Thursday, 26 May 2011 for the peoples choice!

If you can recall, a while back I mentioned the Huggies® MumInspired® Grant Program

Earlier this week Huggies have announced the five winners of the $20,000 MumInspired grants. These ideas range from hearing aid devices to top of the range breastfeeding bras. Check out the winning entries here:

Huggies® MumInspired® Grant Top Five Program Winners

Click through and have a read of the amazing ideas. I am blown away that these Mum's can be so savvy and inspired. You can vote easily to give the mosy peopular idea a further $10,000!


  1. My friend designed Sleepy Wings and she worked incredibly hard for many months and she put so much effort into her various prototypes which a number of us got to try on our babies and give feedback.

    What is so inspiring about Shae is that she did all of this through post-natal depression and after the loss of her dear father too.

    Through it all, she saw light and maintained focus even when it was desperately hard.

    She really has workei with such devotion and belief on Sleepy Wings. It's fantastic that Huggies have given her this super opportunity to share her amazing infant slumber jacket with families all over.

    All the women who have won the grants are outstanding women and great role models.

  2. Thanks for the link Lucy. I've voted! x


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