Monday, 25 April 2011

Wii'd off....

We bought a Nintendo Wii a couple of years ago. At first, it was so that my lovely husband could pretend he was Eric Clapton or Jimi Hendrix (or someone?!) by playing Guitar Hero.

Then it was me, wanting to beat him at Tennis/Bowling/Boxing/Golf

And we then aquired the Wii Fit balance board thingo, for me, in my ongoing attempt to get from drab to fab.

Then, my lovely husband got all clever and installed a new TV, and the Wii stopped working. It died.

Totally. Stopped. Working. Kaput. Much wailing and frustration.

And despite his best attempts to get it all fixed again, it just never happened.

The whole lot, numchucks, remotes, games, controller thingos, they all got chucked into a bag and stashed at the back of the entertainment cabinet, in disgrace.

Fast forward a year...

My son Charlie, at age nearly six, has been asking about "Nintendo Wii" and "Xbox" and "Playstation"...he is at the age where Sonic and Super Mario rule supreme...

So, my husband considers it all, and is just about to go shopping,  before I remind him that we actually have all the Wii stuff, redundant, that he has not able, or inclined, to fix.


He is generous.

I am canny.

So I despatch them all outside for a long walk with the dog, whilst I drag out the neglected and dusty Wii instucton manuals, fresh batteries at the ready.

After dragging cords and connections and sensors and power packs and goddess knows what else, I am sweating more than I ever did on the Wii Fit when it actually worked.

But........drumroll please....

I did it.

This family is now, yet again, the proud posessors of a 100% fully functioning Wii gaming system.

All the little Mii's are set up perfectly - I made myself a gorgeous slim brunette, whilst lovely husband got given a porky balding character.

I can now proclaim to be a LEGEND mother - the kids, after a day of gaming on the newly discovered Wii, think that I am an utter hero.

I should point out that my lovely husband is an IT professional.
In theory, he knows his shit. He does not, however, know his Wii...

But, I do.

Tell me, do you have gaming systems? Who is the expert? Are the a ten day wonder? Or are they worthwhile?


  1. Oh. Sweet. Lordy. Be. I melt from your gorgeousness, Lucy.

    Sweating more untangling the fecking thing than actually playing it? GOLDEN. And what a completely legendary mothery thing to do, man.

    Do we have gaming systems? Mate I sharpened my chops on an Atari in the 80's. We have a playstation, Wii, AND X-Box. That's all from me - Dave hates all that shiz and is the outdoors parent, phew. Yin, yang, all that.


  2. I was Space Invader QUEEN in the early 1980's as a kid - the tabletop version in pubs....with a bottle of coke that l could make last all day, I would RULE, I tell you...

  3. Kristy at Pampers and PinotApril 25, 2011

    Yay!  You are a hero!  I love the Wii.  What a great way to get some activity in, especially when it's yucky outside, and you don't even feel like you're really "working out."  My son loves it too. 

  4. the rhythm methodApril 25, 2011

    Champion effort! I hate being defeated by technology. Maybe I should tag up with Mr Karen and we can battle with our scanner/fax/printer which decided to stop working when we got our new computer.
    We don't do computer games here, our boys are too little. But it's coming, I know.

  5. LOL!!! What is it with men and instruction manuals??!!!  Swear. To. God. Just OPEN the damn thing and read it!! You rule girl.

    I have to say Lucy, I love you to bits but your comment system gives me the shits. I hate signing in each time I want to comment. Takes ages. Argh!

  6. Amy@New AdventuresApril 25, 2011

    We have a Wii aswell which we always pull out of a rainy Sunday afternoon, or when Flynn has gone to bed and there is nothing on tv and Mick and I feel like a bit of friendly competition. Please let it be noted that i absolutely rock at Mario Kart... and Mick does not!

  7. When you told me you had fixed your Wii the other day, I had no idea....
    How amazing are you?? My method of "fixing" things involves shouting at it and then stomping from the room. I can change batteries. That is all!!!! But you? You are my hero!! If my beloved Wii Fit ever bites the dust, I shall probably be calling on your services...heaven knows we would not be buying a new one!! xxxxx

  8. The Goddess of Wii?  Just another string to your lovely bow.
    I haven't played a game since the original Playstation back in the early 90's, but was contemplating the Wii purely for the Wii Fit stuff, but decided to join the gym instead.
    Very curious as to how successful people are at getting fit with all those programs though. xx

  9. I am so impressed, what an awesome effort to get all the confusing-ness turned into a functioning gaming system!  Show's dedication, that does.

    We have no gaming systems on the house, but her Godfather has an entire room dedicated to pinball machines and 80's arcade video games and her Uncle has her to visit every saturday to play the Wii.   
    I think the continuing joy in these games has got to do with two factors: Having someone to enjoy the games with and wanting to beat the system.

