Sunday, 1 May 2011

My 15 top Twitter Tips for Bloggers...

I was a late adopter to Twitter. As a blogger, blogging is best. And best complimented by Twitter.

In my head I still call it Twitter Twatter.

Over the last 5000 tweets I have become addicted, totally.

It's like flitting into a really cool pub and being able to chat to everyone, without commitment. And then if you discover you like someone, you can engage more, usually via their blog.

I've arranged blogging meet ups, I have forged close friendships over #genehunt and #bespoke TV presenters.

I've watched political shenanigans #spill

I have splurted coffee and snorted red wine late at night.

I am coming off the first flush of love now...but now that the initial rush is fading away to recovery, I can honestly see how effective a social media tool it really is - and I'm a user. A happy but dependant user.

So I give you my best Twitter tips -

1. Use a name that’s pronounceable and memorable.
2. Pick an avatar that’s friendly and clear, and keep it consistent. Your face is best.

3. Tweet every day about topics that interest you. Chat. A lot.

4. Engage in conversations, chat, and retweet other’s best tweets

5. Make every tweet understandable in isolation * Something I do not do - must try harder...

6. Use humour where appropriate. As much as possible. Twitter is the best tool for perfecting wit.

7. Promote others much more than you promote yourself

8. Follow people who are close in terms of interests, and chat. A lot.

9. Follow your followers back (as long as they are REAL, not spammy)

10. Use #hashtags to aid searchability

11. Shorten links - Googles new URL shortener is tops

12. Be brief, trim useless words, and abbreviate 2 allow 4 RTs

13. Use lists to collate groups of people - it makes it easier to manage conversations.

14. Do not get addicted. Ha!

15. Unfollow people who make you cranky.

Do you Tweet? Are you addicted? Do you love it or hate it?


  1. Yes i am addicted more for twitter then FB (cos atm that shit's me to tears) 
    Thanks for those fantastic tips  #14  #wellthatsfartolate   LOL...

  2. I failed at point 14! Some great tips there hon as always. Big love xx

  3. Miss RubyMay 01, 2011

    i only joined up this year and while some days i can't keep off it, other days i feel completely out of the loop and like i could streak naked through twitter and no one would notice because some days my tweets appear to be written in invisible font!

    i *try* to throw myself into convos, some days its easy other days it's bloody hard!! but keep at it i shall!!

    thanks for the google url shortener link!


  4. Annie ReussMay 01, 2011

    Everyone knows I'm addicted :)  I love it.  Without Twitter I never would have started blogging and I never would have met some of the most amazing people I now call friends.  Real life friends.  You are one of those Lucy. xx

  5. Miss Ruby - remind me of your Twitter profile? I will make sure you are in my "Tweetversation" list...

  6. Lifewise lovely Annie, likewise. xxx

  7. Me too. LOVE it when you are on Twitter Taryn. Not as much as I love your blog, but hey. xx

  8. Farcebookis 'noying.

  9. Liss@frillsinthehillsMay 01, 2011

    Sage advice Lucy!

    Can I add a few
    - if you're a blogger - share your posts on twitter BUT 1. Limit it to twice a day  and 2. Don't be cryptic with your titles because it doesn't do just doesn't do justice to your content.

    Don't be snarky or passive agressive - sometimes you can be in a snarky mood but don't make that who you are.

    Be yourself!

  10. So so true Liss. Thank you. xx

  11. Donna @ NappyDazeMay 01, 2011

    I'm guilty of not using Twitter to its full potential - I just find it so easy to get sucked in and spend hours in there so I feel I end up doing the opposite and hardly ever pop by for a proper Twitter visit.  Plus, like at AusBlogCon, I still cant quite bring myself to butt in on conversations.. I know, just get over it, right??!!

    <p>Lucy, I am so loving all your advice "colums" of late - you will helo me evolve into a better blogger and tweeter yet!  

  12. i'm getting addicted but i find it hard timewise to make it all happen. How do you all do it? I also find that i have to be cautious because all of the conversations can make me feel well, a wee bit scatty in the brain. That said though, I do want to get better at using it and i appreciate your generosity with sharing info Lucy. Sparkiling gem xx

  13. I love twitter! Twitter is where majority of my blog readers pop on over from [because I don't link it through facebook].

    I love the interactions that I have there. As well as the friendships that I have formed. And I tweet a lot! And about almost everything. But then again it is my "personal" account. So it is just me, being me.

    My other accounts, I tend to keep more "professional" and only tweet specifically for that purpose, depending on which account I am in.

    Great tips.

    Let me know when you find someone who isn't addicted ;)

  14. MartheseMay 01, 2011

    I have to work on some of these....:)

  15. Kellie - Good, Bad + UnnecessaryMay 01, 2011

    Im only new to twitter and I find the whole thing a bit confusing at times! But at least I didnt have to watch the Royal Wedding, I had consistent updates all night!

  16. Sarah MacMay 01, 2011

    Well I haven't yet, but I think I might just have to.  Im so bored, bored, BORED with FB right now.

  17. FB does my head in!

  18. Same! I have to be SO careful with work Twitter accounts... 

  19. Chat. A lot. !

  20. I have two habits - kitchen bench tweeting - crappy lappy on kitchen bench means I can tweet whilst doing other jobs. And obviously while I cheerfully neglect my children.

    OR, log out totally for a day or two...if I disappear off Twitter, it's because I am overwhelmed...

  21. Focus Booster. Seriously. Blog or Tweet in 25 min blocks....xx

  22. It does take a while to get the hang of it all. I am still learning. I am no pro...

  23. caroline @ c.w.frostingMay 02, 2011

    <span>great tips! thanks for sharing!</span>

  24. Thanks for the tips for twitter. I'm following you back from SITS. Have a good Sunday!!

  25. Life In A Pink FibroMay 02, 2011

    I love the cakes and the shoes. Want both. Great tips!

  26. NathalieBMay 03, 2011

    Great tips fpr a newbie thanks :)

  27. I just don't get twitter. I signed up, I tried it for about a month, but I always felt on the outter and like I was butting in to other people's conversations. And what is the etiquette? Respond to everything, thank for RT's, I mean, it's like a whole other universe!!

  28. Thanks for the link to this post. I think I broke all your rules on my frst day. Must try harder. I have a gazillion questions about etiquette too. Any chance of a post on that?


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