Tuesday, 15 March 2011


I dream a lot. I have no failure to recall my dreams each morning.

I have recurring dreams of different themes. Do you?

My main one is flying. It is exhilarating. The sensation is not so much about the flying, but more of the climb to altitude, which is a stretch, but a manageable effort. A powerful sensation of propelling myself up high enough to soar then cruise.

To then look down and revel in the bliss of height and freedom.

I have always dreamt this dream. Apart from times of grief, when my flying ceases, I can usually summon up a flying dream.

I fly a lot when I am content.

My other recurring dream is not an unhappy one, but certainly it is a lot more confusing. I am more hesitant to revel in this dream.

A house with so many superfluous rooms. An old, ramshackle house. With very steep front steps, gracious angles and a tower. With warrens of rooms, Dressing rooms leading off bedrooms. Studies off dining rooms. Larders and sculleries off kitchens.  And lots of sets of steps, all interlinking winding nests of rooms.

My house dreams conjure up, in my mind, storage issues - where to stash stuff - almost as if there are simply too many rooms and too much space. I forget which rooms I can use or which I am allowed into and which I would need to clean. I feel overwhelmed and want to feel the simplicity of a two up two down kind of terraced house whose front door has no steps and walks out directly onto a wet cobbled pavement.

I have no idea what these dreams mean. I am curious. But not enough to seek dark meanings or perceived truths about myself.

They are just dreams.

And you? Do you dream in black and white? Or in colour?
Tell me your recurring dreams?
Do you love them or wish they would not intrude upon your rest?


  1. Susanne WestMarch 15, 2011

    I used to dream a lot. These days I am so shattered at the end of every day that my head hits the pillow and i am OUT! The occasional dreams I have now tend to be when I am stressed and they usually involve falling or being chased. I don't love them at all. Thanks for getting me thinking about it though xx

  2. my flying dream usually grinds to a disappointing halt when i become aware i am flying … and slowly. lose. altitude. SAD!

    and MY house dream is usually that we have somehow bought a house that proves to be ridiculously inappropriate, run down, weirdly designed … and a bloody great burden. in short, a HORRENDOUS mistake.

    don't reckon i need to pay a shrink to work those ones out, do you? xt

  3. I too am an avid and vivid dreamer. Its full technicolour the whole way and I recall even the most minute details. I also often wake exhausted from the feeling of being fully immersed in every aspect of the dream. If its a scary one, I wake heart pounding and its stays with me all day; if its a warm and lovely one, that emotion clings to me from the minute I wake til I lie down that night.

    Depending on what you believe, there's such thing as an "astral flyer" who leaves her body at night and becomes one with the dream. Apparently I fall into that category - which explains the exhaustion after what appears to have been an uninterrupted night's sleep!

  4. I dream in colorant frequently have lucid dreams. The most prominent thing that repeats is that light switches never work! I'll walk into a room/house/building and it's always just dim enough that I want to turn on a light but they never work. I often think to myself well if the light doesn't work then I know it's a dream. :)

  5. God, do I ever. I have the most vivid, colourful, awful dreams about my husband cheating on me, about people dying, about sobbing so hard I wake up with puffy eyes. I can't really figure out how to stop them but very unfortunately I think alcohol might have something to do with it...... Have a look over at this post if you want to read about it.... http://talesofataitai.blogspot.com/2011/02/my-exhausting-double-life.html. My husband doesn't dream and I just can't comprehend that. It would be such a nice change!

  6. I dream in colour, and also have lucid dreams occasionally. I am sad that I haven't yet had an out of body experience on this plane of existence.

    I have had lots of reccurring dreams, one about flying through a series of inter-connecting tunnels, another about living in a pub, which I never have done.

  7. therhythmmethodMarch 15, 2011

    I don't remember my dreams. I don't think I get into the right sleep mode. In pregnancy I had crazy dreams, like dreaming I was pregnant with a baby/cat. Weirdo ...
    Your flying dream sounds amazing. The house sounds suffocating and claustrophobic. I don't know what it means, but it mustn't make for good mornings waking up after that.

  8. I remember my dreams too. I wish I could dream of things like flying.
    But I dream about past events, present events, future events. Always with people in them. Always.
    I'll dream regularly about being back in High School, right down to walking up the corridor to my old school locker. And I wake up just as if I could head straight off to school that very second, like the last 17 years haven't even passed.
    I love dreams. xx

  9. Amy@New AdventuresMarch 15, 2011

    I dream in colour every single night, and can remember at least part of my dreams every morning. I have had a few reoccuring dreams throughout my life - one particularly scary one during my teenage years - but i also frequently dreamed that the when i was pregnant with my first child i always had twin, dark haired, curly headed boys. Always boys, always two.
    Turns out, when i did have my first child, it was only one boy, and he has straight hair, and i havent had the dream since he was born. I did however meet his father and then fall pregnant in quick succession. Maybe thats my two boys?

  10. I dream about lots of things. Sometimes things that are on my mind... last night I had a ludicrous dream about the blog con. Other times I have dreams that tell me something, tell me to do something, call someone... always in colour, always.
    I have had dreams about past events, and future events like Shelley says too.
    I love them, mostly.

  11. My dreams are scattered all over the place and they're usually in color. You know I never really thought about that before. But the one I have more frequently than any other is that I'm falling off of something.I wonder what that's about.

  12. Life In A Pink FibroMarch 15, 2011

    The only dreams I remember are the last ones I have in the morning before waking up and they are usually full-blown, full-scale narratives of epic proportions. I am ALWAYS woken up before I find out what happens.

  13. Back when I used to sleep, I dreamed in colour and I had dreams like as if I was the director. I seemed able to control the cast and crew. Weirdness, but so me!! x


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