Monday, 20 December 2010

Travelling hopefully

It starts today.

We have left already.

We are aiming for Wagga - about 11 hours driving.

Across the Mallee & the Hay Plains.

We're lucky - the kids know the score. They slot into the road trip vibe as quickly as we do.

I am looking forward to the radio, and watching from my window.

And peaceful chatting.

We converse a lot whilst driving, the lovely husband and I.

Long car journeys with dozing children afford us the intimacy of conversation without the purpose of face to face exhanges. We take the opportunity to plan, to drop in ideas, to ramble. To wonder.

But other times we just sit and drive. And the greatest communications are the sideways glance slow smiles. Or the leg pat. Or the passing of a crunchy apple.

Travelling hopefully.

Sunday, 19 December 2010

Winding down

Tomorrow we go on holidays.

I am in total winding down mode.

It is bliss.

Like preparing for a swim and diving deep into relaxation, I am anticipating all the jangles to relax.

To just be.

The five us, and miles before us.

Saturday, 18 December 2010

Nearly not here grateful...

I am nearly not here.

It has been a madly busy week.

I am wrapped, I am shopped.

I have ironed and packed.

I am grateful, so grateful, for housesitters.

Who will tend my herbs, water the tomatoes, and feed the fish.

Who will air the kids rooms, who will love the dog.

Who will deal with post and newspapers and bins.


Friday, 17 December 2010

It's not fair......

The school holidays are upon us.

My children are close in age.

We are going away soon, on holidays, so I am not indulging them in any particular school holiday outings. I am busy with pre Christmas and pre holiday stuff...preparatory chores.

I kind of figure it should be treat enough that they are not being chivvied and nagged out of  the door early each  morning? That they get to chill and hang out all day together? No homework, no bells, no routine,? Just nice weather, a great back yard, and enough toys, books and equipment to sink a ship?

They profess to adore one another.

They are verbose and articulate and affectionate and declare love for one another with hilarious and dramatic regularity.

But they also bicker.

Oh sweet goddess, can they bicker...

On Twitter this week, I attempted to convey just how they can bicker over NOTHING. How they can bicker over random & ridiculous stuff. (In 140 characters. Impossible.)

To here are some examples...

Of what my three children bickered over yesterday. Just yesterday.

Several items bought at least one of them to tears.

Feet have been stamped, hair has been pulled, doors have been slammed.

You'd be right in thinking that the above snap depicts nothing more glamorous than a grubby mark on a wall. The wall in our dining room. A grubby mark that I was cleaning with one of those Magic Eraser thingos. And the kids wanted to help. And absolute war broke out. Over a mark on the wall.....

And you'd be right in thinking that this lovely image above is a tiny corner of a stale Vitawheat biscuit. I was clearing out various Tupperware containers and gave the kids stale Vitawheat for morning tea. This bit, featured here,  was the cause of great wailing and declarations of unfairness.

Upon packing their toiletries for their holidays, I chucked into the recycling a damp and crushed toothpaste box. And I appreciate that it does have the icon of Dora on it (who is indeed Lexie's hero.) But I did not expect Charlie to go into meltdown and whack his sister over the head in an attempt to claim a bit of wet cardboard.

In an effort to create some calm, I got the Hama beads out after lunch. There are several squares of well loved ironing paper in their Hama bead kit. Several. Identical, they are.So why they had to all bicker the house down over a well used bit of greaseproof paper is totally beyond me. But they did.

I only wish I were joking.


It's not fair.....

Tell me, what do your kids bicker over?

Random crap like mine? Share? Please, make me feel better?

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Fat to Fit

This is the last Fat to Fit for the year - but don't worry, I will resume in the New Year......

It's Fat to Fit time again........

Thank you, to all of you who join in!

I am really enjoying reading about everyones fat to fit journeys - keep them coming!

If you would like to join in my blog hop, I'd love for you to link up.

All you need to do is:

1.Follow my blog (if you haven't already done so).

2. Grab the Fit Button and pop it on your blog.

3. Link up.....
4. Share the love, read each others posts, get inspired, follow and comment!

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Sunrise (It shoulda been me.....♫)

I was asked to appear.

I couldn't make it.

Too short notice.

Wrong side of the country.

Too many children.

Husband too stretched.

Ah well, such is life.

But for anyone watching Sunrise on Channel 7 this morning, their last segment is about hypnotherapy, with Mark Stephens.

I should be on there too. Bugger.

Evidently my nano second of fame is scheduled for another time, another place........

It's all good.....

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Oral Fixation...

I was just reading Lori's latest post on Glamour. Not.

And I commented.

I bit my nails from the moment I stopped sucking my thumb. As soon as I gave up chewing my nails, the smoking started. I gave up the fags, and the nail biting resumed.

Oral fixation, much?

And I realised that yes, indeed, I do probably have an oral fixation.

An oral fixation (also oral craving) is a fixation in the oral stage of development manifested by an obsession with stimulating the mouth (oral) first described by Sigmund Freud, who thought infants are naturally and adaptively in an oral stage, but if weaned too early or too late, may fail to resolve the conflicts of this stage and develop a maladaptive oral fixation. In later life, these people may constantly "hunger" for activities involving the mouth.
A child who is not fed enough or is fed too much may become orally fixated as an adult.
Oral fixations are considered to contribute to over-eating, being overly talkative, smoking addictions, overindulging in sugar, chewing on straws and toothpicks, and even alcoholism.  Another indicator is constant nail biting, putting fingers in the mouth ...........

