Monday, 23 May 2011

Adelaide Lady Bloggers

If you look back here, you'll see that the Adelaide Lady Bloggers have rendezvoused before, back in January.

Since then, we have Twittered a whole lot more, met up in Sydney and generated close bonds, blogged a whole lot more, and laughed a whole lot more. together.

And because we have met before, the idea of another get together was simple and easy.

And it was not really like a Bloggers Meet Up, or a Tweet Up. Or URL meeting IRL.

It was just like friends getting together for a glass of wine (or six) over some chow.

And that's what we did.

The hilarious Cate from I'll think of a Title Later, the sweet but clever and edgy Cat from Be Loverly, and the honest and funny Bianca from Big Words. And me.

The ease at which we met, sat, talked, ate and drank was like old friends.

The way in which we all were equally fascinated/horrified/curious/in giggles over the blondes that may or may not have been transvestites that definitely had fake boobs was a bond. And if you ever want to see four bloggers splurt wine and mineral water out in a fit of giggles in symphony together? Just wait till said blondes take a tumble right next to the table - no jiggle of fake boobs despite the fall, and nor did any of the hair move either....

And if the young single blondes at the next table start wowing you with light up lip glosses, do not fret - we can top that, with glow in the dark light up tweezers. for alternative grooming and plucking...

We drank, we ate, we laughed like old friends.

We sat on our arses for five hours, ate heaps of delicious Chinese food, drank lots of wine and water, and got chucked out when the staff started to turn the lights off in the restaurant.

We didn't take enough photos, but we DID have a great time. And we shall be doing it again soon. So if there are any other Adelaide bloggers out there, won't you join us?

If there is anyone out there in blog land that is nervous ever about meeting up with others...don't be. Just go. You will not regret it, and you will no doubt have a top time.


  1. So wish I could have gate crashed! Would have loved to have met you all, bet it was a load of laughs!

  2. I have met so many great people from the internet. Being so new to blogging though, it is another venue for me to find new friends.
    I'm in Adelaide:) Did somebody say wine!

  3. Totally agree about meeting up. So glad you and those gorgeous girls had a great time! Wish I could have been there x

  4. It was a brilliant night. My tears of laughter and smudged mascara were testimony to this.
    I still have a giggle when I think about that 'woman' falling, and the lack of movement in both hair and boobs. Hysterical.
    And then the whole lightup lipgloss vs lightup tweezers. Pure gold. Plucking chin hairs will never be the same again.
    Love you all xx

  5. That sounds wonderful Lucy :). I wish I lived closer and could gatecrash xo

  6. I'm originally from Adelaide...maybe I can Tweet with you next time. I'll BYO my own lip gloss!

  7. I had such a wonderful time. So much laughing and so many stories still swirling in my head. After a particularly isolating day on Twitter yesterday I was feeling very fragile this morning. Thinking of taking a break from blogging, Titter etc, but then I read this and was reminded how generous and gorgeous this community is. Thanks Lucy, Cat and Cate for new friendship xx

  8. ohhh i would most defiantly love to join you next time if im allowed ;) hehe
    I kinda get jealous of all these sydney siders always having these fabulous catch ups so it would be nice to meet some bloggy friends face to face in little ol Adelaide

  9. What a fabulous idea! Consider this comment me inviting myself along next time.
    Would be a pleasure and an honour to meet you all :)

  10. Oh I so wish I was there! Sounds like a fantastic time!

  11. have just done this in Sydney … a 'one-off' ended up being three days of rolling meet-ups and SO much fun. couldn't agree with you more, you will be AMAZED how well you get on IRL! xt

  12. Envy of the nicest kind! So glad you all had a ball together xx


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