Wednesday, 27 April 2011

How to build engagement on your blog...

by removing the No-Reply@Blogger addresse in your comments...and enable email replies.

The reason I am going to post this is so that, if you want to reply to blog commenters, via Blogger, you can, directly, via email.

Or, if, as a commenter, you'd like bloggers to be able to reply to you directly and personally, they can.

So, if you are in this blogging game for engagement, for community, for building relationships, this may be useful for you...

How to enable email replies in Blogger

1. Go to your Blogger Dashboard, and on the left hand side, go to your profile section, and click the "Edit Profile" option:

2. Go to the Privacy Section, and CHECK the "Show my email address" box

3. Scroll down a little, to the identity section, and add the email address you want replies to go to.  (It's important to note here that you can use ANY email address - you are not restricted to your login email - I use a different one, just for blogging. So you can still maintain security and privacy if you want to...)

4. Scroll right down to the bottom left and hit SAVE PROFILE.

And  it's that simple.

If you enable this, it will mean that when you comment on any Blogger blog, that the blogger can reply back to you directly.

For even more handy hints on how to get the absolute best out of comments, Jane, of Life on Planet Baby, has a wonderfully detailed post here too: Life on Planet Baby: Tutorial: handling comments and email replies with Blogger

I hope that's useful...let me know what you think?


  1. Good to know! Off to do this right now.

  2. Queensland GirlApril 27, 2011

    Very useful.  As a new blogger any help to engage is appreciated! Thanks...have updated mine now.

  3. MultipleMumApril 27, 2011

    I don't know what mine says! Will have to check- thanks for the tip! Is it just my iPhone or have you been busily zhuzing?

  4. the rhythm methodApril 27, 2011

    This is such a great idea, I'm wondering how I can do this via wordpress. If I find out, maybe you could write a part 2 for wordpress bloggers? Wordpress is a strange beast, I must say.
    Email engagement with readers is great. It took me ages to add my email address, but now I have I feel a whole new connection - a 'proper' connection - to my readers. When we stuck to the comments section, I felt a little lonely. Email conversations are where the real connections and friendships flourish, IMO.

  5. Something to look at :) Thanks for the tip Lucy.

  6. I always wonder what my profile comes up with on Blogger - given that I'm on Wordpress, I can choose Open ID, Name/URL or my Twitter profile, but have no options to add an email anywhere?  If anybody knows what's my best way to leave comments on Blogger I'd love to hear...xx

  7. InkPaperPenApril 27, 2011

    great post! I have been trying to reply to commenters lately via email but the noreply@blogger thing was driving me bonkers....I also find it difficult when you can't go visit a new commenter's blog

    I appreciate all the help I can get on this sort of stuff. Community and engagement is the main reason for my blogging so it helps if I can figure out how to do this!

    Thanks Lucy

  8. seraphimspApril 27, 2011

    Did not know this! Thanks Lucy. Going to sort it now.

  9. You are a gem Lucy. Thankyou for your generosity of spirit and information! Just went and fixed it up. I am hopeless at the techno part of this blogging game but I suspect I need to learn. Happy Wednesday to you xx

  10. Life In A Pink FibroApril 27, 2011

    I didn't know about this! Well done.

  11. Donna @ NappyDazeApril 27, 2011

    You are my blogging guradian angel!  Seriously have been wondering about this very issue and here the universe (via fabulous you!) has presented me with the answer :)

    Will be off now to follow your instructions xx

  12. Gosh, you're clever. Seriously. What would I do without you?

  13. I love to reply to comments and it really bothers me when I come across a noreply blogger. Great tip!

  14. Great post, Lucy. I did a similar one at It makes such a difference when you can email a reply comment direct! J x

  15. That definetly helps.  I made the change as I was ready your instructions.  thanks so much for the useful post.

  16. Making It Work MomApril 28, 2011

    I love this tip.  I hate it when someone makes a great comment and I can't reply back!

  17. hcgwillpower.blogspot.comApril 28, 2011

    Why thank you my dear I really liked that info.

  18. Great post! I'll have to get a new email before I activate it, since I'm a student my email format is basically firstname, lastname, @ so it's a little too personal! As soon as I make a new one thought I'll be doing this! Thanks!


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