Monday, 28 March 2011

A Year From Now...

Go and do that thing, now.
Or at least start it.
Dream it...
Plan it...
Commit to it...
Do it.


  1. I like it when you whipcrack!

  2. Time to stop fecking around isn't it? I know it and keep getting signs like this Lucy. Cheers Bitchears xxx

  3. OK. OK... I will... Damn you and your whip cracking! xxxx

  4. Catherine FleayMarch 28, 2011

    Mike Dooley from "Notes from the Universe" said that "You only have to do a little each day to get a ton done!" Speaking the same language .......

  5. i am, i am i promise!!

    i'm a week into my new eating lifestyle and the first week wasn't as hard as i'd imagine it would be. i had my first "treat" in a week yesterday and didn't enjoy it one little bit - this is HUGE progress for me.

    next week we start the exercise lifestyle overhaul - something i'm actually looking forward to.

    this time in a year - i will NOT be fat.


  6. aurora kostezkyMarch 28, 2011

    Thanks Lucy - this post made me stop wasting time and get out the craft box with my boys. We made "o for owl" and "f for food" letters and after they finish watching Wal-E (while I feed Rose) we will go to the park for a fruit picnic. You are so right - a year from now when I am back at work full time this is what I will wish I had done :)

  7. taken my son out of the school he is at? oh no, that was what i wished i had done LAST year … great idea to get us all thinking, Lucy! xt

  8. I needed that! Thank you x

  9. Sounds like you're having a Woot Woot Monday just like I am :)

  10. A post script to my earlier comment - I went to the park after lunch and met a woman who lives two streets away - her boy got along with my tow and her husband is a science teacher like mine is studying to be. And we are both professional women juggling children and work. Needless to say we are having dinner with them next Friday :) Thanks a million, Lucy :)

  11. Donna WebeckMarch 28, 2011

    You've no idea how timely this advice is oh wise one... I am certainly going to heed these words of wisdom. THANK YOU as always, for your inspiration x

  12. Chantelle EllemMarch 29, 2011

    Well said. We should ask ourselves this every day. x

  13. aurora kostezkyMarch 29, 2011

    Post Script : I did this, then met a woman at the park and we hit it off immediately! Her husband is a teacher (as mine is studying to be) and we are both professional women juggling motherhood and career. We are having dinner together next week!


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