Sunday, 17 April 2011

Indian Summer

When you are faced with a day full of parties and treats and spontaneous decisions that take you out to dinner in delicious restaurants, the calorie counting just has to take a back step for a day.

Slack, but delicious.

I have slapped a "sad smiley" on my record for yesterday. Simply because it was a day that was so much fun and went by in such a blur of hedonism that I know if I enter all the buffet party food and curries into my Calorie King account the page would most likely explode. So I am not sad. But in terms of my intense period of weight loss, it was a write off.

My Saturday centred around fun and catching up and family and community and spontaneity.

I did not eat for any sad old emotional reasons. I was relaxed about it all. My family and friends were pretty chilled too. It was a day to bask in my good fortune.

So I had a day off the calorie counting.

It was a lovely happy gorgeous day.

My children ran me ragged on the footy oval all morning.

We introduced them to the delights of Indian cuisine in the evening. They are, like their parents, now converted to the delights of a curry and a poppadom. And in between I caught up with friends and revelled in those connections.
And today? A huge bush walk in this beautiful Indian summer weather that Adelaide is enjoying.

We will stretch it out and play follow my leader and play hide and seek in amongst the red and gum trees.

 We will trek up hills and explore and search for koala clues and billabongs. We will admire the view and saunter home again, for cups of tea.
It's all good. So very good.



Total calories inhaled - About a million ~ Exercise calories burned - Not enough ~ Glasses of water sculled - lots ~ Party food that I simply couldn't resist and curries that were devoured - I lost count  ~
Hours of glorious sleep - loads


  1. That indian food looks awesome. I'm glad you enjoyed a day off. Sometimes we need that.

  2. Sounds glorious

  3. Sounds like a fun day. I will put a smiley face here, just to even it out :)

  4. We did a similar thing yesterday - kids had a picnic with the neighbours kids for late lunch/afternoon tea, went bush-walking with the dog, painted a few Easter eggs (badly) and just hung out. They were exhausted and hungry and dirty from playing (in a nice way), and asleep before weekend bedtime. Simple pleasures!

  5. Turn that frown upside down my lovely!! You've had a weekend of making beautiful memories that will last a lifetime and that's worth 10,000 calories. xx

  6. keepcatebusy (Cate)April 17, 2011

    Sounds glorious!!! Turn that frown upside down miss lucy!!!

  7. MultipleMumApril 17, 2011

    Don't let a diet get in the way of life! I love that you have had such a fabulous day out with your family - no amount of kgs lost is worth more than that Diminishing Lucy. You are totally in the zone and will claw back the fun in no time x

  8. Nicole AveryApril 17, 2011

    Wish I had me some of that loads of sleep!

  9. Love it - real, practical and focused! Well done.

  10. Kristy at Pampers and PinotApril 18, 2011

    Days like that are worth it. Glad you enjoyed! You'll be back on track.


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