Thursday, 24 March 2011

See what can happen when a Mum gets inspired?

Having spent time recently not only reading, but also chatting with other bloggers, I have really noticed how there are so many Mums out there, in the blogging world and in forum land, as well as in the Twitterverse, who desperately want the opportunity to combine working whilst caring for their littlies.

But they also want the opportunity to really stretch their brains and gather the confidence to make something happen. To take a child-related business idea from a dream to reality.

As a child, I was fortunate to be family friends with a lady who started a tiny skin care range in her kitchen. She did this whilst her husband was overseas, and whilst she cared for her two little daughters. She juggled parenting and the running of a small cafe with her own determined desire to create and build a business of her own.

An ethical business, based on a gentle and natural approach to trade, cosmetics and packaging...

From these humble beginnings (which I know were an immense struggle in terms of time, energy and determination, as well funds and resources) Anita went on to open her first shop.

The Shop. Which in turn became The Body Shop. An international business which now serves nearly 80 million customers via 2000 shops.

See what can happen when a Mum gets inspired? Amazing. With a little bit of confidence, and some incentive,
amazing things can happen.

And so it is with great delight that I share with you the MumInspired Grant Program from Huggies.

MumInspired will award a total of $110,000 (five mums each to receive $20,000) to help mothers act upon their child-related business idea. In addition there will also be a People’s Choice Award, which will enable the public to vote for their favourite MumInspired grant recipient to receive an additional $10,000.

With the trend of ‘mumpreneurs’ rising in Australia, Huggies wants to provide a genuine opportunity to help Australian mums act upon their entrepreneurial ideas, whilst balancing work and family life.  Many mums don’t have the confidence to actually act on a business idea and this is where I think MumInspired can really provide that confidence push to take an idea and turn it into an actual business.

Submissions for the Huggies MumInspired campaign are open until 1st May 2011. Mums are encouraged to submit grant applications with ideas that focus on nurturing the relationship between mother and child, and be aimed at mums with bubs aged 0-4.

In order to be considered for a grant, mums can submit an application online at

Does this inspire you? I hope so...


  1. Can you believe I am actually working on a Huggies grant right now! Not for me, but for my client ... It is an amazing opportunity.

  2. Donna WebeckMarch 24, 2011

    Oh my goodness, you were really family friends with the founder of the fabulous Body Shop? Love, love LOVE their products!

    This is such an amazing opportunity from Huggies, it will no doubt change the life of the winner!

  3. Mums rock. Now if only I had a good idea...

  4. therhythmmethodMarch 24, 2011

    The Body Shop story is an amazing one. What a wonderful opportunity for some lucky mum out there.

  5. keepcatebusy (Cate)March 24, 2011

    Holy cow - now *that* was a good idea!! I have so many good ideas...but never the time (or patience) to carry them out :-)
    Do you have a good idea??

  6. Tanya BangayMarch 24, 2011

    I worked for Body Shop for a while. I did the Body Shop @ Home line and loved learning the history.

    I find these women amazing!

  7. seraphimspMarch 24, 2011

    Lucy you knew Anita Roddick? Wow. Just shows how we all often need someone to give us a start.

  8. We did. She and my Mum were close friends back in the early 1970's - when she ran a cafe/restuaurant in West Sussex, whilst pottering with skin care. My Mum baked cheescakes for her and they shared the care of many children all the time. She was a lot of fun. And driven. Charmingly driven via enthusiasm and passion.

  9. Your clients are lucky!

  10. There's bound to be one in you somewhere?

  11. My friend Lucy was a Body Shop at Home girl - she was mad about it all!

  12. Cate, I have loads. But I a, a flibberty gibbet. Good ideas, and then as soon as the ideas evolve into reality, I tend to get bored....

  13. Those first few shops - I can recall the smell intensely. And the creaky floorboards...

  14. We were indeed. We lived in the area. My Mum and her were close. They met over coffee, exchanging tales of family, juggling life, dreams, cooking and small children.

    Nothing changes. They met and became friends over coffee. We all meet and talk about the same things 40 years later over blogs! xx

  15. Life In A Pink FibroMarch 25, 2011

    Great post Lucy! What an inspiration - I think the Huggies grants are awesome!

  16. Kelly SheehyMarch 25, 2011

    Wow! That is totally an inspiring story!

  17. How awesome you knew the founder of Body Shop! And what an amazing opportunity. Dang. Wish I had an idea!

  18. hcgwillpower.blogspot.comMarch 26, 2011

    This is one cool grant idea. Thanks so much for shareing.


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