Saturday, 26 February 2011

Geeky, plaits and the glorious 1970's...

Similar to Allison of the Pink Fibro, I have wrangled with Sype this week. I love it. I am grateful for it. I am also grateful for all the peripheral stuff my geeky husband scores from work so that I could lay my hands on a web cam microphone thingo when I needed it...

Friends - and I am lucky to have a few very close ones. You know who you are. In real life and online.
Every day, I am grateful to be blessed with sane women who share so much with me. Women who have the a similar integrity gauge as me. Friends that help me. I am very grateful to each of them, for the way they light up my world. I am inordinately fond.

And I am eternally grateful for my collection of recipe books. I have a lot of them, and sometimes when I need some peace and to persuse, these do the job. 1970's food with nostalgia invoking photography. Vegetarian stuffed capsicums anyone? Big flat back mushrooms topped with diced veggies and loads of grated cheese?



  1. The pigtail picture is truly priceless. I thought of my best friends....I love them so and they mean the world to me. Thanks.

  2. With you on one and two. Don't think the mushrooms would be greeted with enthusiasm in our house tho ;)

  3. It's a girl thing in our house - Olivia, Lexie and are are happy fungus eaters. Charlie and Andrew both proclaim mushrooms to be substance of the devil....

  4. I love it too. My daughter has that dark red hair - she has asked me to plait hers into her best friend/cousin's hair who is blonde....adorable.

  5. Love your gratefuls. Friends are so important. xx

  6. Gorgeous pigtail pic :) Good friends make all the difference.

  7. keepcatebusy (Cate)February 26, 2011

    love old cookbooks - I was going through my collection this week...I'm a little embarrassed at how many I have actually (considering I tend to use only about 3 all the time) - really must branch out a little (some I have never even used (oops)
    have a great weekend

  8. I love cook books. They are so comforting. We have a vintage cook book shop 5 minutes from our place... bliss!
    As for the photo, that's the colour of mine and my sisters hair! One blonde, one brunette, one red head!
    As for friends... Where would we be without them?

  9. I love that pic! Isn't it just a brilliant image to depict true friends. x


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