  10. Cally FlorenceApril 25, 2011

    Now following you!! :) :) 

    Come visit me & my mutt @ 

  11. Mr Woog has issued a fatwa on all electronic gaming as he thinks it rots your brain.  He also thinks I am interacting with perverts on the internet when I blog. x

  12. Fatwa. LOVE that word. Teh lovely husband has just appeared as the kids jump up and down in exitement over beating his Wii golf score. He is not amused....

  13. Thanks Cally...

  14. My brother is a pinball and arcade machine nut - he collects them too. I must admit, I am an old fashioned pin ball fan...

  15. OH! The Goddess of Wii! I am not sure if that is really really cool or really really off sounding!

    I think to use it as a true fitness tool, you would have to be on it for HOURS.

  16. Sal, that is my usual method too to be honest. But the thought of just having to buy it all over again without trying offended my economic sensibilities!

  17. Mario Kart is on the list to be purchased...

  18. Kristin, sorry about the comment thing - it keeps me logged in all the time, so I am not sure what to suggest?

    And men and instruction manuals - I hear you. In fact, I feel map reading/instruction manual/book ahead/ ask for directions kinda post coming on...

  19. Exactly! I will not be defeated! I do feel full of big headed pride over my IT efforts. It goes into the same catagory as DVD burning - my IT professional husband could never figure it out, ever, without making it into a 5 hour debarcle. Now, I can back up a DVD in 5 mins at the same time as dropping a blog, at the same time as talking on the phone and dealing with a child or two....

  20. We had a mammoth tennis session and my arm is really aching!

  21. Annie ReussApril 25, 2011

    I knew you were more than just a pretty face.  You are the Goddess of Wii.  I am so proud to be your friend.  Love my Wii too. :) 

  22. Just got SMS Annie - thank you my sweet. xx

  23. Tanya BangayApril 25, 2011

    Oh yes! We love our Wii here too. But PS2 is still dragged out for its Singstar. Wii just doesn't live up to that!

    Still I must go and invest in Wii dance very, very soon!!!

  24. LOL!  I want a Wii cat, too!

    We have a Wii, I used to play a lot and use the Wii Fit, but now it's the boys' domain, although I am called upon to help my 5yo on Mario Kart from time to time.

  25. I must investigate a Wii dancing thing too - Lexie is superb at the boxing and the hula hooping - I suspect a dancey thing would appeal!

  26. Mario Kart is what Charlie is nagging for...

  27. Woo Hoo! Go Lucy ...
    We are a Wii family. And sonic, and Mario, and tennis, and bowling, and guitar hero ...
    The kids would like more games consols (XBox etc) but I have said no. We are a Wii family. 
    PS I can imagine how fabulous you must be feeling having put it all together yourself. I was like that when I rose victorous after sweating it out over an IKEA desk.  

  28. Thea SmithApril 25, 2011

    Oh! You are gooooooooooood!!

  29. Rose victorious. That is exactly it! Smuggedy smug. (I also just fixed the red light issue I have been having with the washing machine, which I have been asking for him to look at for AGES. I fixed it. Myself. I tell you, good job he's a good shag, else he'd be redundant....) xx

  30. Small achievements this weekend have made me happy Thea... xx

  31. Small achievements this weekend have made me happy Thea... xx

  32. ok totally sounds weird but I was up working and thinking about you and your FREAKIN SOSO KIND TWEET and then you commented on my blog.

    and allow me to now hang my head in shame :)
    I have a wii.
    Ive never used a wii.


  33. Donna @ NappyDazeApril 25, 2011

    Kudos to you, I could NEVER imagine successfully sorting out the tech side to our WII and TV.  

    I'm a long time WII Fit addict (though time seems to prevent my use these days - my son thinks its his to play with while I try to do step or yoga!).  Its also how I lost my baby weight.  I detest most exercise but strangely was motivated to use it (something about not having to get in my exercise gear and leave the house to be on show at a gym is rather appealing when you feel self conscious!) 

  34. keepcatebusy (Cate)April 25, 2011

    I want a Wii!!! But more importantly - how much of a legend are you!!! Go girl!

  35. Congrats and great work! It is impressive you were able to salvage it. My family loves the Wii. I get the award for most battery changes but my youngest son and hubby tie for the most hours played. Love your blog. Going to follow you...please check me out Kitchen Singer.

  36. Now it is all working again, it is my plan to use the graph thingo to track my progress in terms of weight and yoga...

  37. I am still preening. All three kids are playing with it right now...they think I am a total hero - this time last year they didn't 'get it', but now, they are ON FIRE! xx

  38. GlowlessMay 02, 2011

    Miss Lucy you are a legend! My mum has a Wii - I'm waiting for her to get bored of it and pass it on to me... it's not happening, she's had it for almost two years and still goign strong.

  39. I LOVE my wii. Actually, it's MrK's Wii but he never uses it so I've claimed it as my own. I punish myself with 20 mins on the exercise bike and reward myself with 20 mins on the Wii playing Fit and Fit Plus. Zumba is on raincheck. Love it! MrK's also got a Playstation 1 and 2, but he doesn't play with those either.

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