Monday, 20 December 2010

Travelling hopefully

It starts today.

We have left already.

We are aiming for Wagga - about 11 hours driving.

Across the Mallee & the Hay Plains.

We're lucky - the kids know the score. They slot into the road trip vibe as quickly as we do.

I am looking forward to the radio, and watching from my window.

And peaceful chatting.

We converse a lot whilst driving, the lovely husband and I.

Long car journeys with dozing children afford us the intimacy of conversation without the purpose of face to face exhanges. We take the opportunity to plan, to drop in ideas, to ramble. To wonder.

But other times we just sit and drive. And the greatest communications are the sideways glance slow smiles. Or the leg pat. Or the passing of a crunchy apple.

Travelling hopefully.


  1. Every summer holidays my Nanny and I would drive from Canberra to Mildura.
    I used to love driving across the Hay Plains as i imagined it was just like Kansas and at any minute I would see Dorothy being chased by the wicked witch! :D

    Have a safe and wonderful trip.


  2. Happy road trip! And i hope Wagga has dried up enough for you to enjoy it - floods do not an awesome holiday make!

  3. We did a cross country trip from the S/W of W.A to the N/W of Tas not long ago, and that 3 days, was three days of pure bliss. I cant wait to do it again.

  4. That picture looks so peaceful and quiet - I could go some of that. Merry Christmas to you and yours

  5. Oh you know how I love a road trip. The quiet intimacy of the car while the scenery slips by (assuming children are sleeping, of course). Enjoy!

  6. Let's just say that I am very glad that your road trips seem to be the very opposite of my own! Enjoy yourselves and that lovely intimacy where the whole world is in the front seat. x

  7. I hope you have a wonderful holiday Lucy and enjoy your travelling time xx

  8. Good Luck and have fun!


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