Monday, 14 March 2011

Delicious first kisses...

I was twelve when I enjoyed my first kiss.

His name was Andrew and he was in my art class at school. He sat behind me and teased me. I played hockey with his elder sister and she told me that he daydreamed about me all the time at home. He had floppy brown hair, brown eyes and the grin and dimples to die for. As cute as. He smelled clean. I suspect that was one of the main attractions.... a twelve year old boy that smells clean is a rarity. (And I would wager that thanks go to his Mum for that.)

We had a date. He took me for a cup of coffee at our local Wimpy bar. This was 1981. The Wimpy bar was a greasy spoon cafe in the middle of Chichester, but to be honest, I was so terrified and excited and nervous that I really didn't care. My skinny jeans were so tight, I suspect I was struggling to breath.

We went for a walk, to a local nature spot. Priory Park. I cannot recall that place these days without a grin - the shenanigans that that green space saw, throughout my school days (and before them,  and indeed, to this day, I am sure...)

The kiss was nervous and awkward and delicious. Warm and sweet and tentative and toe curlingly exciting. We were both first kiss virgins. We were both embarrassed and shy. We both fell into tween love at that kiss and it lasted all of.........ermm, ten days? Three weeks?

I see snaps of this Andrew on Facebook, through the connection of mutual friends. I do not interact. I smile at sweet memories though. He still has a grin and dimples to die for. With a bald spot, grey hair and a handful of children.

And now I fast forward to my own lovely husband. Bald spot, grey hairs and a handful of children.

I asked him over the weekend if he remembered our first kiss. He grinned and held me, and his eyes took on a sweetly reminiscent twinkle. "Our first kiss? Of course I remember, my love"

He kissed me, like he did way back then, like a man on a mission. A confident and resounding smacker on the lips. A kiss from a man that means it.

I was touched that he remembered. But, I have to admit, more than a little surprised. (This is a man that does not wear a wedding ring, nor ever sees reason to remember any can understand my suspicion?)

"Really? You can remember our first kiss? Really? Where was it?"

He laughed, and kissed me again.

"On the lips, my love, on the lips."

First kisses.

Then and now.

Warm and sweet and tentative and toe curlingly exciting.


  1. KellyansapansaMarch 14, 2011

    What a beautiful post - my first kiss with my husband was in the middle of a crowded pub at lunchtime but it was absolutely perfect. It still makes my toes curl just thinking about it!

  2. He's a smart man your Andrew. I must say, when I first started reading I thought you were going to say you married the first boy you kissed!!

    I remember mine with Phil. It was in Cocktails and Dreams and I'd had about 100 Vodka Lemon and Limes. Stay Classy Bern xxx


    Clever boy! x

  4. What a beautiful post.

    My first kiss was but a mere peck.
    My first pash? Re. Volt. Ing. Bluuuuurgggghhhhhh!!!

  5. Beautiful post Lucy.
    I count my first kiss as the first real one, there were others, before it, but I choose to not count them. So it was good, until the roller rink attendant shone a torch in our general direction!

    As for Hubby, he can remember things like our first kiss... and the day we met, but the date of my birthday? Nuh uh!

  6. Tenille @ Help!MumMarch 14, 2011

    What a lovely post Lucy.

    I still remember my first kiss; I was so nervous that I would do something wrong. I didn't though. Fond memories :-)

  7. therhythmmethodMarch 14, 2011

    This is gorgeous and thrilling and lovely. You've captured all of it in one awesome post. My first kiss involved lots of teeth (sadly). Love this post!!

  8. Life In A Pink FibroMarch 15, 2011

    LOL. Fab post!

  9. Thea SmithMarch 15, 2011

    oooooooo, goosebumps!! x

  10. That's so sweet.
    LOL (on the lips).

  11. Still love this post! Gluts of kisses in your house, I'm sure. x

  12. What a wonderful memory to have.
    I remember my first kiss, it was disgusting and gag worthy. I was 15.
    My first kiss with my husband however, was the sweetest thing ever - it sent my heart racing for the rest of the day. Something I will always remember :)

  13. How did I miss this? I remember my first kiss. I was traumatised for about 4 years! Washing machine! But the hubby and I? We worked from Day 1. Thanks for the memories :-) A cracker post. Thanks for Rewinding x

  14. Gorgeous post. My hubbie and I were just talking about our first kiss the other day. Clashed teeth and everything! Didn't matter at all.

  15. Truly gorgeous post. Thanks for sharing your story.

    Visiting from the Rewind.

  16. I wonder what he'd think if he bumped into you here?

  17. I cant believe I missed this the first time around? Oh how I love your style of writing, feel like we were with you for that first kiss (err, not to sound creepy or anything...!!)

  18. Ooh. Guess what? Because you've had the redesign or whatever, I got to 'like' this post all over again. Here's to another 5000...

    Visiting via the REwind.

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