Sunday, 27 March 2011


This weekend has been the first in many months that we have had NOTHING booked.

Nowhere to be, nothing to plan.

No conference.

No work.

No entertaining.
No cricket.

No swimming.

No kids birthday parties.

Just time for us.

The fab five.

Slightly chilly weather.

Games of Connect Four around the kitchen table

Lots of lovely coffee

A movie fest (Fantasia and Hairspray)

Shepherds Pie

Chillout music



A long walk together and maybe kick a ball about later, down on the oval

Reading stories - leisurely - to the kids.

Pouring over baby photo albums - my children love nothing more than to look back on themselves.

Baking - some amazing biscuits.

Lego and Play 'doh and Jigsaws - again, around the kitchen table

Gardening - tending to my herbs and the compost

Smiles, over the top of the heads of these beautiful children.

Just blissful family time.

Tell me.....when there is time...what do you love to do to just chill?


  1. keepcatebusy (Cate)March 27, 2011

    Oh yay! Love weekends like that. Yesterday, as soon as I was out of the pool (I had to fill-in for a teaching shift) I jumped stright back into the trackies I had slept in!! And then stayed that way for the rest of the day!! Yay for slobbing around :-)

  2. Seana SmithMarch 27, 2011

    So lovely to have very little planned. It's the reverse here as cricket was on yesterday and we have two rugby league matches and one soccer match today. But this morning is empty. Can hear kids and cats romping around so will get up in a mo and start wrangling. Big question is: scrambled eggs? banana pancakes? both?

  3. What a perfect weekend. It has taken me a long time to learn how to relax, but Mr G is very good at reminding me how important it is. He'll often run me a bath (there's something about having a bath run for you that makes it special), and that is my ultimate chill out time with a good book in hand. I had a bath every day while I was pregnant, and was in there trying to relieve a few 'pains' in my stomach three hours before Miss A was born! xx

  4. Oh, what a gorgeous time you must be having - I have a huge silly grin on my mush for you!! It seems as though your chillaxing and ours is exactly the same...however we throw swimming lessons on a Sunday morning into the mix. It's not as bad as it sounds - all three kids swim at the same time, either Mum or Dad get in with the Mouse and the other one gets to watch the big kids. And then we go out for lunch at a local bakery. It's a really nice thing we do all together, every week, regardless of what the calendar looks like.
    PS. Thanks for the link for the Maisy apron - I meant to thank you then! - my Maisie will be able to cook with me decked out in Maisy Mouse cuteness as soon as she learns to stand...and hold a spoon properly...and not eat the cake batter...hmmmmm.....

  5. My girls are 15 and 12, and still love looking at their baby and toddler albums...hubby and I look at the photos and can't believe how fast the time has passed. Lucky that we have always made a point to continue to enjoy every stage, despite the "usual" teenage girl stuff, we still manage to have fun with our gorgeous, tall leggy girls :)

  6. This sounds like THE perfect weekend! During my chill time, I like to read blogs, watch DVD's, flip through magazines, bake cookies and go for walks. Bliss. x

  7. Annie ReussMarch 27, 2011

    Sounds gorgeous Lucy & just what you need after the busy one last weekend & your busy week. Enjoy every minute. Once they grow up and have their own lives these beautiful times disappear. xx

  8. That sounds sublime. Same as you... Just chillin' at home. My favourite thing to do. Preferably outside, but I'll take indoors if it's clean!

  9. We bake! Cookies, cakes, tiramisu (my new fave!), my little girl loves being in the kitchen. She makes one hell of a mess but that's all part of the fun x

  10. Fabulous!

  11. Reading your post was very relaxing!
    My chillax is right now... Jobs done..
    Recliner chair, feet up,
    Heat pad on back - aaah
    Silence ( hub watches tv w headphones)
    Twitter & reading blogs via iPad

    Great post notion !!!

  12. KellyansapansaMarch 27, 2011

    Oh, how wonderful! I can't remember the last time we had a free weekend - it sounds like bliss!

  13. Lucy, you can definitely teach me a thing or two about chillaxin'. I shouted a lot, this weekend. Rocco's behaviour was quite astounding - poo in places poo should not be Lucy. NOT!

    So ... I finally unpacked my swag bags ... and came across your top secret envelope. And I read all your stuff ... and you have had HUGE WEIGHT LOSS SUCCESS. Oh my God, I was blown away. You just keep getting more and more amazing, the better I get to know you. I am sending Dave to the health retreat ... he needs to just detox and chill and focus on himself. The poor sweetheart has had quite a lot to deal with the past - um, month. Crazy wife and all.

    I'll email you.


  14. seraphimspMarch 27, 2011

    As one who seems to have have had several weekends booked solidly I am a wee bit envious. I'm sure looking forward to just unwinding with my family and doing nothing. Till then, I'll live vicariously through you x

  15. your weekend sounds pure *bliss* i hope you enjoyed every minute of it.


  16. Scribbling MumApril 07, 2011

    What's on your mind... My two love looking at albums too, could spend hours doing it. Isn't it nice how all of these cool things cost nothing and it's all about just being together. There's a lesson in there somewhere for us all!


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