I have no idea if I was overfed or underfed or when I was "weaned" as a child - I was a baby of the late 1960's when bottle feeding was totally "in". Aside from that hazy bit though, let's have a look at the rest of my oral history-
0-6 months - apparently screamed the whole time
6 months - apparently I found my thumb, and the screaming stopped, much to the intense relief of  my parents and elder siblings....
6 months - age 11 - committed thumb sucker
Age 11 - gave up thumb sucking and almost instantly replaced this habit with another - nail biting
Age 13 - Desperate to have painted nails, so used will power and liberal amounts of "Stop and Grow" to give up nail biting. Was successful. Also highly successful in starting smoking.
Age 13 - Age 40 - Smoked liked a trooper. Had lovely nails. Overate everything and anything. Long periods of lushness. Constant chewer of pens, gum, toothpicks etc.  High level of over-talkativeness.
Age 39 - Gave up overeating. Switched to sucking Chupa Chups
Age 40 - After 27 years, gave up smoking. Maintained over talkativeness.
Age 41 - Started chewing my nails again.
I suspect, at this rate, thumb sucking is due to resume sometime in the new year.........

Monday, 13 December 2010

I am guest posting all over the place today. It's that time of year, I guess.........nipping all over the place, catching up with people before Christmas....

The Original SuperParent Colin Wee is a House Husband and a 5th Degree Black Belt in Taekwondo. SuperParents Perth Family and Parenting Online Community, Colin's personal online project, focuses on helping parents and care-givers in Western Australia. The Ministry of Discipline, promotes the use of positive parenting and 'nurturing discipline' on children.

So if you are looking for an alternative to the Wiggles.....I have found a solution. Just go over to Colin's blog and have a look:

Over the Wiggles yet?

On the first day of Christmas...♫

.....I went over to Sarah's at Just Me, to do a guest part of her Twleve Days of Christmas.......

Meet me there?

Sunday, 12 December 2010

My Heart is Heavy. Time & Love...

I have offered up my blog for a friend, so that she may feel lighter in her heart.
Lighter for the cathartic act of writing the words out. Words that show how committed she is to her family. Words that show her pain. Words that remind us all of the importance of time and love given.
My friend needs space to maintain privacy for her and her family. I give her this space, here. It is the very least I can for her. I only wish I could do more.

I know you will show her support.

My heart is heavy as I write this. I am filled with sadness. I am letting it come. I am letting it wash over me in thick waves.

Christmas is coming. My husband and children will travel with me back to our families in another state. We will share the days leading up to and the day of Christmas itself surrounded by our families and friends.

But this year Christmas has a cloud looming over us all. This Christmas as we laugh and smile, eat and drink… as we embrace and reminisce we will all be wondering the same thing.

Will this be his last? Will Dad be here next year?

I do not know what to do with these feelings. I do not know how to categorise them, where to put them. I can neither push them away or let them out in full force for fear that the sheer weight of them will swallow me whole with grief.

I know that luck has been on our side and that by some miracle the cancer has slowed down some. So instead of him not being here this Christmas, he is. The pain is not too great, and he is able to manage at the moment. But his body is no longer his own.

I do not know what I will face when I see him. I know he will have changed, be weaker, paler, tired. I know he has little appetite, and that the single malt whiskey he so loves no longer speaks to him.

I know there will be good days. Bad days. In-between days. For him, for me, for the family.

I know that I want to go to Christmas Day Mass with him. But I fear my emotions will get the better of me.

Then there is the unasked question of what to give as a gift to a dying father… one who says he has everything in his wife, daughters, grandchildren and son’s in law. One who says success is a grandson holding his hand at the football, not money in the bank.

What do I give to a father who told me his last gift will be showing his grandchildren that there can be dignity in dying?

There is only one thing I can think of to give him. My time. Time to sit and talk about books. Time to sit and talk about our shared love of writing. Time to sit and watch as my children play around us. Time to sit and say nothing.

And love. The love of a daughter to a father who has taught her that being in the minority is sometimes the right thing. That life is full of learning and doing. That the things in life worth having cannot be measured in monetary terms. That family is worth fighting for… and letting go of.

So, that is what I will give my Dad. My time and my love.

And we will not sit and wait for death. It will come when it comes, and we will be as ready as we can. But there is life to be lived in the mean time.

My gorgeous friend. Just hugs to you.

Saturday, 11 December 2010

Busy Grateful, Multitasking Grateful

Such a busy week.

Such a good week.

So many things to be grateful for.

But if I narrow it down to a practical three, it'd have to be -

1. The school gym. The school Christmas concert was rained off the lawns. It was too trecherous - Adelaide had tropical storms....but the whole event was shifted into the gym. It was a little bedraggled and damp. But the eventual performances were utterly adorable and my heart swelled at both Olivia and Charlie, and I cried some Christmassy thankful tears.

2. My handsfree headset thingy. When my "to do list" is over-run with too many itty bitty phone calls to maintain sanity, and I feel like so much of my day is made redundant by the constant driving all over the place, my headset comes into its own and I manage to get so much done, so many calls made, whilst whiling away the tedious journeys. Ooooh, I love a multi-task. (And yesterday I carried on a few more conversations with my headset whilst I ironed. This is a new innovation for me, and one I am liking, a lot.)

3. Insulated coffee cups. The non spill travel ones. Makes me feel a little like the dreadful human in the movie Under the Hedge, but refer point 2. It's been a busy week.