Saturday, 26 March 2011

Shut up and drive...

This week, since being back from last weeks gallivanting, has been a week of catching up.

I let a few things slide last week, and I am now, unsurprisingly, paying the price.



Drop offs and pick ups.



Family to visit; favours to return.

It makes me realise how very lucky I am to live where I live, and how very relieved and grateful I am to be able to drive.

As I zip all over Adelaide with a car full of children, with ease, I am grateful for driving.

My Dad taught me to drive preceding my seventeenth birthday. I passed my drivers test first go, in a manual car. (An old Triumph Herald that smelled of vomit. Nice.)

(Please do not ask me about obtaining my Australian licence. That is a whole other blog post...)

My Dad's life's work was connected to the motor industry. He was passionate and entrenched in it. He taught me, not only to drive, but how to change the oil, how to change a tyre, how to check the air pressure, how to change headlamp and brake light bulbs.

I am grateful for the Captivator*. I am grateful to my Dad for presuming girls needed good motor skills.

And I am grateful to live in Adelaide where the roads are wide and the traffic is light....

And I am linking this up to Maxabella's Saturday Grateful, which is being graciously hosted by her lovely Sister C, whose blog I also adore - And then there were four...

* Daft nickname given to my car...


  1. Funny how we nickname our cars, isn't it? We call mine the Tardis (it's one of those cars that looks small but inside it's really spacious).

  2. Your Dad sounds very similar to mine. Being a farm girl I learnt to drive early and he taught me how to look after my car.
    I went on a little road trip without children on Thursday, I'd forgotten how good it was to be in the car by myself.

  3. Seana SmithMarch 26, 2011

    Hello Lucy, lol I was the same, passed test at 17, then a few years later took three tries to get Aussie license.

  4. I learnt to drive quite late - at 30. In the last couple of years, my partner has very patiently taught me quite a lot about looking after and maintaining my little car. Even though I might grumble at the injustice of it when he's doing it, the two times I've broken down since being able to drive has seen me transform into mama-fixit, able to get my car working again all by myself (and quietly satisfied with my mad car fixing skills).
    Have a wonderful weekend, Lucy - thanks for a great post! x

  5. Susanne WestMarch 26, 2011

    I really love driving and like you, it is my saviour to make all those little bits and pieces happen in a week. Zip here and there. My boys really love the car too so we put groovy tunes on (aka The Night Garden) and away we go. Big virtual hug Lucy - this time last week we were frocking up for dinner xx

  6. keepcatebusy (Cate)March 26, 2011

    I was just talking about Adelaide drivers licences on thurs - the best story was my bff's big brother who got his Lplates on the morning of his 16th bday at tranmere then his Pplates that same afternoon in stirling!! yay for adelaide - city of the world's shortest green light times.

  7. therhythmmethodMarch 26, 2011

    I love driving. Its empowering - even to the extent of being able to choose what radio station to listen to. Sometimes when I drive somewhere, I enjoy the drive so much that I just keep going. Very Thelma and Louise, I know. Except no Brad Pitt :(

  8. MultipleMumMarch 26, 2011

    We take it for granted, but you are right. Being able to drive rocks! I hope the zipping slows down a bit this week x

  9. I'm lucky that my Dad also taught me not only how to drive a car but how to maintain it. I had a 1956 Morris Minor that he bought for me when I was 17, and I drove it until I was 25, I loved that car and all that it represented between Dad and I. I've been meaning to blog about it myself actually! xx

  10. I didn't know they were sisters! Where have I been?
    Perhaps I should just shut up and drive ...


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