Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Frock shopping...updated!

The generic term given to any adventures I have down Adelaide's Rundle Mall to buy clothes, be it jeans or shoes or an entire outfit: it's called "frock shopping".

I am blessed to have a good friend who is, by trade, an image consultant stylist type person. She knows my colours, and my line, and my cut.....or something.....which is a relief, as I am clueless.

She knows I am paranoid about my size. She soothes me and makes me feel gorgeous. She accentuates the positive.

When I shop for clothes with her I save myself hours and dollars - she has the eye.

The eye for what suits me, for what works, for what will become a seasons "must have" and for what will become one of my wardrobe classics.

So instead of buying fifty three more cheap black tops, I come away, in half the time, with one entire outfit that costs not much, that I will wear again, and again, and again. An outfit that I truly love to wear. One of those rig outs that you are excited about wearing, as you know it makes you look your very best? Yeah, she has the eye to help me pick those....

She moves me, gently, away from my "uniform"...the uniform whose focus is all in the accessories, as accessories always fit, regardless of dress size....

I shall post again this evening perhaps, to show you the frock I come home with later today........

Tell me - do you have a uniform?

Do you know what suits you?

Do you anticipate or dread "frock shopping"?

Edited to add - a collection of what I actually bought today........I suspect I am going for a Joan Holloway look.......

What do you think?


  1. Amy@New AdventuresFebruary 22, 2011

    Ha ha - i did post very similar to this one last week! So yes - i have a uniform....you can check out mine right here http://amywellsblog.blogspot.com/2011/02/daytime-me.html

  2. I'm hopeless and desperately need to take a stylist shopping with me. I have all those black tops too LOL

  3. May I please steal your friend?? She sounds fabulous. I tend towards denim skirts, leggins and tops. How nice would it be to have your own personal stylised at hand. Jealous Big Time!!

  4. I hate "frock shopping". And that's probably the reason why, when I'm meant to be buying something for myself, I end up bringing home clothes for the kids instead. I would love to take a stylist shopping with me to tell me what suits me.

  5. I need a person like that in my life. My uniform is to always wear pants, never skirts. I get compliments when I wear skirts, but I just feel self-conscious in them!


  6. I love frock shopping. LOVE.
    I have a few rules that I stick to though. Over the years I have learnt was suits my shape, what cuts, what styles, what colours and I make sure I buy accordingly.
    I try to buy items that go with what I already have and I follow rules from Trinny, Susanna(before they went off the rails) and Gok!

    Happy frock shopping, can't wait to see what you buy!

  7. www.giftsofserendipity.comFebruary 22, 2011

    I don't really have a uniform but I am L.O.V.I.N.G every single item in your picture today. If you created this could you let me know where the shirt, wallet and bag came from.

    As for having your own personal stylist [to the stars - namely you Lucy] well that is really something to be treasured!

    Felicity x

  8. i have a friend who is just brilliant at picking out clothes for me...funnily enough I always look at her with doubt when she picks out an item I would NEVER choose but I have to admit, when i get it to the change room i always realize it is perfect!

    will look forward to seeing what you pick up today

    Gill xo

  9. Oh - I miss Rundle Mall so much. When we go back to visit I tell my husband I'll be camping in Rundle Mall and he can just pick me up on his way back to the airport.
    I used to love clothes shopping and I like to think I had good taste. Not so much a fan now - but I can't go past a cute A-Line anything ;)

  10. Life In A Pink FibroFebruary 22, 2011

    I HATE shopping. Can I borrow your friend?

  11. My friends call me the bargain queen as I always have an eye for a bargain and head to the SALE racks first. I love accessories and have 2 drawers installed in my wardrobe to keep all my braclets and rings etc as I just can't stop buying them! But as my wardrobe has expanded I do have a new rule that if it doesnt flatter or feel good then I wont buy it no matter how cheap it is.

  12. when it comes to clothes shopping, i'm great at shoes … like your accessories, they always fit! please clone your friend and send her up to me SOON.

  13. I like. A lot. xx

  14. Oh, I love both of these looks - you have your day and night Ausblogcon looks nailed!


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