an unexpected dive, I am so glad the agony is over!

  19. YES. Oh Luce, well done YOU for going. I went today! AND HAD TWO FILLINGS. I am utterly, completely terrified of the dentist. I have a whole post brewing about it too ... I am SO PROUD of you for going. Because I know the dental procrastination, man. I have 3 more appointments. Yoiks. XOX

  20. Mine are okay I guess. Not as white as I'd like but I had a lot of orthodontic work done as a child (plate brace, train tracks, elastic bands around the head etc) so I opted to have my wisdom teeth removed last year when they started disrupting the lower set. I also have receding gums so try to avoid electric brushes and have been told not to use mouthwash either (not sure how that helps). But I am religious about brushing twice a day.

    My eldest daughter has a sizeable gap in her front two teeth which I think is cute. She has been told she is starting to get a hole in a tooth at the back which is not cute.

  21. Good for you for getting some attention now. If your dentist makes you feel ashamed, then find another one.
    My husband has terrible teeth and won't make the commitment to starting the process to having them fixed.

  22. I have pretty good teeth after 4 children they have moved a bit but i cant complain i have never even had a filling, hubby has bad teeth with a few been pulled it would be alot better on the pocket if the kids inherit my teeth and not his so far so good.

  23. and good luck with the dentist :)

  24. I'm very proud to say that I've been to the dentist 3 times in the past 6 months - after 13 years of not going. I had to get a tooth extracted as well, and had 8 fillings, all now done. I've gotta get my 4 wisdom teeth out coz they're having a party and not doing what they're told, and then just regular cleans!

    Professor on the other hand, hadn't been for 15 or 16 years, and what did he need? 1 filling and 1 extraction. Jerk.

  25. I don't really like my teeth - they're more yellow than I'd like, probably from my coffee drinking but I'm not really sure about teeth whitening.

    They also have LOADS of fillings which everyone can see when I laugh. But, they're perfectly straight, without the use of braces despite being a thumbsucker until I was seven.

    I haven't been to the dentist for three years (this week actually!) and I'm really scared. I've heard pregnancy can do odd things to teeth and I've had two since then....oh dear!

  26. I have good teeth - I was lucky enough to have regular dentist visits as a child and the habit has continued. My poor hubby had a traumatic experience as a child and as a result has a phobia about going to the dentist. Good luck with your appointments!

  27. I read this post carefully to make sure there was no mention of 'the incident'! Phew!!! My teeth are good but I neglected them a bit (especially the wisdom teeth) and I did lose one for each pregnancy! I am gappy at the back. Not happy about it! If I could turn back time I would have had all of my wisdom teeth out in 2002 when I had the first two out. I hope it works out for you x

    PS sorry I haven't been around. Back now!

  28. It is true. People can grown up to four wisdom teeth in a lifetime. My dentist removed two from me.

  29. I had my own dentist Bondi wisdom teeth removed from the lower left area. It was painful before, during, and after the extraction but after a few weeks, it was back to Ice Cream and Sweets for me.

  30. Age really does make a difference to our overall health. My family marietta dentist has given me and my family a lot of advice and dental services but in the end, it was still my own fault for any broken tooth or cavities.

  31. It's been some time since my last visit to the dentist, and I'm already too far along my age to constantly go to a clinic but I know I'll need to get my dentures checked next time.

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  32. I envy people with white and shiny teeth.

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