Saturday, 14 May 2011

The School Run

Whenever it gets to Friday*, my mind starts to wander to the weekend, to our plans, to spending time with the children and my lovely husband.

This week has been busy; non-stop busy, and there I was, on Friday, and dare I say it, but I felt as if I was nearly all caught up?

And so my mind wandered a little more, in this place it found itself, this content place, this grateful place.

It was not even lunchtime and I had a clean house and ironed jeans and dinner was bubbling and smelling rich and enticing in the slow cooker.

To say that I am grateful to my lovely husband is an understatement.

I struggle to articulate just how thankful I am for his presence, which I can never presume to expect.

Yesterday he did the school run for me.

The untold joy that that brings Olivia and Charlie is quite worth it, for him, whilst Lexie and I are then unencumbered by the trip - we remained in our pyjamas and got busy with boring but quite satisfying chores.

He works hard, my lovely husband, for us, for me, for himself.

I know, intellectually, how hard this must be - a family to support, the main breadwinner, the car loans, the reputation, the scope, the stress. But I am not sure I do comprehend emotionally how really tough this is for him at times. When I do catch a glimpse of it, it scares me.

So I tell him how much I love and appreciate all that he is, and just hope he feels it.

I am eternally grateful to him, for the essence that is Andrew, for the man that he is.

And I am also incredibly grateful for the fact that he does the school run...

* I wrote this yesterday. Then Blogger broke. Now we are back, it seems. I am grateful to Blogger too...!

PS This is, as always, my contribution to Maxabella's Saturday Grateful.


  1. Aww Lucy, that's lovely :) I feel the same about my husband and hope he feels it too!

  2. Sometimes it's the little things, like the school run, that are most important.

    They are all the bit and pieces that really add up to life.

  3. Oh Lucy I have been mourning the fact since hubby started his new job he can no longer do the school run. It wasn't often but made such a difference especially if one of the kids were sick. Tis true, you don't know what you've got till it's gone :(

  4. To have a clean house, dinner cooked and ironed jeans is such an achievement.

    Your love and admiration for your hubby is so lovely.

    have a lovely weekend. Sounds like you are all organized.

    x jill

    (ps i dont iron anything anymore).

  5. I love the feeling of being organized. I find it very calming.

    A little bit of help sometimes makes a big difference.

  6. He's a good egg, isn't he? I feel the same way about my Mr. He never seems to get tired, just keeps on going and supporting us. We're lucky girls. And grateful too. x

  7. I, too, am eternally grateful to my husband for taking on the role of provider whilst we consumers stay at home to watch Play School. He can't do the school run, but he does so many other things. And still, you are my inspiration for getting things done - how on earth were you so organised on Friday???? I wanted to come into your house and inhale your lovely dinner-smells...I could blame the children for my lack of housework but they actually like weilding a duster...perhaps I should teach the Mouse to mop?? xxx

  8. Oh, what a beautiful post, Lucy.

  9. I'm grateful that blogger is back too. But even more happy that you have the love of your life that you don't take for granted! xx

  10. Just those words 'bubbling on the stove' make me feel warm and loved. Contented with a simple home life is the best way to be, Lucy. x


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