Monday, 31 January 2011

Memory. Muscle Memory...

It was back to school today. Which also means that it was back to the gym for me, after a break of seven weeks. Seven weeks off!

And oh my, I felt it. From warm up to stretch, and all the hard bits in between, I felt hot and huge. (It doesn't help that it was already 35`c at 6am this morning - scorcher.) 

Cumbersome and clumsy. Uncoordinated and uncomfortable. Stiff and stagnant. 

I am amazed at how very quickly the body loses its tone and its fitness.

I am also amazed at how the muscles have such a wonderful memory.

I am relying on that muscle memory.

I want my lovely lady arms back. I want to get shot of my saddle bags.

Lots of planks and push ups for me. Along with plie squats for the inner thighs.....

Tell me, what exercise are YOU undertaking at the moment?


  1. MotorbikesLadyJanuary 31, 2011

    The good news from my Dr is although I'm still really sick I can take up some light exercise tomorrow so just going to start out lightly with exercises from my Wii Fitness board & game

    Congrats on starting back on your exercise

    (((( Hugs )))) XXXX Kisses XXXX

  2. Sigh. Not a lot of exercise for me I'm afraid on account of the fatigue. But trying. Still doing at least one pump class a week and some treadmill.
    Personally I Love the plank! I can do that one for ages. Well, a minute at least :) Is that ages?
    Your muscle memory will kick in .... I believe it!!!
    And am so hearing you on feeling heavy and uncoordinated. Me too. Too scared to run on the treadmill cause I'm afraid I'll trip on my own feet ....

  3. I have done 7 days of exercise and continuing. Eventually the weight will come off!

  4. After a break of far too long, I'm back to doing my strength exercises - squats, lunges, push ups, weights, etc. and I'm amazed that it only took a week - ONE WEEK! - to look toned again. Loving that muscle memory!

  5. i'm on your schedule Lucy, and had a dizzy spell in LBT class this morning — i 'lost my breathing' after so many weeks without exercise and in the awful heat … put on a top that fit nicely last Dec that now strains across the ole 12Gs … sigh! hoping for that muscle memory, too.

  6. MultipleMumJanuary 31, 2011

    I am just running. I need to start some strength training in a vague attempt to improve my running. Planks sound hard! And squats! Ouch! Surely there is another way?

  7. My schedule right now consists of a bloody pump class, 2 zumba classes and a spin class. Loving it right now. But ask me again in a few months ;)

  8. Oh I am so envious at your energy. I'm lucky if I get to walk to the clothesline. But I want to get moving soon. Maybe your post will inspire me to get moving. 10kgs to go!!!

  9. Lovely Lucy, you'll have those Lovely Lady Arms in no time.
    Come do the 30 Day Shred with me!! xx

  10. Hear Mum RoarFebruary 01, 2011

    I was walking regularly, but have had to be careful of snakes (I could go earlier or later in the cooler parts of the day, but doesn't suit my routine), so soon we'll be getting a wii instead.

  11. Chasing a MiracleFebruary 01, 2011

    What are pile squats? I want to loose more weight off my upper thys, its seems to be where i store fat :o(

    ATM i undertake interval training 5 mornings a week, then what my trainer calls a complex weights routine 3 afternoons a week - i do about 5 weights exercises with 6 repetitions each (heavy) and i do that 5 times with about a min rest between each cycle.... Then i see my trainer for a full body weights session on sat mornings.... So 9 workouts a week.

    I am still 5kg off my goal weight, only loosing about 300grm / week... WHEN i finally loose those blasted kilo's i am going to cut back to only one gym session a day...


    Thanx for listening!!


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